Now that you have defeated Omega Mk.II and Neo Shinryu, you have the Ultima Weapon. This is hands down the best weapon in the game, not as awesome as it is in other games, but it's still pretty amazing.

Sealed Temple (cont.) Edit

To the final zone Edit

Yep, we have almost beat this dungeon. There's one final challenge ahead of us here. We can do it. Omega and Shinryu have fallen, so the worst is behind us, but we still have one heckuva nasty superboss left before the Sealed Temple is history. Head back to the Hall of Tranquility and save up, then Cottage up. Now, at the bottom of the hall is a glowing ball. Touch it.

Lethe Court Edit

FFV iOS Lethe Court

No prises for guessing what this reminds me of.

Awww hells yeah, we're back in the Rift! Sort of, I guess. The music and the look and feel are back at any rate. The enemies are pretty much what you've seen before, but hard enough that you want to fight as Freelancers and Mimes.

When you arrive, head down two sets of stairs, then head right to get a treasure chest with a Mutsunokami, the true best Samurai weapon in the game and among best weapons in the whole game. Now head left, grab the Elixir treasure, then go down the stairs, left and up some stairs to a warping place thing. Warp, then head right and down along its linear path, and arond and up to warp to a new place. New place is just a trip left to another warper.

Now you get warped to a new zone, Stairs of Destiny. Two paths, but take the right one up and around the bend for a Robe of Lords, hands down best robe in the game. Now go back down, and take the left path up all the way for a boss.

Boss: Guardian
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
55,000 (main) 60,000 Delta Attack, Electric Shock Blitzshot None Crystal Orb None Lightning (absorbs*(yes, really)) Hard

It's hard enough to kill you a few times as most bosses in this dungeon are, not hard enough you can't handle. Similar to Soul Cannon from ages ago Whether you use Rapid Fire or not is up to you, but you'll need reliable single target damage, and as such, you may use Attacks for the first time in what probably seems like forever. Two Mimes, two Freelancers, good to go?

Dualcast Bahamut to deal heavy damage to those Launchers, if not get rid of them. Focus all attention, at first, on the Wave Cannon, that thing can kill you very fast if you don't get rid of it. Soon as the Launchers are out, unleash Rapid Fire (no Spellblade) on this thing and kill it.

And that dead means we can warp through and head up to fight a boss. This final superboss is Enuo, a character who was mentioned in the lore of this game but only briefly, an ancient character who was defeated by the Twelve Legendary Weapons...the flaw with that is that we have much stronger weapons than those now. Seems whoever defeated him with those didn't finish the job, so with our more powerful weapons, let's kill Exdeath's dad. He'll give us an evil villain speech as most ultimate superbosses do then let us finish him off.

Boss: Enuo (or Exdeath's dad)
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
60,000 65,000 Flare, Meteor, Almageist, lots None None None None None Very hard

Screw Enuo, this geezeer is Exdeath's dad. Lalalala I can't hear your "he has no ties to Exdeath" argument they're both Void-a-holics and have the same battle theme. Anyway, Spellblade and Rapid Fire should do you fine, but you might want toput up Ribbons. I say this is "very hard" because he's harder than Guardian.

Unlike Omega Mk.II and Shinryu, Enuo comes without his own particular strategy, you just need to defeat hi your own way. Whether that's spams of Bahamut Dualcasts, Flare Blade Rapid Fires, Finishers, or whatever, this boss rules because not only does he have an incredibly badass sprite, there's no strategy other than "put up Mighty Guard, put up Hastega, and do what you like". You probably don't want to use Rapid Fire, as several parts of his body absorb that, so if you ask me, the old trust Attack is the way to go.

Do not underestimate him though, after his "The power of the Void is increasing!" especially, you really want to watch out. You probably want to Dualcast Curaga often. He doesn't have any moves you've not seen, but moves from Omega Mk.II and Neo Shinryu do incorporate into this guy. He'll take several tries but it's a really fun throwback to the Neo Exeath days, complete with the same amazing final boss theme. Ah, I love this boss. Doesn't disappoint in the slightest.

Woohoo! I managed to beat that boss though just barely, Rapid Fire through the second half but Attack through the first half. It's one of my favourite bosses in this whole game. After it's done, the party speaks - have you noticed throughout this whole dungeon the party has never spoken a word - and stuff happens, you get sucked back.

And with that, the hardest bosses in V are all defeated, and this dungeon is finished! Your reward...a Job. "But haven't we just finished pretty much all the game has to offer?" We have, yeah, the Job is kinda...completely freaking pointless.

