After our little thing on the Big Bridge, our party find themselves in the middle of nowhere. Well, we're on some continent in the middle of nowhere anyway.

There's only one way to go: to the right. When you come across a mountain in the middle of the path, go up and around it, down leads nowhere. Now we should find a village.

Regole Edit



Welcome to Regole. You probably will need that inn, so best to use it. There are no pianos in this town. There are also no dancers. So hop on stage, and let Bartz dance for you. Well, either Bartz or whoever yor overworld chharacter is. But anyway, when you do, you get 100 Gil. Cool.

Now for the magic shop. You can likely afford all of it, but if you can't, prioritize Bio (Black Magic); Shell, Esuna (White Magic); Comet and Return (Time Magic). Depending on how much Gil, either get the rest or go to the Weapon's shop.

As I have a Ninja here, I get two Orichalcum Darks for the Ninja, I get two Sleep Blades for my Red Mage and Mystic Knight, and nothing for my Time Mage/Summoner. With Comet, they're now guarenteed to have offensive potential without summoning. Armor is just a story of getting whichever armor is shown to be an improvement for your characters and selling whatever you're not using. We don't have to sell weapons anymore, the Ninjas can throw them.

Stock up on items and the like and we're set. I had to stock up on Cottages here as I'd ran out.

World Map for a bit Edit

Head downwards, it's a fairly linear path. When you see a castle to the right, don't go into it.

Anyway, we got some downtime. Let's waste time for a bit.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Ninja iOS FFV Lenna Mystic Knight iOS FFV Galuf Blue Mage iOS FFV Faris Beastmaster iOS

I would get a few Beastmaster levels now. The Time Mage does fine as a Beastmaster because mages near the later portions basically exist to help out with things not physical damage related as wel as magic, which Beastmaster is, not really physical damage related.

And I like to fight a few battles here. Give the Beastmaster some levels. Besides, once they can use Control, there are some enemies here to learn sweet Blue Magics from. Birostris in particular.

If you come across a Kuza Beast, use Slow immediately, haste the Blue Mage and keep casting Aera, if you have it, and have the Ninja throw everything. Kuza Beasts are hard, about as hard as a boss.

Once level 1 on Beastmaster is achieved, and you're not too far off other levels, then:

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Ninja iOS FFV Lenna Mystic Knight iOS FFV Galuf Red Mage iOS FFV Faris Time Mage iOS

Switch back. I would not expect anyone to get level 2 on the Beastmaster at this point without getting severely bored.

We're heading for a yellow dot on the world map, in a forest. We'll come across a creature known as a Moogle. Oh, and I hope you saved up on Phoenix Downs. If not, well, the next dungeon has one.

It's a fairly tough dungeon, but no worries.

Underground Waterway Edit

Underground Waterway FFV

Underground Waterway

The Underground Waterway, folks. Every time you head down the steps, you cannot control your character as they swim away to some place!

Step one, head down. You'll fight some enemies then end up on some 'island'. Head down those steps, two fights, and you're on a new island. Two ways to go. Let's get the 4,400 gil treasure. Now head down that waterfall. Two more encounters, a new island. One way to go, head down the steps. You get thrown a long way onto some new island. First head left and up for the Phoenix Down treasure. Don't bother going down through that door, go right. Keep going right. And now up some stairs. BOSS BATTLE.

HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
5,000 1,000 Poison Breath Golden Shield None Elixir Fire Ice Cannot lose

I think the developers actually want you to do it this way. Why else would they throw a Phoenix Down on the ground so close by?

Anyway. Use a Phoenix Down on this geezer and the battle is over.

Plenty of games in this series have an enemy like this where you can insta-win fights just by using a healing item against an undead boss, this is this one.

I think it's why there's no save point or any recovery method before this battle. Because they want you to do it this way.

HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
5,000 1,000 Poison Breath Golden Shield None Elixir Fire Ice Hard

This is hard as hell fight if you're a hardkore gamer l33t 360 noscope MLG pro that doesn't use cheap methods. You might go back on your decision soon. Well, if you didn't have two characters with White Magic, anyway.

A Mystic Knight should use Fira Blade as it's weak to Fire. A Ninja, throw Flame Scrolls. Just let the Time Mages slow it and haste everyone. While it might sound nice, don't bother using Cura on it, it doesn't take too much damage. It does take damage from Fire though.

Watch out for Poison Breath. Keep up the Curas on yourself. Slow is essential on him.

Oh, if you equipped your Ninja with Spellblade, then awesome. Two Spellblade hits are incredibly strong against this guy.

I managed to do it. It wasn't easy, and I had only two characters left - both were poisoned. It was hard.

World Map and Moogle Village Edit

Moogle Village

Moogle Village

Now our Moogle pal asks us to follow him. So basically; it's to the north-east, the top right, and avoiding the desert, and we get to the forest. Following the moogle's path; first we go left and up, the we go around, following the linear tree path.

If you ask me, just cross the desert for a little bit if you get lost. The enemies aren't too hard to deal with.

But we arrive in the Moogle Village. First go to the treehouse in the top right and talk to the Moogle, it's the one you helped. Now get the treasure; an Ether, 1 gil, then 10,000 gil, Phoenix Down, Dancing Dagger, Cottage. Enter the house to the left of that, it contains a Moogle costume. Head left to another house, talk to the Moogle and get an Elven Mantle from the treasure chest he opens.

Finally, return to the Moogle you helped, he should be at the tree but standing outside (if he's not, run around and talk to moogles, he should appear eventually). Scene happens, we end up back in the Castle because Krile and the Moogles are helpful.

Bal Castle Edit


Castle Bal, Bal Castle, who cares?

This is Castle Bal, where Galuf is king, BUT WE HAVE TO PAY FOR STUFF ANYWAY. Boooo. First go left to get a Hero Cocktail, then through a secret passage for Teleport. Now head down to the main castle. The shops have nothing new, but thhe inn is sweet. Go to the shops anyway (door on the far left in the grounds). Go up the stairs at the end, the get to the roof. From here, go right, down stairs, down more stairs, pick up Angel Robe. If you interact with the wall that's just in front of the two shopkeepers, then you can get through, get kicked up, but given a Lamia Harp regardless. Urm, ok.

Pond to the bottom left, then go to the left and around, follow the water. You will find a Great Sword near the end when you interact with it. Cool.

Now if you're lucky as hell and have Level 5 Death, then go down the stairs to the bottom right and cast Level 5 Death on the Objet d'Arts, for free ABP. If not, oh well. Either way, afterwards, go upstairs a few floors to find Krile and learn the Wind Drake is dying.

Our new objective is to head north to Quelb. Save before leaving the castle and go out.

But wait! Boss battle! Will we fight another ez boss ez life kind of easy? Or will it be a challenge we have not faced before? Find out in the next episode!

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