This will be a little warmup for the final boss battle. We're not far off. Well, final boss battle in the main storyline. There will be much harder bosses in the bonus dungeon. But here we'll get our last few jobs, clean up a few sidequests, and be done.

Final Jobs Edit

Yep, the final jobs in the game, bar one. It's been ages since we got any. One of these is amazing, the others, well, take a look.

Sunken Walse Tower Edit

You remember Walse Tower? Well, it's underwater now. Because it sunk in World One. Back then, we had no way of accessing it. Now, we have a submarine. So submerge and Walse Tower can be found underwater. There are a one or two chests that could not be found before. There's a few enemies, much harder than before, and one or two can learn Blue Magic from, but we'll come back to that.

Famed Mimic Gogo iOS
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
47,114 60,000 None Gold Hairpin, Leather Armour None Tiger Mask N/A N/A Cannot lose

Easiest boss in the game. Do nothing. Yes. Do not attack him. Do not use magic. Do not use items. Do nothing.

And you win. And then laugh that you won. As he flees. It's that simple. Gogo is a mimic who has to mimic someone to be worth anything. If you do nothing, he cannot mimic you doing nothing. In the same way, by you doing nothing, you are also mimicing his doing nothing. Funny, huh? Oh well. Just know you don't know to work to get an ez boss won.

There's a harder way to kill him, but why bother when this way is so easy? This still gives you the bestiary entry.

And with that:

Job: Mime
FFV Bartz Mime iOS FFV Lenna Mime iOS FFV Faris Mime iOS FFV Krile Mime iOS
Command/ability Innate skills
Mimic None
Level Ability Description ABP
1 Mimic Copy the last action identically 999 ABP

The Mime is the best scaling job into the final stages that isn't a Freelance. Gains all innate abilities from mastered jobs other than the "equip" ones. However, they can equip three abilities, while the Freelancer can only equip two (most jobs only the one). It always has "Mime", which takes up no ability slot, but it has no "Attack" by default like the others do.

Now for why it scales. Mimic uses no MP cost and has no drawbacks. This means that, not only does it have the three abilities it can choose to equip, it has any ability that was recently used. Since the Mimic can equip most abilities, except for "equip", it is best used for the endgame mage roles, but changing abilities slightly before any boss allow them to dish out tons of damage too. Mimes are amazing. However, other than for the achievement, there is no reason to master the job for the sake of mastering it, mastering should just happen while using it. This is because no Freelancer should equip "Mime" as it takes an ability slot, and they only have two.

Mimes to me are a pretty sweet idea. When I read about the concept of "mime" I questioned why it needed to be a job, having only ever used "mimic" as a Materia before. But it makes sense why, because Mimes are a multi-purpose jobs that go beyond the "mimic" ability. Their purpose is customization for any purpose that isn't dealing physical damage, which the Freelancers do. I don't use Mimic all that much, but I find plenty of use for the other few abilities. The other abilities are where, for me, it shines most.

Sealed Temple Edit

We're going to use the submarine again. South past Phantom Village a bit, there's a crack underwater. This place will be the final dungeon. Go inside a little to be rewarded with three.

FFV Bartz Cannoneer iOS FFV Lenna Cannoneer iOS FFV Faris Cannoneer iOS FFV Krile Cannoneer iOS
Command/ability Innate skills
Open Fire None
Level Ability Description ABP
1 Open Fire Cannon attack; normal attack with chance to cause status ailment 50 ABP
2 EXP Up Boosts EXP earned after battle by 50% 150 ABP
3 Combine Mix two items to various effects 300 ABP

Here's a curious job that you'll end up mastering. The Cannoneer would be another one of those "not bad, should not be prioritized though" if it were not for EXP Up, and how surprisingly effective Combine is for one battle: the Mover, possibly the best encounter in the game, can be destroyed in one move with Combine, by mixing both "Blitzshot" and "Flame Scroll" together (funnily enough, Flame Scrolls can also be stolen from them). But that's the only real use of Combine, otherwise, it's basically Mix with different combos and pointless most of the time. As for Open Fire, it's an attack that may cause a status ailment, which is neat, but ultimately pointless since Rapid Fire and Jump are better.

