Last time, we finished off Island Shrine and got new weapons. So, let's head off to Fork Tower now. There is an enemy around here which teaches tons of Blue Magic, but I wouldn't bother for now. We'll hunt Blue Magic just before the final dungeon. Now, when you get there:

Fork Tower[edit source]

Beginning[edit source]

To clarify:

Recommended party
Ranger Dragoon Black Mage White Mage

Does your party look like this? Sweet.

This dungeon is straightforward. When you enter, just go straight ahead. Wow, that's the beginning? Anyway, send your two physical attackers (for me, as you may have guseed, Bartz and Lenna) to the right. Your two mages go to the left. Their job doesn't matter too much, but it sort of does against the bosses they will fight.

Yes, this is what you're climbing, folks.

Magical Party[edit source]

To begin with, your Mage party climbs the tower. It's really straightforward. The treasure is unmissable as the path is linear. The treasures are Ether on 4th floor and Wonder Wand on the 7th floor. Most enemies die just to Firagas, annihilate those Chrono Controllers. Once you get to the top floor, it will switch to the physical party.

Physical Party[edit source]

Just like the Magic Party, this is very straightforward. Hi-Potion 4th floor, Defender 7th floor. The White Tower is identical to the Black Tower, just a mirror image. There is little to no challenge here at all. Once you get to the top, go through the door and examine the glowing thing. This will switch to Magic Party.

Bosses[edit source]

Okay, the only challenge here. First things first: don't use a Dragoon with Holy Lance, or anything with a Holy weapon.

Boss: Minotaur
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
19,580 0 Critical Fuma Shuriken, Leather Shoes None None Wind Earth, Poison, Holy, Water Medium

You know that geezer in Pyramid of Moore, that "my brother in the tower will kill you" one? This is the brother.

Minotaur does impressive amounts of damage. But hopefully, a Samurai, a Ninja, Ranger or whoever will outdamage him. Not a lot of point in Mystic Knights. Anyway, heal with items fairly often, and try to do more damage overall than he does.

When he attempts to cast Holy, he will fail because he has no MP for it. Which is kind of hilarious.

When that's done, you move to your Mage party. Switch the White Mage to a Summoner with Time Magic.

HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
16,999 30,000 Flare Kornago Guord, Potion None None Wind None Medium

Omniscient is not that much harder than Minotaur, but there is a clear difference. Start the battle with Hastega followed by Carbuncle, and from then on, it should run smoothly.

With Carbuncle up, all of Omniscient's magic is reflected straight back at him. This is good. Although he is weak to wind, you cannot dualcast Blue Magic (sadly), so use Firaga. Summon Syldra throughout. Keep blasting him,, and hope you destroy him before Carbuncle wears off.

When the battle ends, Omniscient will cast Flare. The difference is he can actually cast it. Hopefully two people are alive, so that only one dies. Or, Carbuncle may reflect.

After that, the tower is destroyed, revealing the Catapult. Go there, and find Cid inside, Mid comes after. So we get our free inns again. And our Airship can now dive underwater. So it now doubles as a submarine (uh ok). Well, we can now go underwater for that second tablet.

Great Sea Trench[edit source]

The Great Sea Trench is located to the right of Crescent Island underwater. Kill Gargoyles, now change party. Prepare for a shock:

Recommended party
Bard Bard Bard Bard

Don't laugh. Bards are useless everywhere else. But here, they're particularly good. Why? Requiem. Every enemy here is undead. So spam that song and every enemy dies. All we will need to equip otherwise is possibly Dualcast (so you have some White Magic), White Magic, and maybe Learning (though it's easier to learn the Blue Magic here by switching to Blue Mages). In fact, we may as well master Bard on everyone in this dungeon so we never have to again.

Don't have Requiem? It's in Quelb, talking to one of the wolves will learn it.

