Let's find out where we are, shall we?

Tycoon Castle? Edit

First things first;

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Ranger iOS FFV Lenna Dragoon iOS FFV Krile Red Mage iOS FFV Faris White Mage iOS

Although something annoying will happen soon, change jobs quickly. Changed? Okay, good.

Head up to Tycoon Castle. when you get here, it looks like you're back home. So a lot of stuff happens and apparently they're now at a ball of sorts. Faris finally dresses like an actual woman, which Bartz takes notice of. And dancing begins. Urm, ok. Go to the balcony and talk to Krile (leave the castle and go back if she's not there I think), then leave the castle.

Pirates' Hideout and More Edit

The Pirates' Hideout is in the same place as World One. Go left and upwards (there is a bridge letting you go across this time). When you get there, Boko appears, very happy that he has a mate now. The female Chocobo from world tow, I imagine. Why's that? You'll find out. Well, now we got ourselves a vehicle of sorts. Ride back to Tycoon, then go left and upwards, and around, until you come across Tule. Stopping by at the inn and pub is pointless, really. But riding the chocobo left and downwards is not. You fall into a hole, sure.

Boss: Antlion
Antlion (Final Fantasy V) iOS
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
8,100 1,000 Discord None None None Water Earth (immune) Easy

Just have someone spam "Cura" and the other one spam attacks. It will die eventually. Antlion is a boss appearing in tons of Final Fantasy games, but he's weak in this. Alternatively, the Blue Magic "Aqualung" is nice. Really this is barely worth a boss template, but it has boss music and I want to make the page prettier.

Trapped? Meh. Just walk around a while and you will get a rope. Try and grab it. Stuff will happen. Eventually you'll get up.

Cool, we got Faris back. And Krile has a splinter.

Kepp heading downwards to the middle. And you will get to Ghido's Cave (???). He'll explain everything then beat up Exdeath.

Library of the Ancients Edit

Library of the Ancients

Oh man, remember this place? I even showed you this exact image a few pages back!

But this is not World One, Worlds One and Two are combined. Yay! But Exdeath will DESTROY EVERYTHING!!! So not quite.

Now we are back at the Library of the Ancients. Scene plays. We have to get the Twelve Legendary Weapons. Remember that Castle we had to ignore in World Two? Not ignored here. Four tablets, each gets us three weapons. Oh, and some ultimate summons.

Our first job is to head to the very left to the Shifting Sands. However, while we're here, a first and insignificant job is to talk to a guy on the roof for Mana's Paean, a Bard song. A slightly more important job is Blue Magic:

You can learn some decent magic from the Library, the last time we can visit it, and a little bit outside. Here, I'm going to assume you have no Blue Magic except Level 5 Death from the area. Even if you don't have Level 5 Death, unless one of your characters is level 5, do not gain EXP to learn it. This portion of the game is the only time when grinding is bad, because any ABP and EXP you gain is EXP and ABP Lenna has lost.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Ranger iOS FFV Krile Blue Mage iOS FFV Faris Beastmaster iOS

Kind of a given. But do it this way.

First things first, head to the Library the exact same way as before. First off, get into a fight with Page 256. We can learn two abilities.

Firstly, control it:

Ability: Off-Guard
OffGuard-FF5-GBA MP cost Type Learned by Effect
19 Blue Magic Learned from Page 256, Magic Dragon, Shadow, Ziggurat Gigas, Azulmagia Halves target's defense

Not a bad ability at all. However, it tends to be evasion and HP that really hurts the ability to kill an enemy, as opposed to defense. This ultimately means it sounds better than it might actually be in practice. That doesn't make it poor, it just means there are times when another ability should be used instead.

Best learnt by controlling a Page 256, really. A Magic Dragon isn't bad either.

then, don't control, get into a fight and do nothing:

Ability: Moon Flute
FFV iOS Moon Flute MP cost Type Learned by Effect
3 Blue Magic Learned from Page 256, Jackanapes and Mykale Afflicts "Berserk" status on the entire party

Moon Flute is pretty weak. It serves no purpose other than convenience for anyone who wants to cast Berserk on everyone, and even then, it requires using Blue Magic for it. I find it pretty pointless. It does serve its desired effect, but who cares about the desired effect? I can think of decent uses on an all-physical team, but even still...I'm skeptical of how good that would actually be.