This job should be mastered almost immediately on completion of the main storyline. This is because Combine and EXP Up are essential. EXP Up makes getting the ultimate level achievements much easier, and Combine makes defeating Movers easier; the easier to defeat Movers are, the more chance you'll get 199 ABP after battle, meaning more chance of 'mastering all jobs' achievements. It's one of those jobs you'll master, but not necessarily enjoy mastering too much. Hopefully by this point, equipping another ability (Rapid Fire?) will make battles so easy anyway that you won't mind. Remember that whoever keeps Combine won't also be able to get the 50% ABP boost, so keep that in mind when choosing which character keeps it. And the EXP boost only really comes in handy when all jobs are mastered.

This is one of the jobs I admit I never cared for originally. It's a pirate job with an ok attack, but what about it gives it any real "wow" factor? The answer is, not much. It just, to me, isn't that cool compared to the other bonus jobs. But if anyone thinks differently, they'll definitely enjoy mastering the job more, because it practically needs to be mastered. Oh, and one problem with Combine is, while I basically always want to keep it around, whoever keeps it won't get the +50% ABP. And the EXP Up isn't something I can use when farming until I mastered all the jobs and only want the levels. Boo.

FFV Bartz Gladiator iOS FFV Lenna Gladiator iOS FFV Faris Gladiator iOS FFV Krile Gladiator iOS
Command/ability Innate skills
Finisher Lure/Long Range
Level Ability Description ABP
1 Lure Increases the random encounter rate 30 ABP
2 Finisher Powerful attack to various devastating effects 70 ABP
3 Long Range Attacks now ignore row 150 ABP
4 Bladeblitz Attacks damage all enemies 450 ABP

Now this is a job that gets a lot of hate, much of it deserved. This is an unnecessary job, but not a bad one by any means, and probably the most fun endgame job to master since it can equip everything anyway. Finisher is just a better Dance, it either does an elemental attack dealing 9999 damage, a normal critical attack, or nothing; not bad, not better than the other abilities available to us. Whereas the other abilities are sound. Bladeblitz does a 75% attack that hits everything, a great alternative to Rapid Fire outside of bosses. Lure makes grinding much faster...or it can make dungeons harder. Long Range allows you to stay in the back row and deal max damage with any weapon.

Noticed a theme? This job is an upgrade of both Ranger and Dancer. The Ranger's ability to hit several targets and stay in the back row is bested here (though Rapid Fire is still good), while Finisher is much better than Dance. Honestly, whether you use this job depends on whether you like Lure or not. Do you want to farm more, and are confident with your ability to autowin fights? Master the job. Do you hate random encounters? Don't bother. It's important to note Bladeblitz makes fights much quicker, so one could argue that increased encounter rate is negligible due to how easy fights will become anyway. Important thing to note; while Lure increases encounter rates, that's only if there's a Freelancer, or if someone equipped it. So it doesn't have to be turned on. One of the best things about this job is it gives a huge bonus to the Strength of the character who masters this job, as a Freelancer or Mime. Meaning their physical attacks do way more damage.

I always loved the idea of this job. It gives two abilities from FFVII (long range and hitting everything) which were abilities I missed. Also, the idea of controlling a gladiator in battle is just badass. The idea is great, and as far as the "decent job, not worth prioritizing" goes, I would say this is the best. Equipping all equipment makes it easy to switch to, and its abilities are all awesome. Lure can be as much a nuisance as a benefit, though. But only when equipped.

Job: Oracle
FFV Bartz Oracle iOS FFV Lenna Oracle iOS FFV Faris Oracle iOS FFV Krile Oracle iOS
Command/ability Innate skills
Condemn None
Level Ability Description ABP
1 Condemn Choose from elemental and status inflicting abilities 25 ABP
2 Predict Choose from abilities to a random effect; both enemies and party 50 ABP
3 ABP Up Increases ABP earned by 50% 150 ABP
4 Read Ahead Lowers the rate of enemy encounters 300 ABP

Read Ahead lowers encounter rates, Condemn and Predict are both hard to use and neither are amazing. Condemn takes ages to do anything at level one, but gets better with levels. It has various effects on enemies and party, but it's useless at the early levels because it takes so long, and in general, nothing that the normal mages can't do anyway. Predict does damage but on a random basis, random in the sense that its damage depends on on the final digit of the target's HP...but something so random and variable is obviously not worth using.