There is very little to this dungeon. Every enemy dies to a Requiem, if not one, they die to two. Other than a few locations where you may need Light Step (or a Geomancer in your party, if you hadn't mastered it), it's really easy, Oh, there is something else to do. There's some decent Blue Magic here if you haven't got it elsewhere. In particular, one Blue Magic I like to get in this dungeon:

Ability: Doom
FFV iOS Doom.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
10 Blue Magic Learned from Exdeath, Azulmagia, Hades, Unknown (#172), The Damned Guarenteed kill on a target after 30 seconds

Hahahahahaha, YOU'RE DOOOOOOMED!! Oh wait, this is FFV, not Dota 2, so Doom sucks. It kills a target after 30 seconds. Thing is, other methods can kill a target after 3 seconds. So there is no point in using Doom. It got buffed in other games, but in this, it's just ok. Guarenteed kill for 10 MP, but staying alive for 30 seconds is more MP. Still, YOU'RE DOOMED (warning: sound file link).

Learn it from Unknown (172) in the Great Sea Trench, that's probably the easiest way. The Damned isn't bad.

Ahem. When you go inside, head to the right. When you come across a fork in your path, go down, to get the Water Scroll. Now head back up, go to the right, and down, and then the save point, wonder why the heck you need one, then save your game anyway. Go down, in the next room, hit a switch on the left to create a path across. Go across, to the right, down, and then the path opens a little. Don't bother with the switch. Now on the stairs which lead to lava, equip that Light Step ability to go across it to the other stairs directly above. Head up to another room.

Don't be fooled because this dungeon looks tough. It's probably the easiest in the game.

Here, it gets more open. Hitting a switch leads to a fall somewhere. So, when you head up, hit the second one you come across. Yes, you fall, but you're meant to; head to you're right then to the top of the room to get a Dragon Fang, now head to the right to more stairs. In this new room, go right a little then take the first downward path, go across lava to the middle treasure at the bottom with an Ether. Go to the top right and up the stairs. Go right and down some stairs into lava; first head up the stairs on the left for a Phoenix Down, then head out on the top right.

Welcome to the Dwarven Kingdom of nothing in particular! Weapon and Armor shops here. Don't bother, they sell nothing special. The bottom left leads nowhere in particular and is a very long path to a dwarf. To the botom right, a flooded area that wants you to swim to the right and go bac to a lava areea. In the lava area, head far right to the stairs at the end of the room and hit the switch. Now go up the stairs to the left of that for Kaiser Knuckles.

There's a pattern of switches you have to follow here. First, get the switch down, the first one on the left. Next, at the bottom of the room are two switches, left one is 1, right is 2. Hit 1. Then, go to the top right of the room to hit the far right switch (same one that unlocked Kaiser Knuckles). Now, up at the top, the second set of stairs from the left. Be disappointed when the chest contains nothing, then go through. Feel free to do as I did and stay and master the Bard. I think it's a good idea when they're useless elsewhere. Or come back later to master it. It actually doesn't take long. When done, go through the gap.

The third tablet, yay! Oh wait, we have to fight Exdeath's evil pig army. Ok.

Boss: Nereid, Triton and Phobos
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
13,333 x3 10,000 Delta Attack (die far too quicly to pose anything resembling a threat) Elixir, Gold Needle None None Fire Ice (Absorbs) Cannot lose

There are two equally easy ways to beat this boss. If you have Odin, summon him and they die. If you do not, 4 Bards with Requiem and they will die. Otherwise, they might be decently hard, but Firaga spam should work. Win, laugh, finish.

It's a shame, they're kind of like the Mage Sisters from FFIV, and those things from FFVI, but their boss is a joke. Every Final Fantasy had this trio of magic villains. I guess VII had the Turks but they weren't magic. Back on now have Meteor, the best Time Magic spell. Now teleport out.

If you want, however, before heading to the Sealed Castle to get more weapons, this isn't a bad grinding spot. I didn't do much here personally, and I don't go on long grinds in the third world until just before the final dungeon, but feel free to.

Recommended party
Ranger Dragoon Black Mage White Mage

Did you master the Bard? Rejoice, you never have to use that class again, or even touch it! Even if you did, you have their Sing command.

Good stuff. Now, a significantly harder page follows. Significantly harder because this page had little resembling difficulty.

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