Ask yourselves: Are you brave enough? Strong enough? Insane enough to compete in the Megacorp Arena Castle Exdeath?

Well, if you have prepared (detailed on the previous page), then this will still be very difficult compared to everything else in World One (which was very easy). Harder than Forest of Moore? Not sure.

If you haven't, then you suck noob leave my walkthrough forever your best I guess.

Castle Exdeath Edit

First portion Edit

Castle Exdeath Inside


When you enter the castle, several soldiers will be laying fairly dead. You're meant to go straight up. At the back of the first room, the door leads to a save point and another useless room, and the path to the left leads to the place where Galuf rescued Bartz, Lenna and Faris. Just head straight up.

At the bottom of this next floor you arrive on, before you head up again, are two treausres. One is a 'Diamond Shield', the other an Ether. Grab them and head upstairs. On the next floor, go through a few rooms and then enter one big one. It's a dead end, but walk around a bit then leave. Bartz will say something, a short scene will play, and the music will change to much less cool music, but to compensate, the castle looks much cooler. Door opens at the top, go through.

Castle Exdeath True Form

...Why did he hide this? WAY cooler.

Here, go down and right. At the top right of the room, is a switch. Hit that to get the treasure, it's an Ice Shield. Now head to the bottom right through the gap and go down, through the zig zagging path to the stairs leading up. In the next room, head all the way up until there is a gap leading to your right. and now, head all the way down until...there is a gap leading to your right. Go upwards to the stairs to the next room, grabbing the treasure chest with an Ether along the way. On this next floor, you can save a lot of time with your Geomancer, or by casting Float on everyone (make sure to do a Float cast on all party members to save MP, not on each individually). Anyways, a Geomancer or Float lets you go across lava safely. First, go to the bottom right of the screen on the lava, and through a gap, should be an invisible path to a treasure chest, a Hayate Bow. Get it, then go to your top left, then step up and go downwards to the stairs. Don't go up yet, go right and upwards to the middle with a treasure chest, then back down and then up the stairs.

The next room is kind of annoying. Head up and step on the skull, and the bridge will move. Step off it and it will let go. If you land it on a place with nowhere you'll fight a fiend, otherwise, you'll either get across or get a treasure. On the left is an Icebrand, the right is a Kotetsu. Try to get both and then head up. Next room has a save point. You probably want to use a cottage and save.

Grinding Edit

Now we're here, in the next room, we have to fight tons of dragons. First things first, the bottom right of the room, some spot while have an invisible path leading to a treasure. The top left of the room also has a treasure, but not through any invisible paths. Anyways;

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Ninja iOS FFV Lenna Mystic Knight iOS FFV Krile Red Mage iOS FFV Faris Geomancer iOS

Our goal here is to master the Ninja, the Mystic Knight, and the Geomancer. Luckily, all of these jobs are decent at fighting the dragons here.

These enemies are tough. Dealing with the non-yellow dragons is a case of Spellblading spells like Blizzaga and Firaga (depending on if Red or Blue). Other enemies are similar. You need about 7 cottages/tents. If you have that many, do not worry about spending tons of MP on these fights as we will get them back.

Once your grinding is complete;

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Ranger iOS FFV Lenna Dragoon iOS FFV Krile Red Mage iOS FFV Faris White Mage iOS

More Trinity of Badass, and a Dragoon for good measure. The Red Mage should be only about 150 ABP to being mastered too, and I bet you can't wait. The Dragoon is incredibly useful in fights. It can dodge attacks, and deal tons of damage. Dragoon is useful because it is compatible with the Mystic Knight's equipment, and Ranger is also compatible with the Hayate Bow we got.

The Ranger is the weakest individual job of the Trinity of Badass. However, once it is mastered, whoever the Ranger is won't have to do much to master Mystic Knight after (that is, if you've followed the guidelines of the walkthrough, of course). The Dragoon will master the Trinity of Badass soon enough. The Geomancer now needs to equip the Light Step ability from the mastered Geomancer. That job is ridiculously easy to master. White Mages are also incredibly useful, and this job should be mastered next, followed by Summoner.

Once grinding is done in that room, head to the doop at the top left, surrounded by lava. Go up these stairs, right, and down other stairs, to a bit of lava. Float or Light Step. Now head to your right and head up those stairs leading to another room. We're actually in the same one, but on the other side. Try and get to the right, coming across a tile that will remove several tiles.

Carbuncle and Post Carbuncle Edit

This time, equip the Geomancer ability "Find Pits" (or just change job to the Geomancer) to save yourself a ton of time. First things first, head to the top skull tile. This time (if you don't want to Mystic Knight and/or are playing on SNES) equip Summon. Ready?

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Mystic Knight iOS FFV Lenna Dragoon iOS FFV Krile Red Mage iOS FFV Faris White Mage iOS

Unless you have Catoblepas, this is important. Do this. Change after, though.

