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|partymember1 = [[File:FFV Bartz Blue Mage iOS.PNG|50px|Blue Mage]]
|partymember1 = [[File:FFV Bartz Blue Mage iOS.png|50px|Blue Mage]]
|partymember2 = [[File:FFV Lenna Black Mage iOS.png|50px|Black Mage]]
|partymember2 = [[File:FFV Lenna Black Mage iOS.png|50px|Black Mage]]
|partymember3 = [[File:FFV Faris White Mage iOS.png|50px|White Mage]]
|partymember3 = [[File:FFV Faris White Mage iOS.png|50px|White Mage]]

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Okey dokey, where were we? Oh yeah! We just lost our ol' pal Galuf, because he ran off to another world. Other than a few fights we have to do, it's a good idea not to fight much. This is because any ABP you gain here is ABP that Galuf has missed. So, no experimenting with the new jobs just yet. Don't worry, we're about to leave this world and get him back.

Meteorite mission

Tycoon Meteorite

The game tells you to go find Cid. What it doesn't tell you, is that Cid is not in his usual place. No, he's not in the Library of the Ancients or Catapult. Which is dumb as hell, why does it expect the players to know that? Anyways;

Tycoon Meteor WM

This is where you need to go.

Head to the Tycoon Meteorite. Talk to Cid outside. He'll blow a hole in the meteorite, you'll go in, and, not a lot will happen. Basically you're given a new goal:

  1. Go to the other meteorites
  2. Fight a boss in each one
  3. Leave

Sounds simple enough.

Walse Meteorite

Walse Meteor WM

You remember Walse Meteorite, right?

It doesn't matter what order you go in at all. I like to go in this order because it's easy. Walse Meteorite is closest, and this boss, the easiest one.

Before you go in, probably need a party change:

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Ninja iOS FFV Lenna Samurai iOS FFV Faris White Mage iOS

Our Monk has had a great run, but this is where the Monk becomes useless other than for the HP boost. That HP boost takes up an ability slot which could be used for better things. We will return to the Monk much later for a reason that isn't just the achievement, though. Oh, you're making the Monk a Samurai but it's only temporary. This will be quick, we'll change it straight after, because Samurai are not that great (sadly).

Oh, and you're changing whoever your Time Mage/Summoner/whatever was to a White Mage because they're crucial. Until we got Galuf, they are, anyway. As for choosing the ability slot, "Summon" is better at this point. We have no Hastega yet. Alternatively, if you're really short on money, and I mean really super ultra short, then there's another option.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Blue Mage iOS FFV Lenna Black Mage iOS FFV Faris White Mage iOS

I mean, really, super, ultra short on gil. Because if you are, then things will be different. You'll go with the above choice instead and spend no Gil on this battle.

Now let's go to the meteorite. Cid and Mid are just outside. They tell you to wait for them. And they come out. Not before an attack, though.

Boss: Purobolos
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
1,5000 each 100 each Self Destruct Eye Drops Revive Potion None None Cannot lose

One move. "Zeninage". Or "Gil Toss".

Yeah. It really is that simple. One move. 5 ABP on everyone.

This will be a long empty space of no info.

Oh well. If you don't like things easy, there's another option.

Boss: Purobolos
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
1,5000 each 100 each Self Destruct Eye Drops Revive Potion None None Easy

If you don't like things so easy, then it's still an easy fight if you don't let it go out of control.

Do you have a party of a Blue Mage, Black Mage, and a White Mage who can Summon? Good. Target all spells. Use them.

Boom, they're dead. If you kill them all fast enough they are, anyways. Honestly this is just the cheapskate tactic. I would recommend the first.

Well, I guess you can feel better that your fight took a bout more skill.

That was just a case of ez meteorite, ez life.

Karnak Meteorite

Karnak Meteor WM

Karnak Meteorite, etc

Right, the Karnak Meteorite comes with a boss that's still easy. Slightly harder, but still easy. Now we'll change to our almost proper party:

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Ninja iOS FFV Lenna Mystic Knight iOS FFV Faris White Mage iOS

Believe me, you really do want the Trinity of Badass mastered. That's why whoever your Monk was is now a Mystic Knight for the time being. Making them a Ranger or Ninja works, though, but I would not recommend it. This is because making them Ninja requires more investment in items to "Throw", as we already have another Ninja. Whereas, making them a Ranger is pointless, because they've just been learning Monk techniques so they're good in brawls. It's better to level them as a Ranger later when they're so good at everything it doesn't matter.

We'll probably keep these jobs until they're mastered, or until certain bosses, of course.

Now let's head to Karnak Meteorite. Save up. Cid and Mid head inside the meteorite. This time they come out, frightened, and get us to do their dirty work. Go inside, and interact with the glowing thing in the middle. We're actually going to get a summon out of this.

