Well, I'm, actually kind of sad after that last page, even though I knew what was going to happen. I won't tell you what it was, you saw the scene and I promised not to spoil you. Before we continue with the story, I would do a few sidequests just while we're in this world.

Post-Galuf Edit

Role Rating
Galuf replacement 7/10

It really sucks that we have this girl instead of the awesomeness of Galuf. Galuf was the best party member and he's now gone, it's a shame. Krile has all of Galuf's abilities. So there is nothing lost, nor is there anything really gained.

She gets a lot of hate but I do not feel it is deserved. Krile only sucks in the sense that every character in FFV sucks; void of any real personality that every character from VI onwards has, or even in FFIV. Considering she's lost her grandad and forced to fill his shoes, it is easy to feel sorry for her. And considering how sad Galuf's death was. Biggest problem is...kinda obvious, everyone would prefer Galuf.

We get the wind drake back. First thing to do is fly to Moore Village and land, use the Inn, then get into the submarine.

General grinding Edit

You may hate me, but we're going to the place close to where we defeated Catoblepas again, the cave just after exiting the submarine. And we're going to farm at least 150 ABP.

I know it's kind of boring, and honestly, you don't have to follow this exactly. There's no real set amount of ABP to farm, it's just nice to farm a lot. At this point, I mastered the Time Mage. I got very close to mastering the Ninja and the Mystic Knight. I tried to get about a few hundred away from mastering the Red Mage, because I seriously want to get that job over and done with.

The Red Mage is really beginning to suck. The low magic stat and inability to use the more powerful magics is why. But trust me, it's worth it. Firstly, there isn't much further to go to master this damn job. Secondly, once it is mastered, every Mage becomes twice as effective for a single ability slot. Twice as effective. Bear in mind the other Mage jobs have higher Magic stats meaning their spells are more powerful. Dualcast is worth it.

As for the Mystic Knight and Ninja, they're part of the famous Trinity of Badass. Mastering them soon as we can so we can move on is very nice. By the time we get to the final dungeon, we want Spellblade, Dual-Wield and Rapid Fire on both of our physical damage characters.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Ninja iOS FFV Lenna Mystic Knight iOS FFV Krile Red Mage iOS FFV Faris Summoner iOS

Time Mage mastered? Let's get the Summoner mastered.

I recommend mastering the Time Mage because it's not too hard to and it gives plenty of stats. I do not recommend mastering the Summoner yet. Instead, get to level 5 then drop it until later, the final ability is weak, even if the magic stat mastering it gives is greater. Better to master Geomancer, then White Mage, and after that, going back to the Summoner is not a bad idea.

Finally... Edit

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Ninja iOS FFV Lenna Mystic Knight iOS FFV Krile Red Mage iOS FFV Faris Geomancer iOS

We will make that Geomancer into a White Mage afterwards, but the Geomancer is incredibly easy to master. And is essential for this dungeon. Its Gaia ability is also pretty decently useful here, and can do thousands of damage to some enemies.

This is also the final dungeon using the same three Ninja, Mystic Knight and Red Mage. Hopefully the Ninja and Mystic Knight are very close (about 100ABP away) from being mastered. And the Red Mage, don't worry friends, it'll all be over soon...

You will need a few things for the next dungeon:

  • Light Step (which is why we're mastering a Geomancer)
  • 10 Cottages (buy them from almost any town)
  • Spellblade (for a few of the Dragon enemies, and to OHKO a boss)

But you're set otherwise. Carbuncle is also a nice bonus. This dungeon is the hardest so far. It's a taster of what the final dungeon is like, in the sense of, fight tons of bosses, fight really hard enemies, fight Exdeath at the end.

Anyways. It's showtime.

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