This page is a general overview for character construction. Here, I will detail how best to level and construct characters and their skills. This will be a basic overview and is not a strict set of instructions, whereas the main walkthrough gives more concise instructions.

For details about the individual job classes, see here.

Ultimate goal Edit

This is the outline of the ultimate goal for an endgame party in FFV.

Final party Edit

Your ultimate goal in FFV is to build a party in which at least one character has mastered most of the jobs by the time the bonus dungeon comes around. But more specifically, there should be two Freelancers are two Mimes. The Freelancers will focus on physical damage and attack power, while the Mimes focus on the different magics.

Versatility Edit

The final party in FFV should be very versatile and well equipped to handle the bonus and final dungeons without too much difficulty. But versatility is important, as FFV is not a game where all eggs can be thrown in one basket. This means that changing up equipped abilities between fights is important. At least one character should know every (useful) ability, and be prepared to use that before any boss fight.

However, versatility in V is different to a lot of the games. While a lot of the games have characters learning several different abilities, in FFV, they are not all equipped when mastered, but the passive ones are. Mastering a job provides stat bonuses and support (passive) abilities, but it does not automatically provide command (active) ones. So while a party should be versatile, they should not equip every single ability for every battle just because they have learned them.

Job usage Edit

The final party do not necessarily always have to be Freelancers and Mimes at every moment, but they certainly should be for the later bosses. When fighting normal enemies, it is fine to fight as another job to level that job up, especially if going for the achievements (which this walkthrough covers). Do not stay in the final party for too long or no other jobs will be mastered.

Other Edit

A few minor notes:

  • The final party should have defeated every summonable monster and unlocked them as summons
  • Equipment and items are important, but only as much as they are in every FF; it does not matter too much in most cases
  • Having passive abilities in dungeons such as those from Geomancer and Thief are useful as they deal with terrain problems

Leveling tricks Edit

A few guides to major leveling spots.

Skull Eaters Edit

Found in Jachol Cave, the Skull Eater is a decently difficult enemy, but it gives nice ABP for what it's worth. While it's painful, and has high evasion, using abilities like Gaia can kill it without using any real MP. Remember, it has 1 HP, it's only the high evasion that keeps it from dying faster. They're a great source of ABP early on, and sometimes later on.

The Castle of Bal Edit

In the Castle of Bal underground, there are several Objet d'Art enemies which yield higher ABP than most enemies. Farming this spot is one of the most efficient methods of mastering jobs. It still takes a while, but it's very easy to do. It's also very close to both a save point and an Inn, so it's easy to heal in between fights. The Objects are not too powerful, either.

Anyone with Level 5 Death can do this much easier. The Objects die in a single Level 5 Death hit. This makes it easier to do. The main problem is, unless you intend on mastering the Blue Mage when you do it, you obviously have to have a Blue Mage job using the Level 5 Death until they learn the ability. When they do, all four can get tons of ez ABP ez life.

The Rift Edit

In the final dungeon, the Rift, the last area has some of the toughest enemies, but the all yield about 30 ABP each. It's well worth a visit when grinding pre-bonus dungeon, as there, jobs can be leveled rapidly.

The Movers are quite possibly the best source of ABP in the game. They are also a very rare fight. Farming Movers requires the player to head to the final dungeon, in the room by the save point. Keep fighting until Movers show up. The aim is to kill them before they run away for 199 ABP. It's a ridiculous amount.

There are plenty of ways to deal with Movers:

  1. A Cannoneer can Combine a "Blitzshot" and a "Flame Scroll"
  2. Any mage can Dualcast "Holy" two wipe them out quickly, and another can Mimic that move
  3. Repeated use of Zeninage or summoning of Bahamut

Magic Pots Edit

"Gimme elixir!" Anyone who has played FFVII will know that Magic Pot = good news. It's better news in VII thanks to a massive glitch in that game, but it's still good here. In the Phoenix Tower, there are a few Magic Pots. This requires on a few Elixirs and a character with Time Magic, as well as climbing that difficult dungeon, but it's not bad. I have heard it also requires use of Wonder Wand, but my magic has never been disabled in battle with these guys for some reason.

