Here we'll grab ourselves the final summons and the final tablet. The final summon is on the page following, and isn't a boss. We will also get the final jobs on the next page. Sidequesting is fun! And also basically mandatory because this game is hard.

Preparation Edit

A few things to do:

  • Of course, go to the Sealed Castle and get three more weapons using the tablet. There will be no really useful ones left after this, unfortunately, if you chose the right ones that is.
  • While I do not do much real grinding, for those of you following my suggested jobs in the walkthrough; Dragoon, Ranger and White Mage should be under 100 ABP to master. If you're doing your own thing, and don't have the walkthrough's set up, feel free to do what you like.
  • Go to Phantom Village and buy Coral Rings for every character, so 4 if you have none. This is essential for three bosses.

And with that done, you're set. Let's get three summons!

Odin Edit

Jachol Cave Edit

Jachol Cave

Yep, back here.

Let's get the summon of death first. It's not too hard. First, head to Jachol Cave. You remember this place? With the disappearing skulls, and only hitting the right skull to be allowed to move forward? Well, basically, at the bottom of the room is a row of skulls, and they vanish frequently. Hit the one that does not vanish to be alloewd to go right and out. If you have been here before in world one, to check it out, well, there are two key differences now. The first is that the enemies are now a pisstake. The second is that last time we climbed out, we ended up nowhere on the world map. This time, if you climb out at the very end of this mini dungeon, you end up in Castle Bal.

Castle Bal Edit

Castle of Bal Basement

...and back here?

Do you remember this area of Castle Bal? The one with the locked door, and with tons of Objet d'Arts that we can spam Level 5 Death on? Well, at the end of the room, at the top, that's Odin. Well, prepare yourself, as this is a decently hard boss. If you think Holy spam works, think again.

Right, for those of you following the full walkthrough, first things first; spam Level 5 Death on the Objet d'Art just a little bit, just until you master the Ranger. Then:

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Mystic Knight iOS FFV Lenna Samurai iOS FFV Krile Black Mage iOS FFV Faris White Mage iOS

Now, your Mystic Knight should have Rapid Fire as well from the now-mastered Ranger. Rapid Fire is probably the best ability in this game, and coupled with Spellblade, it's insane. It will help with Odin a ton.

Why a Samurai, and not a Dragoon? Because he absorbs Holy, and Dragoons use a Holy Lance as their strongest weapon at this point.

Zig zag your way up through this mini dungeon to get to Odin. Heal fully beforehand.

Boss: Odin
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
17,000 500 Zantetsuken Protect Ring None Flame Shield None Holy (absorbs) Hard

Odin is no easy boss by any means. He is hard, but not too hard. You can use your usual party. Odin's strongest attack is Zantetsuken. Your main problem will be killing him in under a minute.

Time Magic is necessary. Hastega everyone, and frequently Meteor. Get rid of your Holy equipment. Dualcast Flare. Rapid Fire a Flare Blade. Attack. The timer does not count down when you are selecting a spell, don't worry. Be chill, but make sure you deal as much damage as you can in a short space of time.

Odin is doable but not easy.

Once you got that done;

Ability: Odin
FFV Zantetsuken Summon MP cost Type Learned by Effect
48 Summon (level 4) Defeating Odin at the basement of Castle Bal entered through Jachol Cave Zantetsuken - Instant Death to all enemies/Gungnir - non-elemental damage to one enemy

Ah, Odin, one of the coolest of all summons, but one of the most consistently useless. Odin has a chance to cause instant death to all enemies, but it's only a chance, and several enemies are immune to it. Those immune take damage from Gungnir, but there are better means of dealing damage. Odin's main use, however, is that he can make quick work of several bosses or groups of bosses. Any boss susceptible to Instant Death will probably die to it in one hit.

Odin is obtained in World Three. When the player enters Jachol Cave, goes through it, and comes out in the basement of Castle Bal, they will find Odin at the end. He is a relatively difficult boss for his level. Since it's not too much time to get it, there is little reason not to.

That wasn't too hard now, was it? While you're around, feel free to Level 5 Death the Ojbet d'Art again. I mastered Summoner here.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Mystic Knight iOS FFV Lenna Dragoon iOS FFV Krile Black Mage iOS FFV Faris Summoner iOS

Mastered Ranger? Good. Mastered White Mage? Good. Let's master this stuff next.

And we've got one! Cool.

Istory Falls, final tablet Edit

Did you stock up on Coral Rings? Good.

