Okay, quick summary of where you are: was Archeodemon the last boss you killed? And are you now ready to, well, go all the way back to the Hall of Tranquility? Because there's where you have to go if you want to fight Omega Mk.II and Neo Shinryu. Ah, don't worry, you'll be fine. Trust me, if you've conquered the game up til this point, you're alright with beating Omega and Shinryu again. They're considerably harder, but you won't lose sleep over it. You will earn bragging rights, though.

Sealed Temple (cont.)[edit source]

To Omega[edit source]

Head all the way back to the Hall of Tranquility. If you've forgotten how:

  1. At the centre of the main room is a door, go through that and through to the next area.
  2. Heart of Ronka's treasure room, go down, left and down to next room.
  3. Stone goes in bottom left in the next Heart of Ronka room.
  4. Ignore chains, just head straight down to go to the Abyssal Falls in that long stairacase.
  5. Ignore the right path in the Falls, go straight down on the left then do the rest as normal.

You should end up in the Hall. You may want to use the Save Point at the room at the top first, then go through the gap to the left. Welcome to the Tomb of Memory.

Tomb of Memory[edit source]

Yes, all of these are freaking Omegas.

This place is like those Egyptian places, the Pyramid of Moore and such. I guess they chose this for Omega because his pallet swap, the Mecha Heads are here. Speaking of which, remember in the Pyramid of Moore when there were Mecha Heads patrolling and we had to either avoid or Thundaga/Thundaga Blade them? There are now Omegas patrolling. YES, LOTS OF THEM. I know we're going to fight his bigger cousin soon, and I know you're tons stronger than when you fought mk I now, but you seriously want to avoid them. Unless you want to kill him several times for laughs, I see no good reason to, 50,000 Gil and no EXP is not worth it, people. Oh, other enemies are basically what you've seen before. Equip Ribbons on your Freelancers and Coral Rings on everyone for this whole area.

When you get inside, head left through the secret passage to a room with Ash treasure, then go back (the secret passage up leads nowhere). Now head up to the main room (with Omegas, gulp) and head to the far right and up a little for a secret passage, go around and get the Elixir, then head back. Carefully avoid the Omegas and get the Demon's Rod at the top. Now head to the top right of the room to get out. If you end up in a fight with an Omega along the way, Teleport out, best not to risk it yet.

If you've gotten out of there, then you should be happy, you're past the worst of this dungeon. Yeah, that floor might be the single hardest dungeon floor in the game, no joke. First things first, go to the very top of this room and hit a switch, that'll open Shinryu's Lair (you don't want to come back here with the Omegas if you missed it). Now go back. If you go through a seccret passage to the right, you end up in the River of Souls, don't bother. Just go down the path to the left, and when there's a switch available, skip it, it just takes you back to the floor below. Carry on going past it right, and hit that switch. And now you can go left and hit the switch we avoided, go all the way left and through the place opened.

This is Inquiry's Path. When you get here, go to the right and up through a secret passage, and off the path are some useful rooms with treasures (Blitzshot and Dark Matter), and useless rooms to avoid. Then go back to the entrance, as it leads nowhere else, this time going left. Hero Cocktail is the treasure there, avoiding the pit to the right of it. Go through the secret passage to the left (obvious route below is a pitfall) then get the Dark Matter. Now fall down the pit.

New area, Throne Room, grab the Ash treasure, head up. Blitzshot treasure, now hit the switches and go through the door on the right. We can't go up to face Omega until we get rid of that block, so go right, go down at the fork and get the Holy Water treasure, back, go up and hit the switch. Now back to the centre of the room. Use your Elixirs, Quicksave, whatever. Just make sure you're prepared. You're about to fight Omega Mk. II, and also my favourite non-Gilgamesh boss fight. But be warned, he's tough as heck.

HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
65,000 60,000 Maelstrom, Encircle, Rocket Punch...a lot Elixir None? Force Shield Fire, Ice or Lightning, varies Varies (all other than weakness) Very hard

Other than everything that Omega Mk. I had, Omega Mk. II has several new tricks to watch out for. He also has a very annoying "Remedy" which can heal himself. Yep, you're in for a tough ride. But it's nothing you can't handle. Will take several tries. There are a few ways to beat this boss, but honestly I think the best way is to use a similar tactic to Omega Mk.I, so get your Spellbladers and Rapid Firers ready.

Omega Mk. II's main new point of difficulty is not his new attacks, but his weakness changing. Get the wrong one, and you're pretty much screwed. Anyway, when he moves Right his weakness is Fire, when he moves left his weakness is Ice, and up or down, his weakness is Lightning. You can tell from his flight patterns this way, no need to use Libra. With that in mind, same ol' strategy, but change things up. As soon as he is hit by his weakness, he will change weakness. So keep one Rapid Firer/Spellblader on reserve to instantly Spellblade to the new weakness soon as he does.

