Well, this is it, folks. This is the page where we fight the second-to-final boss, one of the hardest superbosses, and the final boss. Everything we've done in this walkthrough leads up to this moment. Are. You. Ready?

The Rift mk 2 Edit

Second and third areas Edit

Interdimensional Rift - Last Floor

Last floor! Dun dun duuuuun!

Gilgamesh has just run off and we can take a teleporter to the next room. Cool. In this room, there are different enemies (just as powerful, of course), and still yielding huge amounts of ABP, but I will repeat that we don't want to fight as anything but Freelancers and Mimes until we get the Save Point here. Otherwise we're wasting our time dying instead of grinding. The path in the second area is linear. Along the way, the treasures are Fuma Shuriken and Elixir (the latter found near the teleporter).

The third is similarly a self explanatory path, with a difference. There's new enemies and a hugeass staircase leading to a ridiculously awesome treasure...and to the aforementioned ultra hard superboss. Don't go yet. Do instead go to the top left, and a Fuma Shuriken shall be your reward. Now to the top right.

Penultimate area Edit

This one's neato. Starts off as a linear path. This is also where we get the penultimate boss fight, and a Save Point. At a cost, of course. That cost being a boss. When there are two sets of stairs - one straight up, the other to the left and up - take those to the left. First, heal everyone with a chosen Mime (preferably whoever has Dualcast, and given Summon as well). Then, make them heal everyone. Now, once they have, Elixir them. Interact with that little light.

HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
44,044 (necro), 8088 x4 10,000 Flare None None None All stats*(yes, really) None Medium

Necrophobe is the penultimate boss and you should not be fooled by his weakness to all stats, he's actually decently difficult. Well, if you followed my walkthrough, he isn't that difficult for you. The main difficulty is his Barriers which all have Reflect.

Start of the fight, Dualcast Bahamut. The Barriers should be gone now. If not, Rapid Fire. They'll be gone soon. Necrophobe will then whine about how he is no longer invincible. Now, have your Mimes just heal everyone with Curaga or White Wind. Freelancers, spam Rapid Fire. It doesn't matter if he uses Flash, because Rapid Fire ignores miss chance. While you can do absurd amounts of damage if you Spellblade, don't. You may kill him too fast for the next awesome scene...

Guess who arrives? GIIIIIIIILGAMESH!! And on his arrival, you have basically won. He is fighting with us now. A badass dialogue scene plays, then Gilgamesh...sniff...sacrifices for us. What a bro. Don't worry, he comes back in other games.

Post-Necrophobe Edit

Now you have several options. Thanks to the Save Point, if you have three or more Cottages, you can actually afford to job grind now. I won't recommend it, though, as grinding at this point is anticlimatic considering we've done it all game up until now. However, the bonus dungeon, we'll definitely grind, though. If you choose to grind, if you enjoy it or simply don't feel confident in your abilities to win, consider mastering Monk (for the HP), Samurai (for cool stats, great evasion and the Evasion passive), Dragoon (you will need 4 for one of the bonus dungeon's bosses), and if you're on a version with them, Oracle (weak abilities but amazing magic stat) or Gladiator (decent abilities and good stats). Of those, Monk in particular is probably the best for stats and HP, and its Counter ability.

The other options are to fight one of two bosses. Shinryu, or the final boss. For those of you who are playing the SNES or PS verisons (ie have no bonus dungeon), you will definitely want to save yourself a trip coming back to this dungeon later, so you will definitely want Shinryu. Otherwise, it's up to you. Finishing the game in the other versions resets things, and grinding here is essential for the dungeon, so you will want to master jobs here. That means you'll come back here anyway. On the other hand, it leaves you with a ton of pre-bonus dungeon work which can be a more tiring buildup, while doing a tiny bit of that buildup for this boss saves work later. My advice is to take Shinryu now, but we'll have to prepare. And preparation for Shinryu is...not easy.

Shinryu Edit

Go to the area where Shinryu is, the area just before the Save Point and Necrophobe. Equip Steal on at least one character, Mimic if you want, and Time Magic. We want to fight a Crystal Dragon. In the fight with the Dragon, Steal. If you get nothing, Steal again. If you get Elixir, use Time Magic to Return. If you get Dragon Lance, celebrate, then kill it with Bahamut Dualcasts and Rapid Fire. Rinse and repeat, four times. Four Dragon Lances. If the Stealing process is tedious, don't worry. You're not alone in hating the tedium behind it.

Soon as you got four, equip the Jump ability on your Freelancers, Coral Rings on everyone and get that treasure. Gulp.