FFV Bartz Necromancer iOS FFV Lenna Necromancer iOS FFV Faris Necromancer iOS FFV Krile Necromancer iOS
Command/ability Innate skills
Dark Arts Undead by default
Level Ability Description ABP
1 Oath Calls a demon to attack 15 ABP
2 Dark Arts 1 Cast Drain Touch and Dark Haze 30 ABP
3 Dark Arts 2 Cast Deep Freeze and Evil Mist 45 ABP
4 Dark Arts 3 Cast Meltdown and Hellwind 60 ABP
5 Dark Arts 4 Cast Chaos Drive and Curse 100 ABP
6 Dark Arts 5 Cast Dark Flare and Doomsday 200 ABP
7 Undead The user becomes Undead 300 ABP

Mwuhaha...MWUhaha....MWUUUUHAHAHAHAHA!!! God yes, I've always wanted to be evil in Final Fantasy, ahem. Oath is similar to Animals from the Ranger...and similarly pretty pointless, just an upgrade. Way more fun than Animals if I must say though, summoning a demon is infinitely cooler. Dark Arts gives a ton of awesome, devastating effects, but enemies must be killed to do that. So it requires a bit of globetrotting to find the enemies to kill, meaning it can be a bit of a pain in the arse, but the abilities are so badass I'd say it's worth it. Undead may seem like it sucks, as it reverses the effects of healing items, though it also gives immunity and full healing to Instant Death. Sad thing is all Freelancers will be immune to healing in battle (not out of battle though). That's not a problem, just replace White Magic with a much better Black Magic. Hell, you can replace that Black Magic with Dark Arts.

Then again, Necromancer is achieved after the bonus dungeon is beat. So it will probably only be mastered by anyone for the achievements. As all Blue Magic should probably be obtained, and there aren't too many Dark Arts, that's fine. Much easier to get Dark Arts than Blue Magics, anyway. It also means no Freelancers will be used until all jobs are mastered and EXP is the only thing that matters. Normal fights will end in only about two turns by that point, and immunity to Instant Death rocks. It's also funny to have characters cast Instant Death on each other. Let's not forget also that the Dark Arts are probably the most powerful spells to get.

Screw you, haters. I don't care that this job is probably fairly weak. I GET TO BE AN UNDEAD BADASS EVIL GUY MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Seriously, this job, like the Samurai, is one I wish was a lot better than it is. The job is only unlocked after all the hardest challenges are done, so it's not really useful against any boss again. That also means it's just something that's pretty annoying to master, but required to, in order to get all the achievements. But still, I don't care. I GET TO BE AN UNDEAD CONTROLLER OF THE OTHER UNDEAD. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FINAL FANTASY, I AM THE EVIL ONE. FEAR ME FOOLS, I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!!!! How annoyed you are by mastering this job depends on how much you enjoy finally being evil. As I've made obvious, I do, rather a lot.

The next part is a tutorial on how to use our job. Turn your party to four Necromancers and defeat the Mindflayer enemy, if you deal the final blow as a Necromancer, you learn its Dark Art. I'll detail those on the same page I detailed Blue Magics, if you're curious. Also, if you do master the Necromancer, you can replace "White Magic" with "Black Magic", as casting "Death" on yourself is a full heal. That's a plus I suppose, as Black Magic becomes more useful than White Magic now, but again, it becomes useful against...what, exactly, now we've done almost everything? Oh well.

Don't finish yet! We still have more to do. A tad more before we're done with V.

Cloister of the Dead Edit

The Cloister of the Dead!

Prepare your Elixirs and Ethers for a long ride full of tons of bosses, and prepare to be exhausted for MP by the end. You now have to fight every boss in the game in a row, all over again, but each is harder. That said, most of them are now pathetically easy anyway. Some fights are left out, like Omega, Gilgamesh (sad face) and Shinryu (thank god I don't have to fight him again). Anyway, most of these bosses die in a Rapid Fire or two, so there's that.

Oh, and the area is just the Rift-like area again, which is boring. And there are no Save Points between. Also, if you leave, you have to do it all again. Each floor has four easy bosses in chronological game order and a fifth hard boss. The order is slightly chronological but not really. The Cloister isn't nearly as fun as VI's Soul Shrine.

As for your party, two Freelancers and two Mimes. You want your Freelancers to have the versatile and trusted Rapid Fire and Spellblade, as this will work against any boss. One Mime should have Dualcast (if possible), White Magic and Summon, the other should have White Magic, Time Magic and Blue Magic. Black Magic is unnecessary, unless you run short of MP refill, in which case, the Osmose spell is very useful. You need to have learned the Blue Magics Level 5 Death, Mighty Guard and Magic Hammer, however there is an opportunity to learn Magic Hammer in this area before you ever have to use it. Oh, and bring at least one Phoenix Down. Coral Rings and Ribbons are nice.