Ability: Carbuncle
Ruby LightFFV MP cost Type Learned by Effect
45 Summon (level 4) Defeating Carbuncle in Castle Exdeath Reflects all magic

Almost as useful as Golem, but not quite. Carbuncle places Reflect on the entire party. That means any attack that does not avoid Reflect no longer hits the party, it hits the enemy. Just imagine how useful that is against bosses which rely on magic. Spoiler: incredibly useful. Its main drawback is, once everything is reflected, healing, and positive status effects the party try to use on themselves, get reflected too. But that's a necessary balancing measure, as Carbuncle is otherwise very OP.

Carbuncle is unlocked in Castle Exdeath and is very hard to miss. However, he is ridiculously easy to defeat. Either Bio Spellblade once or a single summoning of Catoblepas can instantly defeat Carbuncle.

Boss: Carbuncle
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
15,000 10,000 None Goliath Tonic, Reflect Ring None Turtle Shell None Earth (immune) Easy

One hit wonder boss for real. Just use Bio Spellblade. Hit it. It dies. Ok cool.

Boss: Carbuncle
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
15,000 10,000 None Goliath Tonic, Reflect Ring None Turtle Shell None Earth (immune) Easy

This is a one hit wonder boss.

Summon Catoblepas. It make take few tries, but Carbuncle, when hit, will die.

Boss: Carbuncle
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
15,000 10,000 None Goliath Tonic, Reflect Ring None Turtle Shell None Earth (immune) Medium

This should work:

Don't use any magic on it, as it auto-reflects. Keep at it with physicals. But spellblade is important. Use Silence Spellblade to prevent it from doing anything. Only problem is attacks that miss. Use Jump at all times. Physicals are good. The fight is not too hard.

Three boxes in a row ftw. Well, now you got one of the best summons on your side.

Head down the stairs. You will step on a tile and be warped. Head to the far right of the room and up for an 8,000 gil treasure. Now go down, left and up those same stairs to the skull tile place. Go to the bottom tile, then go to the left and try to head down the central stairs without hitting the skull tile that makes them disappear. There is a Savp Point in the room below, use Cottage and save.


Most fun part Edit

Get the treasure in the centre of the room to find...nothing in it. Head to the far right and up the stairs. Fuma Shuriken and Partisan. Cool. Now head back to the centre. Head to the top of the screen, getting the empty treasure again, ad go up the stairs to the top.


Boss: Gilgamesh
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
55,000 2,000 Hurricane Gauntlets, Hi-Potion "IT'S MORPHING TIME!!" (morphs into greater form)) Excalipoor None None Medium

AW YEAH, I missed this theme.

The total boss of a character might be at his strongest, but this is not the hardest fight. It's decently tough, because of Hurricane and his Blue Magic he now learnt. White Mage should take care of that with Esunas and Curagas. As for eveyrone else, Jump, Aim, Attack this guy to death. It's a test of endurance, because Gilgamesh may be strong, but he cannot wipe your party.

As soon as Gilgamesh' most famous quote appears, the battle is won. He claims to have Excalibur, but in fact he has the useless Excalipoor which does not damage to you. Keep hitting him and eventually Exdeath grows tired of him (aw).

Don't worry, that's not actually the end of him. Go back down and use a Cottage then save. And now, head back into the room and head up the stairs. Which in turn leads to more stairs.

Final Edit

Welp. Let's fight the big baddie himself. Float everyone.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Black Mage iOS FFV Lenna Black Mage iOS FFV Krile Black Mage iOS FFV Faris Black Mage iOS

Of all the strategies I've ever used on Exdeath, this is the only one I've ever really got to work. I've experimented with other ways of dealing with this guy, but at this level, I do not know if they are effective. The boss coming up is hard. The strategy I originally got from BlueHighwind, but he probably got it from GameFAQs, I dunno. Point is, this is probably your safest bet for beating him.

Two of those Black Mages should have other abilities. One should be Summon. Another should be White/Red Magic. Got them? Good, you're probably set.

Boss: Exdeath
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
32,768 32,768 Doom Judgement Staff, Elixir None None Holy Poison (immune) Hard

This is actually a really hard battle. You need Summons, and two characters with at least basic White Magic. One has to have high level though. This is a tougher fight than Gilgamesh for sure, but that gives you a bit of what to expect. Summon Carbuncle and Golem as soon as possible.

Once Carbuncle is summoned, all magic will reflect. While Exdeath is not as powerful as he was against Galuf, he is still ridiculously hard. Summon Carbuncle and Golem repeatedly to be safe. Blast all the high level magic you got. Use magic healing items if necessary. This is one really hard fight that is incredibly exhausting.

If anyone has a start other than this that doesn't involve staves, I'd love to hear it. This boss is that hard. So why Black Magic, you ask? Because high level Black Magic deals upwards of 2000 damage at this point, and we need to deal with this guy quickly. Or he will deal with us much quicker, and we do not want that.

Wait...what happened? We defeated Exdeath, now what's going on?! Let's find out...

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