Istory Falls is located near, well, Istory. In around the northwest of the map, there's a giant waterfall. Fly south of that a bit, just off the continent, then dive underwater. Access the cave nearby, then go outside, and walk across the desert-like place to the waterfall. Fight the gargoyles again. When you get inside, you're now in a giant waterfall with tons of staircases. Yeah. As far as enemies go, everything is weak to Thundaga, except the Tonberry (this game was their debut). Tons of waterfalls here which you can ride down, but not up.

Head up the first staircase, walk left, go down a waterfall then get on the staircase left. Three flights up stairs up to a Turtle Shell. Now head down two stairs, and take the staircase to the left down. Now take the one to the far left, fall down the waterfall to the right, for an Ether. From there, just go as far right as possible and through that small gap, then go upwards and up a staircase. Head right and down for an Air Knife, then go back up, head to the centre at the top, through a small doorway.

Istory Falls

This dungeon is ridiculous.

In this new room, there are three staircases. You are in the middle one. So which next, right or left? Take the right one first. Keep going down until two staircases show up leading to a Goliath Tonic, then go down again for a hidden path to appear. Go along it, it leads to a Rune Blade. Now go all the way back up and take the staircase on the left. Now go down there.

Here you should fall down a waterfall briefly. Head to the left and down a bit, take the staircase on the left and come to a skull. Quickly switch to a Thief and turn Sprint on then hit the switch. Run to the right and grab the Protect Ring then change back, as you get taken down the waterfall to below. Go back up that left staircase and head down to the next room.

In B3, just go straight down and to the left along this linear path, then up. When the path forks, take the path right, and get the Phoenix Down, now go back, left and down. Keep heading down, and when the path forks, take the left path, go back up, then right again and down., eventually going down the stairs. You should come to a save point. Use the tent, you almost certainly need it.

In this next room, head down. Go down those stairs, then to the left, up the other stairs, and go through. Through this door is a room with an Artemis Bow treasure, then head out. Now head to the top left - turn the Find Pits ability on - and go around, then up, left, up and through a staircase. It will take you to an Enhancer treasure, then go back down. Go to the stairs on the far left, get the 12,000 gil treasure. Take the stairs at the bottom centre of the room.

Down here, first hit the switch at the bottom left of the room for a treasure at the bottom, then go up, and left for another treasure. Now, go to the right. Stand in front of the treasure (this is semi important) and open it, then hit the switch at the top right. After that, you want to go to the bottom left of the room and purposefully fall down one of the holes.

You know what time it is when you hear that music. I'm going to assume Dragoon is mastered;

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Mystic Knight iOS FFV Lenna Ninja iOS FFV Krile Black Mage iOS FFV Faris Summoner iOS

Give the Ninja "Spellblade". Give the Mystic Knight "Rapid Fire". Heal the mages to fullish MP. You good? You are. Get ready.

Now, after you get the tablet, and Leviathan destroys Exdeath's monster, you can chose to leave, or to fight Leviathan. You know what I'm going to suggest:

Boss: Leviathan
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
40,000 2,000 Tidal Wave Elixir None Reflect Ring Lightning Fire, Earth (immune) Hard

Leviathan is a tough boss, but there are ways to deal with him. If you don't have Coral Rings, then Tidal Wave can kill you alone. If you do, then this fight will be alright. Summon Golem. That will make you immune to his (powerful) physicals. He can no longer do real damage to you.

So, now what? Spellblade Thundaga Blade. Have your dualcasting Black Mage Dualcast Thundaga each time. Rapid Fire the Thundaga Blade, or attack with the Ninja normally. Keep it at. And summon Syldra. Eventually, this amount of heavy damage will be too much for Leviathan to prepare for.

Why is it so hard, you ask? Because if you didn't come prepared (and hopefully thanks to the walkthrough, you did), you are very likely to be devastated by Leviathan. Good thing you got me, eh?

Ability: Leviathan
Tsunami Leviathan MP cost Type Learned by Effect
39 Summon (level 4) Defeating Leviathan at the Istory Falls Tsunami

Leviathan's water damage is very useful. He essentially completes the elemental summons. Once unlocked, he can replace Syldra for enemies that are not otherwise weak to wind. Leviathan is a powerful summon, but very hard to obtain. His power does not completely substitute for his difficulty to learn. And after Leviathan, Bahamut will come. So it is entirely up to you whether you want to.

At the end of the Istory Falls dungeon, Leviathan appears as an optional boss. Due to how much damage he deals, a Coral Ring will probably come in handy for fighting him. No, four Coral Rings. Why buy such an expensive item four times for one boss? The only reason, other than achievements, I would give for actually bothering to put in that type of effort is because they are useful for another, even harder boss anyway.

Awesome. Now, go back to the Sealed Castle. Get your final three weapons. You will be told of an area unlocked. We will visit that briefly next page.

Bahamut, North Mountain Edit

North Mountain

Yay, here again!