It's the next two which are useful. Read Ahead is very awesome at times, whenever equipped it's a huge convenience (or, if you're farming with a Freelancer who mastered the job, a hindrance). ABP Up is why you need to master this on everyone. It'll be a pain to master, but a few levels into the job and it'll be great. Like the Gladiator, mastering it gives a huge increase to Magic, meaning spells are more powerful. The main problem with ABP Up, though, is that it leaves the character with only the original job command as it takes up a slot. So, depending on how bad that original job command was, it might not help make grinding much easier if you need to equip something else, unfortunately. This job in general feels like the opposite of Gladiators. Oracles give +magic for mages, while Gladiators give +strength for physical fighters; Oracles give an ability that can reduce encounters while Gladiators do the opposite.

This is a job I want to love like the Samurai. It sounds badass, looks badass, but isn't. First level is annoying, and every other level is ok at best. But my main annoyance with this job: why did they give one job an ability to raise the rate of encounters if the other lowers it? Other than when equipping the ability, doesn't that hinder things? Well, in fairness, when farming, it's mostly irrelevant, since you won't have Freelancers and won't be equipping both abilities at once. But it's a pretty poor design decision. What if I want to get through the bonus dungeon and have Freelancers and Mimes? Other than bosses, you probably don't.

Phoenix Tower return Edit

I'm just going to list a few things regarding the Phoenix Tower return. This is because the two upcoming tasks: Blue Magic and Job grinding - are things that can both be done here to an extent, but not completely.

Magic Pots Edit

A short sidequest thing.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Mystic Knight iOS FFV Lenna Ninja iOS FFV Krile Mime iOS FFV Faris Summoner iOS

We need one Mime. The others? Doesn't matter what you bring for those fights, just anyone who will benefit from the massive ABP boosts they're about to get. Let's master stuff.

Magic Pot sidequest
Floor Magic Pot location
5 Right
10 Right
15 Left
20 Right
25 Left

The first visit to Phoenix Tower, I told you to ignore the pots. Now, you are going to go back, ignore only half the pots this time. Those are the pots that have Gil, instead of a Magic Pot. With those; you will need a Mime. Right, first off, use an Elixir on the Magic Pot. If it did not flee, have the Mime "Mimic" that action. They will give it another Elixir without using up any from your inventory slot. Eventually, by spending only one Elixir, you will get it to flee, and give 100 ABP.

There are 5 in total. Know what that means? You can learn 500 ABP. Why would you pass it up? Anyway, unfortunately, 500 of that ABP on one character will have to be wasted on the Mime for this to work effectively. They'll be able to make up for it much later, with an enemy that teaches a similar amount catching up for it.

Eventually, you will end up like this:

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Dragoon iOS FFV Lenna Ranger iOS FFV Krile White Mage iOS FFV Faris Black Mage iOS

With the Ranger, Ninja and Mystic Knight learnt, that's one character who has the ultimate three abilities. You are free to learn whatever. Well, you were always free to, of course, but if you're following this guide, well, now you can go completely wild!

Another character should be on the final boss for that Trinity of Badass combo, having mastered the other two. This a great spot to be in.

Dualcasting person was made a Mime, so that means they did not master anything.

A character who has learnt White Mage, Summoner and Time Mage has only one to learn now: Black Mage. Red and Blue Mage can wait. But Black Mage gives a massive MP bonus which they will need.

PT Blue Magic Edit

I sort of lied above. Sorry. While you do want to master those later, for now:

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Dragoon iOS FFV Lenna Ranger iOS FFV Krile Blue Mage iOS FFV Faris Beastmaster iOS

You know the drill for Blue Magic.

The Cherie can teach:

LilliputianLyric-FF5-GBA MP cost Type Learned by Effect
5 Blue Magic Learned from Mini Magician, Mykale, Gilgamesh, Cherie, Farfarello, Azulmagia, Vilia Inflicts Mini on a target.

Lilliputian Lyric has an effect identical to the Mini White Magic spell. So what is the point, exactly? Unlike Pond's Chorus, it doesn't even reduce the MP cost. So it's just a harder to learn Mini with no benefits when we barely used Mini anyway. This is really pointless and annoying. Little benefit.

Cherie is probably the best enemy to learn it from, as it is in a dungeon where learning Blue Magic is already great. As a Vilia is in World Three and also teaches Pond's Chorus, it can be a good idea to learn it from them. Mykales are also great to learn it from, as they are great to learn several Blue Magics from.