Ability: Titan
Gaia's Wrath FFV MP cost Type Learned by Effect
25 Summon (level 3) Defeating Titan at the Karnak Meteor Gaia's Wrath - deals earth damage to all enemies

For a long while after he is obtained, Titan is the strongest damaging summon. Once obtained, there is almost no reason to use another summon offensively that isn't weakness to another element, resistance to earth, or floating. If the enemies are floating, earth will not hit. Titan is a very strong summon, and as there is no Black Magic for earth, probably the most reliable way of dealing damage of that element.

Titan is another boss that must be obtained for the story to progress, at Karnak Meteor. His boss is one of the two easier bosses of the meteors. It's fairly simple, and unlocks a really powerful summon.

Boss: Titan
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
2,500 1,000 Earth Shaker Gaia Hammer, Potion None Hi-Potion None Earth (absorbs) Easy

Shouldn't be too tough.

Obviously, Mystic Knight uses Fira Blade or whichever. Ninja throws any scroll, doesn't matter. Best to save shurikens, as the last boss is harder. If whoever the White Mage is also happens to have Time Magic, hasting the attackers is a good idea, but so is casting Slow on Titan. They should probably be using Cura instead.

This fight isn't much harder, but be careful. Have at least one character with HP above 400 or so, it uses Earth Shaker before death.

When you win, you get Titan, who for a while, is the strongest summon. Sweet.

Simple boss. Now for the final one.

Gohn Meteorite

Gohn Meteor

Because no one uploaded an Android/iOS image, and because it's cool to see what this game used to look like.

Gohn Meteorite. This time, when you get to the meteorite surrounded by desert, the minute you enter Cid and Mid will go inside. But they won't come out, so you'll have to go in after them. Anyway, this will be the hardest fight of them, but they've all been pretty easy so far. So it won't be too much harder.

Boss: Manticore
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
3,300 1,000 Aqua Breath Wind Spear, Dragon Fang None Phoenix Down None Ice (absorbs) Medium

A much harder fight, but only in the sense that its attacks do way more damage. So whoever has White Magic should Cura every turn, without fail. Because Aqua Breath hurts.

Other than that, well, don't be afraid to throw all your Shurikens at this geezer. If not, Scrolls. Just hit hard and fast with two, while the other Curas. A Mystic Knight can just Fira Blade, doesn't matter which element as long as it's not Ice. If you kill this guy quickly, he isn't too much of an issue.

Small variation if you've got 1,000 Needles (not big enough to give it its own separate tab though); if you have 1,000 Needles, make everyone a Blue Mage, and just use it. You will be able to use it 3 times, knocking off 3,000 HP. Then two attacks should finish it off.

The fight isn't too hard, but it's more difficult than the others.

With that, we can just go to a place at the center of the world, and head off to Galuf's World! We won't be able to go back to World One...or will we?

The New World

Island of nowhere in particular

When you land on an island in Galuf's world, there is pretty much nothing going on. How this section pans out depends on two things:

  1. Do you have tents?
  2. Are any of your jobs close to the next level?

If the first is true and/or the second is false, fight a little bit. The enemy here always drops a Tent. Well, you can fight it anyway, for ez Tents ez lief and filling up bestiary purposes.

The game never makes it clear, but you're supposed to use a tent. Then a quick scene plays. A creature comes in, kidnaps Lenna and Fairs. Now, the creature turns to Bartz and says, "1v1 me bro", which Bartz accepts.

This fight should be alright if Bartz is a ninja. Just autoing through it and attacking repeatedly should kill it. Throwing a Scroll works too. Other than that, if you really care, use a Berserker, they're best in this battle. Any other job, might be fairly difficult. It doesn't matter too much either way. If you win, you hit the treasure, and get knocked out by sleeping gas. If not, pretty sure you go to the next scene anyway.

Exdeath's Castle of Doom

The EEEEVIL LORD EXDEATH now has our heroes captured, so we're now in Castle Exdeath. Exdeath reflects an image of the heroes and tells Galuf's advancing forces to "gtfo" the Big Bridge. Instead, Galuf just flies on a Wind Drake to go after them anyway.

Keep your MP fairly high, as in, keep enough MP that you can heal yourself at least a little. There won't be too many battles, hopefully. You should just head down the stairs after getting Bartz' equipment. If Galuf was a Red Mage, he should still be one, because a Red Mage is useful here. When you get to the bottom floor...

Character: Gilgamesh

FF5 Gilgamesh
Role Rating
Comic relief badass 10/10

If you have come across this guy before, it's because Gilgamesh is the only truly recurring character in Final Fantasy (or he was at the time of writing this walkthrough). Gilgamesh is the only guy who actually appears in other games, because he travels between the different FF worlds. That in itself speaks volumes as to just how good this character is. He's the only one they ever bothered to put in other worlds and given an explanation for why. He makes appearances as boss battles in tons of games. And why?