Boss: Shinryu
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
55,500 51,000 Atomic Ray, Ice Storm, Maelstrom Dragon Fang, Dragon's Whisker None Dragon Seal None Holy (absorbs) Very hard

Shinryu is such a ridiculously hard boss that he became famous for his difficulty. So famous, in fact, that he has made appearances in other games in the series. In the original release, Shinryu was the hardest boss. He is harder than Omega for a few reasons: has no elemental weakness (Spellblade, Rapid Fire and Dual Wield do nothing to him), requires different kind of preparation to Omega, is further from a Save Point and has Maelstrom. Don't worry, unlike Omega, he won't Confuse you through Ribbon or take someone out of the fight with Encircle. Shinryu doesn't have tons of disables to your party, but he has a greater disable, killing them.

Whether you can defeat him or not depends almost soley on your ability to Steal four Dragon Lances, and I say four as an almost minimum. You will need two Freelancers with the Dragoon's Jump and the Ninja's Dual-Wield. The other two party members are fine using useful spells like Mighty Guard, White Wind, Curaga, and Summons of Bahamut are also amazingly nice if you get a turn in between. Coral Rings are absolutely essential for blocking some of the magic, do NOT skip them.

Your primary source of damage comes from Jump. Luckily, anyone who casts Jump becomes immune to any source of damage for a few turns. You can breathe a sign or two of relief whenever you get Jump off without dyigng. Just a few Jumping turns, and eventually Shinryu should finally fall.

If you just beat Shinryu, awesome! You defeated the hardest boss in the original release! And have Ragnarok, the most powerful sword at this point! If you can do it, it means you're a job master or two away from being able to take on the bonus dungeon. You should head up to the next area and use a Cottage. If you're fighting Exdeath next, that is. If not, you likely still should if you're grinding. If you're doing neither of those, you're done, of course.

Final Boss Edit

Okay, so in Save Point area, just take the stairs up. Make sure your two Freelancers and two Mimes have the right equipment. Give the Freelancers swords (or, if you prefer to make them Dragoon-like, give them Dragon Lances), and your Mimes should have every type of magic except Black Magic. If you defeat Shinryu and Omega, you're more than ready. Just Omega, you're still ready. If you defeated'll probably still be able to make this one. Oh, and if going for the achievements, try to finish the battle with everyone alive. Doesn't matter if you don't do that, because you will be able to do it again.

Ahem. Up the stairs in Save Point area, take the teleporter, now up the stairs in the new area. Head all the way up the long-ass stairs to Exdeath, and watch the scene that plays. Make sure your Mime with Dualcast (if you have one) has White Magic, and Summon would be nice. Someone needs Time Magic and Blue Magic though, that goes to your other Mime. And make sure you have Freelancers with swords to Spellblade with. Then, go and fight the tree Exdeath...

Boss: Exdeath
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
49,001 30,000 White Hole, Meteor, Flare Phoenix Down, Wonder Wand Neo Exdeath None None Poison, Lightning, Fire (immune) Medium

First things first, Hastega, Mighty Guard, and Spellblade, use Holy. Then, keep Rapid Firing his ass with occasional Dualcasts of Bahamut. Make sure that whenever he White Holes someone, use both Arise and Esuna to save them. Exdeath's Tree Form is resistant but not impossible. After a while, you will defeat his Tree Form, and he will change into a different form...

HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
Front - 50,000 65,000 Grand Cross Murakumo (front), Dragon Lance (top), Fuma Shuriken (middle), Ragnarok (back) None None None None Hard

Wooo! Much cooler music and much cooler sprite! Aw yeah, this is a Final Battle in style. It's also much harder. This form has all of the most powerful weapons (in the original release) to Steal, but I wouldn't, since doing so takes an ablity slot. Okay, to start off, ensure you have Mighty Guard and Hastega on from last fight, they should carry over, but a KO'd character loses them (put them back on). You should also have Holy Blade on.

My setup was simple: I spammed Rapid Fire of Holy Blade as usual (it does much more damage here than against Tree Form), and my first Mime had Dualcast and Bahamut, so she would Summon him twice a turn, while my second Mime would Mimic immediately after, meaning four instances of Bahamut for the MP of two instances. A Summon of Bahamut has four times the effectiveness since there are four enemies to destroy. Thhat means that it and Bladeblitz are the most efficient ways of defeating Neo Exdeath (Rapid Fire is close but it's random), though Bladeblitz is something you are unlikely to have at this point. I didn't master the Gladiator until a while after this.

And once you have defeated Neo Exdeath...boom!

Enjoy the sweet ending. It's pretty cool considering, well, this game. Bit Deus Ex Machina-ish. For those of you who are on the PS and SNES version of the game, I hope you enjoyed my walkthrough, and I hope you enjoyed this game! Well, what there is to enjoy. It's not a bad game, just a little underwhelming at times. Still has an awesome job system which makes up for its terrible story.

For those of you on another version, you'll be warped to the World Map with equipment from after Neo Exdeath and the dungeon unlocked, but Neo Exdeath can be fought whenever. If your version contains a bonus dungeon, I'll see you next page when we take it on!

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