Ability: Time Slip
FFV iOS Time Slip MP cost Type Learned by Effect
9 Blue Magic Learned from Traveler, Gilgamesh, Azulmagia, Cherie Casts Old and Sleep

Old causes stats to reduce over time. Sleep causes enemies to be useless for a while. So by the time an enemy comes out of their sleep status, they will be weak. For 9 MP, this is a hilariously good spell. However, when it comes to immobilizing enemies, Mind Blast probably outclasses it. So while it's a good spell to use, it's not that great.

Learn it from a Cherie in the Phoenix Tower. It's a fairly rare to learn spell, but it's good.

Parenthope teaches:

Ability: Flash
Flash-FF5-GBA MP cost Type Learned by Effect
7 Blue Magic Learned from Headstone, Crew Dust, Ramuh, Neon, Gilgamesh, Necrophobe, Azulmagia, Orukat, Parthenope, and Stone Mask Casts Blind on all enemies

While it's not guaranteed to work, Flash is a great ability. It can be very useful as not only a last resort measure, but a general defensive move. When enemies are blinded, most of their attacks will not connect. This is especially useful against enemies whose physicals are their greatest means of dealing damage. The only problem is that later on, the party will be so strong that they will just destroy enemies before they can get in any attacks, and a lot of bosses are either immune to Blind or didn't use physicals anyway.

Best learned from Parthenope in Phoenix Tower, who also teaches Roulette, which is kinda nice. However, it is awesome to learn it against Crew Dust at the very early levels if you want, as it's pretty useful. The problem with learning Blue Magic at the early levels is you'll likely not use it at early levels.

And Lemure:

Ability: Pond's Chorus
PondChorus-FF5-GBA MP cost Type Learned by Effect
5 Blue Magic Learned from Azulmagia, Elf Toad, Archeotoad, Kornago, Farfarello, Gilgamesh, Lemure, Vilia Turns a target into a Toad

Frog Song has the exact same effect as the Black Magic Toad. It costs 3 less MP. But it has to be learnt. Also requires using Blue Magic. Considering Toad is never used, you can tell how useful Frog Song is. On a per-ability basis, is Frog Song better for the 3 less MP? Perhaps. But Blue Magic cannot be Dualcast, so you can't use it on more than one. And by the time you have someone using Blue Magic, you care even less about Toad than you did before. Bleh.

It's easy to learn it from the Elf Toads, however, Vilia is probably the best to learn it from, as that can also teach Lilliputian Lyric.

Blue Magic hunts Edit

By this point, you know the general jist of getting Blue Magic. I have a guide to getting the rest right here, but the rest can all be gotten on this world. Feel free to get however much you want. Be aware, no achievement exists for doing it, apparently.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Blue Mage iOS FFV Lenna Blue Mage iOS FFV Krile Blue Mage iOS FFV Faris Blue Mage iOS

Regardless, go to Castle Bal, and get a party of four Blue Mages. And Level 5 Death the enemies to your heart's content. Let's master this job and get it out of the way. And why? Three reasons. Firstly, this means we all have Blue Magic on every character. So you can equip it on whoever, whenever. Secondly, it means the Freelancers and Mimes will always Learn any Blue Magic cast on them. Thirdly, and probably least importantly, the achievement.

If you choose to get the Blue Magics, sweet. If not, oh well. It depends on whether you enjoy doing it. But there's one in particular you will want. FFVII fans may get some nostalgia now. If you have the patience (and you'll need quite a bit), head to the lake by Carwen and fight the monsters on your ship (when in the lake), or go to the water above the sunken Walse Tower. You want to fight a rare encounter, but it's very rare. The Blue Magic is very good, so it's up to you. You can get through without it, but I do not recommend passing it up. Be aware, however, there are easier ways to get it, including one in the final dungeon against a boss. I will explain how to get it there when we get there. The only reason it's slightly preferable to do it this way if you have patience is that it fills a bestiary entry and you get it slightly earlier.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Dragoon iOS FFV Lenna Ninja iOS FFV Krile White Mage iOS FFV Faris Beastmaster iOS

