Hey, you guys want an easy win on the next boss? Or want to do things the hard way? Well, the former saves you effort for later and saves you effort now, the latter is more challenging. Well, anyways, let's pickup from where we left off.

Library of the Ancients Edit

Head back to the Library of the Ancients again. Head in here, and Cid and Mid will talk to you. They aren't even mad at you for getting their ship destroyed, funnily enough. They tell you to go to the Desert of Shifting Sands, to the left. For now, ignore them and go to another desert to the top.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Mystic Knight iOS FFV Lenna Monk iOS FFV Galuf Blue Mage iOS FFV Faris Summoner iOS

Just get in a Blue Mage for just the time being. You will learn a spell, use it on a boss, then be done.

In the desert to the north, fight a Dhorme Chimera. You want it to use Aqua Breath on you, doesn't matter if you die. If you do, head back to the Library and heal.

Ability: Aqua Breath
FFV iOS Aqua Breath MP cost Type Learned by Effect
38 Blue Magic Learned from Dhorme Chimera, Manticore, Leviathan, Bahamut, Azulmagia, Crystal, Enuo, Famed Mimic Gogo, Aquagel Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies, but 8 times the damage to desert enemies.

Aqua Breath is a situationally awesome Blue Magic ability hurt by its high MP cost. Its high MP cost balances this skill, however. Aqua Breath is, surprisingly, non-elemental damage, as opposed to water elemental damage, which I find odd. The best use of this skill is undoubtedly against desert enemies, where it does 8 times the normal damage. The spell can have devastating effects.

It is best learnt fighting a Dhrome Chimera, in World One. This helps to defeat a boss in the dungeon that follows shortly afterwards, but is also the best time the spell can be reliably learnt. Aqua Breath is a missable ability, but a useful one that should not be missed ideally.

Anyway, this time, we're going to a desert to the left of the Library.

Desert of Shifting Sands Edit

The Desert of Shifting Sands was blocked from access before, but you can go after talking to Cid and Mid. Now, you learn that to cross, you need to fight a boss. Now we can do this the easy way, or the hard way.

Boss: Sandworm
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
3000 10,125 Quicksand, Gravity None None None Water None Ridiculously easy

Yeah, this way really is cheap, and easy as hell. Aqua Breath, which you just learnt, does 4,000 damage to this guy. If you look at his HP...yeah, it really is as easy as using one spell on him to win.

Whichever method you used, Sandworm is dead. Either keep your Blue Mage around to level it in this dungeon, or don't. I like to level it a bit here.

Desert of Shifting Sands

Desert of Shifting Sands

Navigating this place is annoying. You have to go through several shifting sands which move you in different directions. Your goal is to head south. It's annoying to navigate, but more annoying to describe. I'm so sorry but, I will quote from BlueHighwind's walkthrough for directions:

First go down, slide, head left, slide, go left again, and slide to the end. I call it the "Highwind Slide", it will be ready in all the annoying poser techno dance clubs once I figure out where to throw in a few hops and a spinning back kick. Once you leave the desert, you'll find yourself back on the World Map. There isn't anywhere to go but South, so head that way.

I suck, I really do. But essentially, just head south and out. On the world map, while you have a Blue Mage, try to learn Self Destruct from Bombs. Not because it's useful, but because of completion purposes. Anyways:

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Mystic Knight iOS FFV Lenna Monk iOS FFV Galuf Red Mage iOS FFV Faris Summoner iOS

I like to scrap the Blue Mage once I've leveled it to level 2.

Gohn Edit



Gohn looks like an ordinary town, but there's no Inn to be found here or anything. Anyway, enter and walk through it. You'll learn that King Tycoon is here. Your job is basically to chase him around. When he first runs off, go up and right through the ruins of what appears to be a house. Keep going through until King Tycoon pops out and runs from you. From here, go down, to another ruined building, and begin to enter, then King Tycoon will run again. Head up the stairs in the center.

Keep heading up until you're about to see him. He will make you fall through a trap door...nice. Faris and Lenna are sisters, and Galuf is awesome as usual. Scene over, now creepy music begins. Door in the top left, head through. Now go through to the end, and you'll get teleported to Basically, you are no longer in Gohn, and Cid and Mid oh-so-conveniently followed you.

Catapult Edit

Want something better than the Black Chocobo? Awesome, you're in for a treat. You're about to get one.

The place you are in is not a dungeon. There are no enemies here. When you head up through some stairs, there will be two doors, one to your front, one behind you. Go behind. Now here's a quick little puzzle. First, head to the room in front of you and use the free inn. Then, go down to the plants, and on the right, interact with the note thing. You will be given a wild goose chase interacting withh various objects (when it asks to interact with the urn, it means the pot to the far left of the room on the left), until a frog jumps out of one, and you can pull the switch at the bottom of the room. You have two Shurikens and learn Mini for free. Sweet.

Head back to the middle of the room and go to the door at the top (there is a switch by it though which you should interact with). Cid and Mid fall down a trap door (wat) and you go through again. Use the Save Point if you want. Now keep going through. It appears the Fire-Powered Ship did not sink, it got sent through here. Hm, ok. Now keep going right. Short scene with Cid and Mid, go down the stairs where Cid went.

We have an airship! Now left and up and talk to Cid. Bit of dialogue, and a boss.

Boss: Cray Claw
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
2,000 500 Tail Screw Coral Sword None Frost Bow Lightning Water (so don't use Aqualung) (absorbs) Easy

This boss isn't too hard, you can defeat it with a normal party. It's really simple.

Do not worry about Tail Screw. Its damage will not kill you, it will just get you low. This boss will probably die before it uses something that can kill you. All you need to do is use Lightning. So:

  • Do you have a Mystic Knight? Use Thundara Blade.
  • You have picked up Coral Swords, use them.
  • Summon Ramuh.
  • Use Thundara on your Red Mage/Black Mage user.

If you have been using a Red Mage, then have the Red Mage use Thunder attacks. Don't worry about healing, you probably can't heal that fast, and it's more efficient to just kill this thing quickly and get it over and done with.

All in all, an ez 5 ABP, and ez Frost Bow, an ez boss ez lief.

Good thing that boss was easy. I sure as hell didn't prepare for it.

Anyways, you folks know what to do. Save the obviously doomed Earth Crystal on the next page!

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