Floor 1 Edit

  1. Wing Raptor - Dies in a single Rapid Fire, takes little effort to kill at all. Especially with the weapons we have.
  2. Garula - Similarly, takes little to no effort to kill, a single Rapid Fire will honestly wipe him out. Once a steep difficulty curve boss, now easy.
  3. Siren - Can be killed incredibly quickly and takes little effort.
  4. Forza and Magissa - If you missed Forza because Magissa never summoned him, get him now since he appears right away at the start. Anyway, this shouldn't take much more effort than the previous bosses, only one more Rapid Fire.
  5. Gil Turtle - The strategy is the same as before in the Sealed Temple; Blizzaga Blade then Rapid Fire him, making sure to Float everyone and Golem. Other than that, should be alright. He will do actual damage to your party, but nothing you can't handle.

If you can heal with Hi Potions instead of Curas/Curagas after Gil Turtle, then do it, you want to save your MP. Floor 1 is obviously very easy. Heal up, to near full (doesn't need to be full), and on your way to Floor 2.

Floor 2 Edit

  1. Liquid Flame - This is a missed opportunity, an upgraded Liquid Flame who was actually hard would be a nice Blizzaga Blade + Rapid Fire, but then again, there have been many of those bosses already. Anyway, he only takes a Rapid Fire or two without Spellblade to kill. Unlike pre-Gil Turtle floor 1 fights, may actually damage you.
  2. Soul Cannon - You just fought Guardian, so you know what to do. But don't summon Bahamut here, don't bother spending that kind of MP. Just Thundaga Blade and Rapid Fire him to death, but you may need to Curaga your party.
  3. Purobolos - Dualcast will come in handy. You don't need Bahamut though, so someone like Syldra or Leviathan will do the trick.
  4. Minotaur - This is where the chronology is screwed. Anyway, cannot use magic of any kind, which is fine because we don't need to. We just want to Rapid Fire this guy.
  5. Triton, Nereid, Phobos - Summon Odin and end the battle, they die to it in one hit.

You may need to Curaga your party twice after this floor. Your MP should be about 2/3 of what it was on your two Mimes. Now, get ready for the third floor.

Floor 3 Edit

  1. Byblos - Not a lot to this fight other than a Rapid Fire. Watch out for Magic Hammer. I was lucky it hit a Freelancer for me, but if it hits a Mime, that can sting. If you've not learnt it yet, then learn it now, you'll need it shortly.
  2. Tyrannosaur - I think you can just summon Odin and win this fight, but why waste that MP? If you have no Phoenix Down, the Odin or Arise kills him at any rate.
  3. Dragon Pod - The flowers outside can be killed with a single cast of Syldra or Leviathan. Then Rapid Fire him.
  4. Archeodemon - Yeah. He's back. Use the Magic Hammer trick for this one (I don't think Mute works). Stop him casting, remember. Then Rapid Fire him until he's dead. This is the hardest boss in the Cloister, btw.
  5. Apanda - Funny how we fought Byblos earlier and now we fight his pallet swap. Eh, he's harder than before perhaps, but after Archeodemon not much. Still dies in a few Rapid Fires, just remember to Cuaraga.

This is possibly the hardest floor in the dungeon because of Archeodemon. One boss approaches his level of difficulty and it's the last. You almost certainly need to Elixir though.

Floor 4 Edit

  1. Manticore - Oh, I forgot this geezer was a boss since we fought this sprite as a normal enemy now. Eh, just kill him with Rapid Fires.
  2. Adamantoise - How this fight goes depends on whether you have Level 5 Death or not. If not, similar fight to Gil Turtle, Spellblade Blizzaga Blade and Rapid Fire him. If yes, just Level 5 Death him.
  3. Jackanapes - Let's get our revenge! Rapid Fire him or Level 5 Death him. Either way, he was strong for his evasion which Rapid Fire nullifies, and we have more precision now so Attacks alone could probably wreck him. Level 5 Death works too though.
  4. Calofisteri - Barely changed at all. Rapid Fire her to death.
  5. Twintania - After Archeodemon, he seems much easier. However, he's still decently difficult. You may want to Mighty Guard, though I don't think I had to. But your weapons and stats are much more powerful than your first fight, so the Defense he gained is negligible.

Nice an easy one. A Cura or two when heading to the next floor, but no real concerns. Floor 5 is a tad harder. A tad.