Equip "Learning" on someone and you're set. Equip Control on the Beastmaster

In particular, you might want to get the Blue Magic called Mighty Guard (in VII it was Big Guard). The enemy, Stingray, found in the ocean near Carwen, teaches it. This is a very rare enemy so it's a good idea fill a bestiary entry and get a Blue Magic. If not, you can do it in the bonus dungeon. Note that you should only try this if you're confident you will use Mighty Guard and that you have the patience to sit through dozens of fights until the Stingray comes up. If you don't the final and bonus dungeons have ways to get it. If you are, good for you, you get this:

Ability: Mighty Guard
MightyGuard-FF5-GBA MP cost Type Learned by Effect
72 Blue Magic Learned from Ironclad, Stingray, Azulmagia Casts Protect, Shell and Float on the entire party

This is one of the more famously really useful Blue Magics. Floating entire party avoids any Earth damage, Protecting and Shelling everyone this way is quicker and more efficient than manually casting it with White Magic each time, and unlike FFVII's version, it lasts the entire battle. Well, FFVII's Mighty Guard was the strongest in series history, and that one also granted Haste but it also didn't last, so it didn't quite break the game. It's great in this game, of course, but it's ridiculously hard to get and you may not end up using it often, so while it's great for a Blue Magic, it's not always too necessary. Definitely not as great as it was in VII.

My opinion is currently that Azulmagia, a boss in the final dungeon, is the best way to learn it, just cast Reflect on him. Alternatively, it can be learned from the Stingray, as that one can be learned on the World Map. It's a very rare encounter, however, fought near Carwen or Walse Tower, though also in the Sealed Temple. You must Control it and cast on your party, or cast Reflect on it and then hope it casts. While you technically could learn it from the Ironclad in the Sealed Temple, and also learn a Dark Arts ability from that same enemy, there's no point getting it at the Sealed Temple. Ideally, you should have it before arriving to the Sealed Temple to deal with several bosses.


Job grinding Edit

Essentials for the final dungeon Edit

All you need are:

  • Two characters with the Trinity of Badass combo (Ninja, Ranger, Mystic Knight mastered)
  • Two characters who know White Magic, Time Magic, and Summon Magic completely
  • At least one character who can use Blue Magic

If you have been following the walkthrough's recommended grinding guides, you have all of those already (except the Dragoons, which you can go do if you want). If not, get busy.

Nice bonuses to have Edit

And optional if you want to beat one of the superbosses now:

  • Master the Dragoon on all four characters
  • Master the Monk as everyone for the HP boost
  • Have both mages master Black Mage for the MP boost

One superboss requires four Dragoons. The other can be beat with the Trinity of Badass. Dragoon grinding is non essential now, if you're playing any version that isn't SNES or PS. If you are, you should master them, as you aren't likely to return to the dungeon. If not, it's up to you.

Grind techniques Edit

There are many ways to grind on this worldl:

  1. The Great Sea Trench is full of easy enemies which give plenty of ABP. Any job can equip the Sing command to kill them too.
  2. Any job can equip Blue Magic to go to Castle Bal and Level 5 Death the Objet d'Arts
  3. The Pyramid of Moore gives plenty of ABP, and its enemies are relatively easy

There's probably more. But any dungeon on this world suits your pre-Final Dungeon needs.

Future grinding Edit

Other than that, with the Trinity complete and the Mages done, you're now completely and utterly free to mess with job mastering. This means that my Recommended party" lists will only be for bosses from now on. It also means you can master any job on the sheer basis that you think it is cool.

Random sidequests Edit

There are a few random things left to do:

  • Run the Chocobo around the world. First head to Tule (northeast), then to Regole (northwest), then run around to the west into a river, run to the top of the waterfall and get inside for a Magic Lamp, and now run around the entire world. Once done, go to the Phantom Village and talk to a guy for Mirage Vest.
  • Go to Regole's Armor shop and take the hidden path (use a Thief to find it) to talk to a girl wh gives you a Ribbon.
  • Go to Crescent and enter a house, play the piano there and get awarded a free song (but we won't use it rolflol).
  • Head to Moore and find a hidden path at the bottom left of the town, run around until you can get to it, through the house. The Mage gives you a choice of two weapons. My advice? Take the Brave Blade plz.

And once everything is done, congratulations. You can now beat the Final Dungeon no problem! Get ready. For... EXDEATH'S LAIR OF DOOOOOOOOOM.

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