You'll have to survive a few turns to exploit his weakness, but it's well worth it. While he has 10,000 more HP than he used to, you also have more powerful weapons and higher stats, so it shouldn't take much longer. If you know what you're doing, and if you're lucky enough to survive the first few turns, you'll be fine. If you go in blind, you're screwed. Thanks to me, you didn't go in blind.

If you just beat him, man, well done. You can take on anyone now. You also win Force Shield, best shield in the game (but who uses Shields now...?), go down twice to get back to Inquiry's Path and head back to Hall of Tranquility and save up and the like. Next up is Shinryu's Lair.

Shinryu's Lair[edit source]

It's funny, last time we went to a place looking like this, it was a stupid easy dungeon.

Back in Abyssal Falls, the way to Shinryu's Lair was opened by us, so we can go in there. Hopefully you mastered Geomancer on at least someone so you can traverse the lava. Anyway, as you'd expect, enemies here are all Dragons. The Crystal Dragon is here, and much more common now, so slightly less annoying to steal Dragon Lances from. If you have 6, you should be alright, though. Equip your Freelancers with Jump and Rapid Fire this time, you want to Dragon Lance these enemies to death. One Mime should replace one ablity with Equip Lances for both the boss and the enemies, they don't have to equip Rapid Fire or Jump though, as they should be Mimicing the Freelancers. This dungeon is shorter than Omegas, which wasn't too long either anyway.

When you go inside, ignoring the staircases, head far to the right and go past the switch, go up and get an Elixir treasure. Now hit the switch, you will fall down to a new area. Head to the right and go down, then into the lava, go left and up on that little island with tons of treasures. Tons, such as Phoenix Down, Elixir, Flame Scroll, Blitzshot, a Maximillian, etc. And now go right off the island and back. This time, walk all the way around the path on the left, down and right. When you come to the stairs leading to the entrance of a cave, go through them, there may be a path to the right of that but it leads nowhere.

Now you're in the Entryway. Shinryu is within your grasp. On this first island, go right and down, and to the bottom left is a switch which you should press. It creates a path on another island. Go down the stairs into the lava, and to the top right are stairs leading up to another island. Go all the way down and get a Blitzshot, now head back up, and go up again, and back into the lava, now this time head all the way down below that island and go left and up on to that island. Hey, what do you know? This is the same entrance from before. Anway, the bridge you created with the switch earlier, cross it, grab the Ribbon. Now go back to where you were on the lava, go all the way north up to a new room. This is Shinryu's lair.

It's just a treasure chest like before, open it, and a very deadly monster attack. Ready?

HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
65,000 60,000 A LOT Elixir None Ultima Weapon None Holy (absorbs) Very hard

While there are no new real spins on this fight compared to Shinryu like going from Omega to Omega Mk.II, Neo Shinryu is much harder. Do you have 6 Dragon Lances? Good, you have a chance. Do you have Coral Rings on everyone? Awesome, you resist several of Shinryu's attacks. His physicals will one hit you unless you have about 9,999 HP, and even then can kill you - you shouldn't have that much HP, probably. Shinryu has Earthquake, an almost guarenteed kill, but you can not rely on Mighty Guard, just Float everyone before the battle. I would definitely say have the Samurai and Ninja job mastered on a few, that Evasion is almost essential, Golem cannot save you at all. Oh, and if you want another Ribbon, make that Mime who is Jumping a Freelancer instead.

This battle is all about surviving two turns or so. When you begin the battle, Shinryu will cast "Mighty Guard". You can Dispel it, but if you have Dragon Lances you can deal 9,999 damage to him twice in one Jump anyway. After he opens with Maelstrom, if he casts Blaze, you're safe with Coral Rings; if he casts Ice Storm, restart. Unfortunately, you have no choice but to throw all your eggs in one basket for this one. Do your best to get a Hastega in early. Your strategy is to Jump with two Freelancers, and have a third Mime with two Lances just Mimic that. And try to do that twice with three. On death, he'll cast Giga Flare and Meteor. Hopefully, your Dragoon Jumps can avoid that.

If you get away with all of that, the battle is won. This battle is ridiculously hard, though, and will take several tries. Probably more than Omega Mk.II. But just know that once you've killed the bastard, you've defeated the single hardest boss in the game. And one of the hardest in the entire series.

Phew. Congratulations, you beat the two hardest bosses in the game! There's just one left now. We'll confront them shortly.

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