Best learnt either by controlling a Mykale, or doing nothing and allowing a Page 256 to use it.

Now let's fight a Page 32 for a weak ability:

Ability: Aera
Aera-FF5-GBA MP cost Type Learned by Effect
10 Blue Magic Learned from Gigas, Enchanted Fan, Page 32, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Abductor, Azulmagia, Galajelly Wind elemental damage to one or more enemies

So Aera is another one of those Air-elemental abilities, but is there really a lot of point? Air-elemental abilities mimic normal Black Magic abilities but are harder to learn. But doesn't that not mean all the pre-Aeroga abilities are useless? Eh, I'm not a fan of should-be Black Magic spells being Blue Magic in general. Like any elemental Black Magic, good against enemies weak to it, and weak once the third level is learnt.

It is best learn probably by fighting a Page 32.

And now let's head outside, because we can learn a better Blue Magic outside. Fight an Elm Gigas.

Ability: Aeroga
FFV iOS AerogaChar MP cost Type Learned by Effect
24 Blue Magic Learned from Enchanted Fan (Metamorpha version only), Magic Dragon, Elm Gigas, Crystal, Baldanders, Azulmagia, Neo Exdeath, Dark Elemental, Enuo, Cherie, Ziggurat Gigas (Zephyrus only) Wind elemental damage to one or more enemies

Saying Aeroga is the strongest Wind Blue Magic is a tautology, because that's what it is. And once learned, it is the best way to deal wind damage to any enemy. It is like any elemental Black Magic, but more annoying to learn, and more annoying to use. For these reasons, I question its use in practice, other than against enemies weak to Wind damage, which are not too high in number, and there are alternate ways to kill them. It's not bad, though.

Learning against Elm Gigas is the best way, either by controlling one or letting them use it. Magic Dragons are good too, as always, and Dark Elementals are not bad.

So there we have it, Blue Magic learnt. Now, let's go to the Pyramid of Moore.

Pyramid of Moore Edit

First visit, story reasons Edit

Now head left of the Library. When you get into a Forest, a short scene at the Guardian Tree plays, continue left. Get to the desert. Remember this desert? No more shifting sands. Now you're probably wondering, why haven't I told you to change party yet? It's because:

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Black Mage iOS FFV Krile Black Mage iOS FFV Faris Black Mage iOS

Let's deal with these guys outside.

You fight a boss-but-not-quite-boss battle against two Gargoyles. The boss music may play, but this is easy. Kill both at once, target both with Firaga. Then get allowed in.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Ranger iOS FFV Krile Red Mage iOS FFV Faris White Mage iOS

Now that's done. Cool. But you don't want to really fight here. Because, as mentioned previously, any ABP or EXP gained here is ABP and EXP that Lenna loses. Also, fighting with three party members is easy. It's actually okay to run away from fights here. Are you happy I asked you to grind a ton yet? You should be, because the grinding I asked for more than makes up for what you would gain in this dungeon anyway. And if you gained it, it would be detrimental.

There is a path to the very left, but for now, it can be ignored. Why? Because we will revisit this dungeon later. Not for story purposes, that is. Just that for now, we should not be fighting. We should run away from every fight. There is tons of Blue Magic to learn and a bestiary to refill, but not while we have no Lenna, oh hell no.

First, head inside, now when there are two options (left and around or through a door), go through the door. The bit left and around, we will come back to. Anyway, up the stairs. In this next bit, go down to see a room. When you go through, two Apsis snakes will release (they're easy) and the doors shut on you. The buttons on the right and the left are the ones we should press. Go downwards and around up to another staircase. Anyway, head straight up in the next floor to find first with four The Damneds, who are relatively easy, and get Dark Matter, left to fight more The Damneds for Flame Shield, and right to fight Archeosaur for a White Robe. Now go around and to the right. Try to avoid the spikes and the moving staircase to eventually get upwards, going at the right moment.

This next room is full of walking Mecha Heads for you to avoid. So:

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Black Mage iOS FFV Krile Red Mage iOS FFV Faris White Mage iOS

Mecha Heads are weak to Thunder. Also, Ranger is weak to these enemies in general.