What you need to do is get the Black Chocobo (parked in Phantom Village?) and fly to the northeast of the map. There's a huge desert area innaccessible to the airship, because the only area that isn't desert is forest. That forest is where the Black Chocobo will land. Up and around to the northeast. Hell yeah, we're going to one of my favourite locations, North Mountain from world one.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Mystic Knight iOS FFV Lenna Ninja iOS FFV Krile White Mage iOS FFV Faris Summoner iOS

Give the Summoner some Time Magic and the White Mage Dualcast. Why, you ask? Holy is the way to go.

Obviously, the enemies here pose no threat. Go to the end of the dungeon for something that does pose a threat.

Ability: Bahamut
Mega FlareFFV MP cost Type Learned by Effect
66 Summon (level 5) Defeating Bahamut at the North Mountain Mega Flare - deals high non-elemental damage to all enemies

The be-all end-all offensive summon, Bahamut dualcast is probably the most powerful damage any mage can do. Once unlocked, you can replace almost every summon with Bahamut. I would normally argue other wise in cases of enemies weak to a certain element, but only Leviathan and Syldra should really be substituted, if the enemy is weak to Fire, Ice or something, by the time Bahamut is unlocked, just use Firaga Spellblade, seriously. Bahamut is a recurring summon throughout the series, and if he is not the strongest summon, he's always up there with the strongest.

Bahamut can be obtained after the first tablet is obtained from the Pyramid of Moore. Any point after that, going to the end of the North Mountain dungeon can initiate a fight with him. Bahamut is a ridiculously hard boss, the hardest to fight, but well worth it.

Boss: Bahamut
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
40,000 2,000 Mega Flare Dragon Fang None Reflect Dragon Fang None Earth (immune) Hard

Welp, here we go. This boss is close to Final Boss levels of difficulty. Not far off I'd say. This boss is like a trial run, if you can kill it, Exdeath's done for.

So while Bahamut is not weak to Holy, it's still good. Spellblade Holy, Dualcast Holy, and the like. Since you will want to use Curagas often, don't summon Carbuncle right away, but do summon Golem. His attacks can Poison you, so be careful. He has Aqua Breath and Tidal Wave, but you have Coral Rings. The rest of his attacks are all deadly and all need Curagas afterwards.

Close to his defeat, summon Carbuncle. That will block his Mega Flare attack which can otherwise kill you. If you found this boss easy, good, you prepared well. If you struggled, it's normal.

Fly to Carwen just to the right and use the Inn, then fly back to that same forest. We're not done just yet.

Phoenix Tower Edit

Phoenix Tower

Because I'm switching things up, have an image for the old versions. (actually it's because I could find no image for new version)

The Phoenix Tower is also located in the desert. Before you go in, I must ask you, do you have 5 Elixirs? If yes, good. If no, bad. Get them.. While the Phoenix Tower is a dungeon, it's not a typical linear dungeon, and thus, I can't walkthrough it in the same way. There are 30 floors, the 30th contains Phoenix. Try to save your mana throughout. There are also tons of Blue Magics to learn here. The enemies are decently hard.

Other than getting to the top of the Tower, there are two things you can do. Both, however, will be done on the next page in a return to the tower. For now, focus on getting to the top. That way, you do not have to worry too much about MP. Don't use Elixirs much.

So, you just need to ascend the 30 towers. Ignore the pots, we will go back to those later. But to explain, basically, you can get 500 ABP from them or you can get some useless Gil, but we'll just ignore them for now, since preparing for them and tackling this dungeon properly is not easy. Your prize for now awaits you at the top.

When you get to the top of the tower, you got two options. I hear it does not matter which you go for, and you get Phoenix either way. I go for the "save the bird" option, though. So:

Ability: Phoenix
FFV - Flames of Rebirth MP cost Type Learned by Effect
99 Summon (level 5) Completing the Phoenix Tower dungeon Flames of Rebirth - heals one character's MP and HP completely, and fire damage to all enemies

The de facto best defensive summon, Phoenix is practically an Elixir, but better. An Elixir and Arise in one, while also dealing decent damage, Phoenix is unquestionably amazing in tons of scenarios. There is literally no reason not to use Phoenix.

The Phoenix Tower dungeon may be difficult, but the reward at the end is sweet. There is no boss either. Phoenix is just awesome all around. Even if you want to skip Bahamut, there is no reason to skip Phoenix. Ever.

For those of you following my walkthrough's character progression; try to master the Black Mage in this dungeon. You did? Good. Turn them into a White Mage for now, but in a second, we'll come back here to turn them into something else.

Awesome! Now let's get the final jobs and do some random stuff!

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