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I'm doing it again. Not because I want to, not because I need to, not because it will make the world a better place. No. Not for any of those. I'm doing to because you Space Monkies put a gun to my, BlueHighwind's head. Never before have so many different people for so many different reasons demanded a Walkthrough from me. In fact, I had never gotten a request before for any of them. But here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for: BlueHighwind's FFVI Walkthrough.

FFVI is not the greatest game in the series, but definitely one of the most popular. Maybe not even the most popular, but its fanbase certainly is the loudest. Though I will concede that they do have a point. This is a really good game. Not the best RPG, but certainly a game you will do better to have played then not played. Will you die with a smile on your face for playing it? Only if you have deep-seated interpersonal issues. Well, if you hate all 3D games this is probably the best RPG you'll ever find.

No wait... Chrono Trigger is the best RPG you'll ever find. Sorry.

Now just for clarification, this is a Walkthrough of the Advance version for the GBA. Those sad old fogies playing on your SNES better just leave the room. There's a walkthrough for you people already. Actually, there's a walkthrough for the GBA already, but it doesn't have that extra BlueHighwind flavor which so many (actually only something like twelve people) wanted sprinkled on their FFVI.

One note before we start this, this is a BlueHighwind walkthrough so expect a ton of immaturity, histrionic rants, and possible sexual assaults. This walkthrough is not recommended for women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant, or basically anyone else for that matter.

How to Play Final Fantasy VI[]

But first, the boring background stuff that I hate:

First off, buy the game, dummy. Then buy a GBA or DS, and make sure it comes with a power cord for recharging or lots of batteries. You'll also need yourself, since the game doesn't play itself. However Square is working on that, by Final Fantasy XV hopefully they'll make a game that can auto-level grind for you.

Basic Controls[]

Since this game is on the Game Boy, A-button.png is select and B-button.png is cancel. Use the arrow keys to move around the world and through the menus. Start will open up the menus. Select will switch you between parties when you're in multi-party situations. The shoulder buttons allow you to run away. Quite simply I would be floored if anybody actually needs a walkthrough to know this.

Battle system[]

Now here is where things usually get a little juicy. Just skip the last two sections, they are for serious morons and societal dead-weights. This section is only for the mildly confused. FFVI is a turn-based RPG basically exactly the same as all the other games from FFI to FFX. Hopefully when I do FFXII, I can talk of something a little more exceptional, but for today its the same-old, same-old. If you've played one, you've played them all.

Now all the differences I mention below are of the mild variety. Your party can hold up to four characters at once. Each character is unique in their stats, sprite (of course), and abilities. Most characters get a completely independent skillset, but several just get a one or two command abilities that are rarely that good. At first, Magic will be limited to only a few characters and based on the FFIV system of learning spells whenever the game feels like (by leveling up). However, later on, about a third of the way through, you'll gain the main feature of the game's system: Espers.

Espers are the Summons of FFVI. Each character can come with only a single Esper, which sucks for Summoning as you can only have four of these things at a time and they'll rarely be the exact one you want. Anyway, each Esper teaches characters spells by slow increments. For every AP you gain by killing enemies, you learn a percentage of a spell. Some espers have insane percentages like 20% per AP, while others have really weak ones like 2%. Through this way you can teach the fundamental spells to basically every character on your roster. At the very least, everybody should know the healing stuff. Along with teaching spells, Espers also give an extra increase of stats upon leveling up. So that when you want to train characters, you should pay attention to which Esper they're running around with.

Along with magic you have the basic weapons, armor, and items, nothing fancy or different. Well, actually I should tell you that Shields work extra-well in this game because they block attacks with some frequency. In fact, swords will sometimes do the same thing. Each character typically has their own weapons to fight with, though several can use the same things. There are also Relics, the Accessories of FFVI. You can equip one or two of these handy items to do a large number of functions. Some give you Auto-Haste, some boost stats, some halve MP, and some do shitty effects that you'll never want (Sprint Shoes).

That leaves only one thing basically, the really crappy Limit Breaks of this game. Every so often (1 in 16 chance), when a character's HP drops to 5% of their max and you attack, they'll pull off a really strong attack called a "Desperation Attack". Also, this can never happen in the first thirty seconds of battle. So basically, there's an excellent chance that you'll never see a single one of these attacks during the game. I've only seen two in my lifetime.

All in all, this is actually a really easy game, perhaps the easiest of the entire series. That's so many characters are so crazy strong that you really shouldn't have a problem with most enemies that come your way. If you really want a challenge, go for the big optional dungeon (which I will be covering here).

Alright, so enough with the damn background. Let's get to the game!!!

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