But try to avoid them. Go to the top right of the room, for an Elixir. There are also two more chests, one guarded by a mummy, the other not. The mummy one, blast them with Firaga and stuff, get a Thornlet. The other is another Elixir, yay. Now go to the bottom left, hit the blue switch, go up and fight an Archeosaur (another Firaga spam job) to get Black Robe. Now, go back and upwards, to the top left with another mummy. Save Point, use a Cottage if you have to (you probably do). Now go up. Go through the open mummy, right and all the way around, and up the stairs at the bottom. Hit the switch to stop the sand, go across, and again, go left and hit, down and right, and again. Go to the right and upwards. Save Point. Now carry on through.

Pyramid of Moore

So Moore doesn't just have a forest, it has a pyramid. Uh, ok.

This bit should be known as the "three doors with treasures" area. But there is no way we can fight the various monster attacks now. So ignore the two around the staircase in the middle. Go up the staircase. Now this bit is tricky. Tiles switch between different patterns, try to memorise the ones that are constant. Now, first treasure to the left, a Ribbon, GET IT. Now the one in the middle, Protect Ring. If you're like me, you will fall after that. To a place with another treasure, Elixir, grab. Now just walk along the invisible path back to the middle and up the staircase to the moving tiles again. First treasure on the right, Gold Hairpin. Carry on going up and out the stairs going down to the top right. New place, new treasure. Up through the door holds two treasures, one with 12,000 gil, the other a monster attack, avoid. Nothing to do here.

Back to moving tile room, get to the left. Go down those staircases and you'll end up next to another place with two treasures straight above you. Left is Elixir, right is another trap, avoid. Head up the stairs in the middle of the room. Go through a few doors, and you'll come to a place in the middle. This gives you the first tablet. There is a scene playing, showing Bahamut, and our returned airship.

Post-first visit Edit

Go back to the Guardian Tree to hear a wind drake. Stuff happens, we are about to get Lenna back, when...

Boss: Melusine
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
20,000 500 Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga Leather equipment Barrier change Maiden's Kiss Varies (either fire, ice or thunder) Varies (whichever she is not weak to) Easy

I beat this boss with a bloody Thief, Red Mage and White Mage (with Time Magic too), for christ's sake, this is easy. Whichever Melusine is weak to, use a Black Magic of that element. Whichever she is not weak to, she probably absorbs. She's immune to most physicals so don't bother with those. This is a very straightforward and kinda repetitive fight.

We now have Lenna back. Now our party is complete again.

And before we continue, let's head back to the Pyramid.

Second visit, treasure Edit

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Ranger iOS FFV Lenna Dragoon iOS FFV Krile Red Mage iOS FFV Faris White Mage iOS

Equip the Red Mage with Learning and it's sorted, for now. I would normally recommend just switching to Blue Mage and Beastmaster immediately, but there's so much ABP to earn here.

First thing you'll notice is how piss easy it is here. Every enemy is now ridiculously easy. Next thing you'll noticec is you don't have to avoid Mecha Heads anymore. Keep at least a couple alive, if you don't have Missile and Flame Thrower, though, to learn those.

First, head inside, then, go around the left hand side, ignoring the door, now see three switches. Hit the left and right ones, ignore the central switch, then go around and avoid the spikes. Go down through the gap, and follow the linear path, allowing yourself to be swept away by the sand. Grab the treasure for a monster attack, four The Damneds, not too hard. It's an Ice Shield for your reward. Now, go upwards, try to avoid the Aspis' thingies, then leave the room. Now, go around to the right, down, left and upwards. Hit the switch to stop the sand moving, you can now cross it. Now go up, and up the stairs. This bit is annoying, you get three different rooms and no indication as to where to go through. First one, it's the top, second one, it's the middle, third, top again. Now face that mummy statue, to find out it's actually a mummy. Kill it, then go through. Cursed Ring!

After this, go all the way back the way you went the first time. The room with Mecha Heads? Go in the path you went before. Remember when you went down through a door, ignoring the route upward? Go to the upward route. There are two treasures in there, one guarded by Objet d'Arts (Level 5 Death or otherwise) with Crystal Armor, the other, Dark Matter, against four The Damneds. Now go back on track to the way we were going before, but go instead to an invisible path (turn on Thief to see it) before that door at the bottm. Straight ahead to the right is nothing, but up and then right is a fight with three Steel Fists or Black Warlock and Bandercouels (?) for a Black Garb.