Because, well, HE'S A FREAKING BOSS. Gilgamesh is the best character in Final Fantasy V bar none. This is the one thing that pretty much all fans can agree on. And I personally think this guy is among the best characters in the series. Why? Because his dialogue and theme are the best, rivalled only by Kefka Palazzo from FFVI. Every moment with Gilgamesh is awesome. And his theme is one of the finest compositions in videogame history.

Though he's not as instantly likable as I've made him out to be. He grows on you, or you instantly like this badass. Because he's hilarious and awesome. If you've played up til now and still not liked any of the characters much, Gilgamesh will be the first you will like. If he's not, well, FFV has always been about the RPG elements, and not the plot. But Gilgamesh is the saving grace of the plot, or even the whole game.

So, there's my favourite character in FFV. And now we have to destroy him! Yay!

Boss: Gilgamesh, round 1
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
11,500 2,000 None Nothing None (yet...) Elixir None None Easy

It is possible to lose this fight, but it's hard to. Don't worry about that HP number, ignore it. You don't need to knock off nearly that much. Knock off a bit, and he'll run away.

Basically, if Galuf is a Red Mage, use Protect, Cura, then start attacking. Keep attacking until he runs. Anyone else; just use the best attacks possible to get rid of him ASAP. Gilgamesh is not that hard.

Gilgamesh does nothing this fight but attack. When he learns that Galuf is actually sort of strong, he stops. No, Gilgamesh is much more powerful than this, but he never shows it in this game. I guess he's used to fights being really easy.

If you have difficulty, don't worry. "Easy" is not an excuse to be careless when you have only one character. If you died, you were probably only a few hits from killing him. I was careless when I tried and got rekt, because that's what I was, completely careless as to my own character's HP. If so, using Protect on yourself should do the trick.

And now we're reunited. Now, NOW we can experiment with the new jobs we got in Karnak.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Ninja iOS FFV Lenna Mystic Knight iOS FFV Galuf Red Mage iOS FFV Faris Time Mage iOS

Yeah, I say "now we can experiment with the new jobs", but then I don't recommend experimenting. Well, if you remember, the jobs we got in Karnak were the typical "decent job, but not worth prioritizing" kind. Ninja, Mystic Knight, Red Mage and Time Mage are worth prioritizing. They are worth mastering ASAP. First two, you want your Trinity of Badass up and running soon as you can. Red Mage, you want to get Dualcast as soon as you can so you can be rid of that class, as this World is where it drops off hard. You want to be rid of Red Mage until the endgame where we can level jobs up fast and it will no longer matter.

Obviously, we may use the new jobs every now and then for certain fights.

Head outside Castle Exdeath, the exit is on the floor where started on, in the bottom center. We're going to my favourite location in FFV. It's just to the left of this 'island'. Use a tent.

Big Bridge of Badass

Big Bridge

Will just put this image here.

One you get onto the Big Bridge, get pumped. The "Battle on the Big Bridge" theme is the best in this game and among the best themes in the series. This makes all these fights a ton more enjoyable. Anyways;

The battles are are scripted encounters, and similar to normal random encounters. As follows, they should be:

  1. Three Little Chariots
  2. Three Merrows
  3. Two Little Chariots and two Flying Killers
  4. Three Flying Killers
  5. Three more Flying Killers

Nothing to worry about at all. But make sure your MP and HP are in a good spot, then enter the next building.

And now...

Boss: Gilgamesh
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
6,500 1,00 Jump Trident, Hero Cocktail None (uses Haste, Shell and Protect though) Wizard's Hat None None Medium

The first few thousand HP, Gilgamesh is not that strong. But the important part is that he is strong for the next few thousand. Oh well, stronger he is, more I get to savour this moment and enjoy this music. Aw, yeah.

During this time, the Red Mage should be using Protect (or whoever has White Magic). And a Time Mage should be using Haste, first on themselves, but then on everyone else. They will save a "Slow" for Gilgamesh later. Meanwhile, physical attackers should be at it. Once the Hasting and Protecting is done, then using magic is good.

Gilgamesh will pretend to run, but he's just casting Haste, Protect and Shell on himself. And now he uses the Dragoon's Jump (but it lands instantly and gives no invulnerability time). He's now much more likely to actually kill your party. Protect should help with that. A Time Mage should try to land a "Slow" on him. That'll make this battle much easier.

Once he's done, he'll actually just escape.

Few more battles now:

  1. Two Flying Killers and Neo Garula (but I swear this version is weaker than normal Garula? Or did we just get way stronger)
  2. Two more Flying Killers, another Neo Garula

Unfortunately after that, the barrier just whisks us off into some unknown place. And I guess we get unconscious then, aw.

Now, let's head off to the next part!

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