Oh well, using Wonder Wand as an item or using the Time Magic "Return" resets the battle. So if giving the Magic Pot an Elixir does not cause it to flee, then resetting until it does will eventually grant the play 100 ABP. It doesn't take too long, and Elixirs are replaceable. Not cheap, but replaceable. This makes leveling some jobs very easy.

Sealed Temple - River of Souls Edit

The River of Souls B3 in the Sealed Temple is quite possibly the best place to grind in FFV. Why? Movers and Stingrays, two excellent ABP sources but two incredibly rare encounters, now easy to fight. Fighting in here (as long as you come with several Flame Scrolls and ingredients for the Movers) will allow anyone to master every job with ease. As well as get Mighty Guard if it was missed before.

Combos to master Edit

These are a few combos of mastered jobs which are very useful (the combo names are ones I came up with).

Trinity of Badass Edit

The ultimate combo of Final Fantasy V. The Trinity of Badass requires mastery of three jobs - the Ninja, Mystic Knight and Ranger. Technically, only Ninja and Ranger are needed for one of the greater combos, but the Mystic Knight is essential for a particular superboss, and for the full potential. Mastering a Ninja gives the passive "Dual-Wield", allowing a user to wield two weapons in battle. Mastering the Mystic Knight gives the highest level of "Spellblade", allowing them to enchant their weapon with any Black Magic (ignoring reflects and the like). Mastering the Ranger gives the Rapid Fire ability, which hits the enemies four times.

So, the enemies are hit eight times in total with Dual-Wield, and are hitting with the most powerful Black Magics unlocked. This makes for a devastating combo that can destroy even the most powerful of bosses. It is referred to often as the most powerful combo, and it probably is. This combo should be mastered as soon as possible. There are few drawbacks to this combo, other than that it requires using everything.

Quadruple Summon Edit

The "Dual Summon" combo is also devastating to a lot of enemies. It requires a lot of investment, however. Particularly, mastering Red Mage, Time Mage and Summoner. Mastering the Red Mage grants the ability "Dualcast", meaning the user can cast two spells in the same turn. Mastering the Time Mage gives many magics, including "Quick", which gives them two moves in the same turn. And Summoner being mastered allows them to summon anything. The end result is using "Quick", then "Dualcast" twice. This means four instances of the same summon. Particularly Bahamut. Summoning him four times deals tons of damage.

The greatest drawback of this combo is the MP cost. Normally that can be solved with "Osmose", but equipping these three means the user cannot use Osmose in battle. It is fine using just Dualcast and Summon (Dualcast does not require MP, while Quick does) in most instances, but in case of a really hard boss, the full combo is devastating nonetheless. Other than that, the main drawback is the user does not have access to higher White Magic of Black Magic, so no use of "Curaga" or "Arise". This is not a problem if another character has those spells, however.

Guardcounter Brawler Edit

This combo is more cute than it is powerful. Mastering the Monk gives the support ability "Counter". Mastering the Knight gives the command ability "Guard". So the user will be able to guard anyone from physical damage. But when hit by physical damage, they have a chance to then Counter it with their own attack. Furthermore, mastering the Monk also gives a nice HP boost, so they're even more likely to survive. It essentially auto-wins most physical damage engagements.

But it's not that great of a combo. Again, it is more cute than it is an effective strategy. It is powerful and does the job, but not that many superbosses rely on physicals. It also requires mastering Monk and Knight, of which only one of those jobs should actually be prioritized, and even that should not take priority over the really powerful combos. Got time and want to try it out, then sure, go for the combo. But it's otherwise useless.

Dragoon Squad Edit

This is enough to fill any FF fanboy's face with delight. The Dragoon Squad requires mastery of Ninja and Dragoon on every character. Mastering the Ninja grants "Dual-Wield", so they can wield two Lances that Dragoons give. Mastering the Dragoon, among other things, gives "Jump". The result is that they can Jump to be invulnerable, then deal massive damage, often in the 9999 zone, twice, upon landing. They are almost invincible and deal much more damage than most enemies can handle.

For two particular superbosses, this is very effective. But Dragoons are not that powerful of a job and mastering on everyone is a huge investment. Cute, fun combo, very good against two superboss - admittedly one of those superbosses is probably the hardest boss in the game - but not ideal in too many cases.

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