Floor 5 Edit

  1. Omniscient - Begin with Carbuncle and you've already won, then magic until he falls. I like to do it a different way though. I like to keep Magic Hammering him. That said, you probably need Osmose (Blade?) to finish the job and dry him of MP, as if he has 1 left, he casts Return. Anyway, once he's out of MP, Rapid Fire him. This way you save your own MP.
  2. Wendigo - On the one hand, you have Rapid Fire to scout him out now. On the other, he's actually decently hard. You'll need to Curaga often. "Hurricane" can crush your HP. Hastega and Mighty Guard for this one.
  3. Sandworm - Eh, he still dies to Aqua Breaths, just now might take more than one to kill.
  4. Atomos - Comet no longer 1 hit kills us. A few Rapid Fires should take him out, but he'll likely do decent damage to your party.
  5. Halicarnassus - Barely changed, and will die in a few Rapid Fires.

There's a very good chance you'll need to Elixir up a little, even if it's just to be on the safe side. Only one floor left, and it's not much harder.

Floor 6 Edit

Try to Float yourselves beforehand if you're not already Floating.

  1. Crystals - When we fought the Crystals, we couldn't summon Odin to one hit kill them. We can now, so it's probably best we do.
  2. Melusine - Even when we only had 3 party members against her, she was weak. Now she's even weaker. A few Rapid Fires take her out with no problem.
  3. Catastrophe - Hopefully you came in Floated. You can Carbuncle to stop all of his powerful attacks, but Rapid Fires should take him out fine.
  4. Azulmagia - This is an incredibly easy fight. You can take him out with Self-Destruct if you wish, but that's only if you're willing to risk losing a character for the last fight. That said, the last fight isn't much harder either.
  5. Necrophobe - Aw, no Gilgamesh. Very sad face. Dualcast of Bahamut and Rapid Fires wipe this guy out. You will need to Mighty Guard and Hastega though, it's very important. His Flares can kill you. This is the second hardest boss in the Cloister, but that's not saying a lot.

And with that, you win some award item thingy and an achievement. But more importantly, you win the satisfaction of beating the CLoister. That place is evil I tell ya. Well, if you're playing the GBA version, you're now finished with the entire game. You can follow the rest of the steps, but they're mostly just for achievements.

Post-game fun Edit

Most of it can all be done in the Sealed Temple, but some requires more grinding.

Mastering all jobs Edit

Mastering jobs is a case of taing a trip to the Sealed Temple or the Rift to fight Movers. In the Rift they're rarer, so go to the Sealed Temple, River of Souls B3. While you're in the River of Souls, get that last treasure on B2. Equip the "Combine" ability on several people. You may want to master the Oracle for ABP Up, but you can't use ABP Up and a non-Job ability at the same time, so it may not be a good idea.

The Berserker is the Job you want to watch out for, don't level 4 Berserkers at once. In fact, for them, give them ABP Up, not only so you can be done with it quickly but because they can't use Combine anyway. You want to come with several Blitzshots and Flame Scrolls then Combine them and kill Movers. Other enemies you can just kill with Attacks anyway. That said, Bladeblitz is a very good alternative to Combie for killing Movers if everyone uses it, and it is much more reliable than Rapid Fire.

It should not take too long to master every job, it's surprisingly quichk.

Getting all Blue Magics and Dark Arts Edit

Blue Magics and Dark Arts can't all be acquired in the Sealed Temple, but a lot of them can. Anyways, check this page for both of them. For the record, this one does not give you an achievement, but it's hard to master the Necromancer without getting Dark Arts. So you can get all of these, several Blue Magics and all of the Dark Arts are fun to use, but you won't be using them on a lot. So it's up to you if you want to get them all. It's doable.

Reaching Level 99 Edit

The famous, or infamous, level 99 in Final Fantasy V is a level very few people grind hard enough to reach. There's an easy way to grind that much in V, and it again involves the Sealed Temple. It doesn't involve anything specific. Your job is to equip Rapid Fire and/or Blitzblade and kill stuff. If you mastered Cannoneer, this will not be a problem in the slightest.

Achievements Edit

See this page for more.

Anyway, there may well be no achievements left for you to get. Missables like Bestiary and Treasures are incredibly annoying, though. If you haven't got it, you may need to return to the Sealed Temple at get one in the room where we could get only two treasures, or you may have missed in another dungeon. Etither way, it's not worth beating yourself up over.

Just know that if you've followed the steps til now, you've got all achievements worth getting. Unless you're not playing on the mobile version, in which case you've got no achievements. It's cool. You got your personal pride of finishing everything in V!

Closing Edit

Well, it's been fun. My first walkthrough written ont the wiki, and my first walkthrough...well, ever. I have to say I enjoyed writing it. And I hope you enjoyed reading it too, and that it was helpful. Give me feedback or whatever if you like.

And that's V for ya. Nice job system, only one nice character and a plot that makes little to no sense with some pretty trash moments. It's not terrible, it's not later FF quality either. Take that whichever way you like.

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