Back to the way we came first time, sand waterfall place. The door on the right after the first sand waterfall? Go through it, two switches, for treasures. Switch on the right makes you fall, twice, which is good. We end up in a place to fight monsters for Dark Matter. Go all the way back around up to that place, and hit the left switch. All four are now yours. Dark Matter, Dark Matter, 9000 gil, 8000 gil, only the left ones are monster attacks. Now back along our original path.

We are back to "three doors with treasures area". Have someone be a Thief or use Reveal Passages. Go to the left door and through that invisible path to fight three Steel Fists and get the Gaia Hammer treasure. Then up and around for 10,000 gil. To the left a bit, down, right, down and get a Cottage. Cool. Now go back around, up the staircase to the place with moving tiles, and to the path to the right. The treasure chest here is four easy The Damneds. Go around to the opposite, the one on the left, and fight four The Damneds.

Teleport out.

Grinding and Blue Magic final visit Edit

After teleporting out, going to the inn or buying a cottge (Surgate is fairly close), and buying a few ethers (they're useful) return for the final time. I promise.

First, just run around as your ordinary party. Now rejoice. We're going to finally master the Red Mage, if you hadn't already. Once mastered, that character never needs to worry about it again. In fact, if you aren't doing the Final Dungeon or getting achieivements, you never need to worry again.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Blue Mage iOS FFV Lenna Blue Mage iOS FFV Krile Blue Mage iOS FFV Faris Blue Mage iOS

I'm sure you're happy as I am about mastering the Red Mage so you don't have to again. But the best thing is that whoever mastered that job is now your most powerful mage. Why? Dualcast. A single ability slot gives you the basic White and Black Magic, allows you to cast it twice, and you can cast any magic twice. Dualcasting Summons? Hell yeah.

But before we make our former Red Mage more useful, let's hunt a bit of Blue Magic. The Pyramid of Moore is a pretty good source of ABP and Blue Magic. That's why we keep retuurning. This is the last time, though, promise. I personally do not advise staying around to learn ABP, but the Blue Magic is useful. Wait, why are we making everyone a Blue Mage? Because everyone needs to have the ability to learn Blue Magic here. You never know who these next abilities will be cast on, and Control doesn't cut it.

There are just a few Blue Magics to learn. Ushabti will teach us one, and if you didn't get Off-Guard, he will teach us two. But it will require us a) giving it an ether and hoping it uses Dark Spark. In a fight with these, kill them until one is left.

If you didn't get Off-Guard, you can get it from Ushabti's. I have described that ability above. If you did get Off-Guard, then you just have Dark Spark to learn:

Ability: Dark Spark
DarkSpark-FF5-GBA MP cost Type Learned by Effect
27 Blue Magic Black Flame, Strapparer, Ushabti, Hades, Azulmagia, Shadow, Druid Halves target's current level

This is why I do not like Blue Magic. A spell that's such a pain in the arse to learn, costs 27 MP and does very little for us? Well, Dark Spark could be a lot worse. Reducing a target's level by so much renders them with much lower strength and defense. But why would we do that, when we have other ways of dealing with bosses? Eh, use it if you want, it isn't horrible, I just don't see the use.

Black Flame and Ushabti are probably the best enemies to learn this from. Ushabti requires giving it an Ether, though.

Fight a Lamia Queen. If there are two, kill one. Do nothing (but Esuna whoever gets Enticed) until she uses 1000 Needles. This ability isn't as useful as it was two worlds ago, but it's cool nonetheless.

Ability: 1000 Needles
FFV 1000 Needles iOS MP cost Type Learned by Effect
25 Blue Magic Azulmagia, Lamia Queen, Cactus, Hedgehog, Lamia, Lemure, Mykale Halves target's current level

As far as Blue Magics go, this is one of the best. It deals a guarenteed 1000 damage to an enemy. That 1000 damage cannot be reduced in any way. It is exceptionally useful against some of the bosses in the earlier portions of the game, and while it may drop off against bosses, having multiple casters makes this incredibly awesome, if you want to keep Blue Magic around on more than one caster. Though ideally, you need it on at least one.

The Lamias are possibly the best enemies to learn 1000 Needles from, either in Ronka Ruins or the Pyramid of Moore. Mykale is great as usual.

Now, FINALLY we are done with the Pyramid. Unless you chose to grind here (there are better spots), then we are finished with this dungeon.

Let's explore the world for real now.

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