With Walse completed and new jobs, it's time to head off to save the Fire Crystal, which is being amped up in power, blahblahblah. New jobs are pretty neat of course.

Off to Karnak Edit

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Mystic Knight iOS FFV Lenna Monk iOS FFV Galuf Red Mage iOS FFV Faris Time Mage iOS

Hopefully, we have at least level 3 on most of the older jobs. Not required, of course, but it will come in handy. This is because the new jobs will take precedence for a while.

Change your Knight into a much more useful Mystic Knight. The defensive capabilities of a Knight are not really worth putting more points into. Until ultra-late with Freelancers where Cover and Counter make for super hilarous moves, the Knight is not useful. Even then, I would not call it recommended, as phsyicals are not the only way bosses deal damage. The Mystic Knight is incredibly useful by stark contrast, especially against the boss of the next dungeon, and more importantly, will remain useful throughout. Definitely have Spellblade maxed as soon as possible.

Keep your Monk. The damage they do has not gotten worse yet. And it's an incredibly valuable asset to have for a long time to come, not to mention the HP boosts it gives are amazing. Also the monks are so badass

Your Mages are important. You want to master the Red Mage as fast as possible. This is because not only is it incredibly useful at the early stages, but it's ideal to get the Dualcast ability before Red Magic gets completely useless. I recommend making who was your previous Black Mage a Red Mage, so you have two people that know White Magic. As for your other Mage, make them a Time Mage. That role is incredibly useful, more so than Summoner is right now. But you'll want to switch between them.

Of course, as per usual, this is all optional. I personally like leveling jobs this way.

Firstly, get your dragon back to Walse for a second just to use the Inn, possibly get weapons for your new job changes, but then there's another boss here, who we'll fight later. We need a spell before we do, and it's not too much backtracking. Anyways, fly your dragon to the Walse Meteorite and go inside. In here, you'll use a warp thingy to go to another contient. This continent contains Karnak. On the world map, directions to Karnak are simple. Go up and left and then down and eventually you'll find the town and a castle. You cannot go to the castle yet.

Before you go to Karnak, fight a little bit. Get a level on your chosen new jobs (any recurring jobs from before you don't need levels on though). And now head inside.

Karnak and Karnak Castle Edit

FFV iOS Karnak


Awww, hell yeah. Badass music from the Ship Graveyard returns!

Head to the inn and heal, of course. Now head to the weapons shop. Buy anything that's useful. Then you'll get cornered by people who think you're aliens from outer space because you came from the meteor. They don't listen to reason, they lock you in prison. In the same cell...what idiots.

Oh well, you can't get out. Boo. Just walk arond for a while, it shouldn't be long. Someone in the next cell will blow up the wall...into your cell. His awesome escape plan ruined. Laugh at him, then talk to him. He's the Cid of this game.

Character: Cid Previa

FFV-amano cid
Role Rating
Cid of FFV 6/10

No, no kidding, this is the Cid of this game. If you've never played an FF before, basically: every game has a character called 'Cid', a wise, smart person who's involved in technology in some form and, unless he's the Cid from FFVI, is responsible for your airship. Often he comes with total badassery, like FFIV, FFVII or FFX's Cid's. This one doesn't really.

Sometimes Cids become a party member, this guy doesn't. That didn't give Square a free pass to not expand him and make him a mediocre character, but they did. No surprises considering that can be said of most FFV characters. Eh, this guy's alright, he just beomes fairly irrelevant, and at times is more of a plot device, and a 'we need a Cid in this game', than he is some awesome character like Cid from other games are. His story is fairly touching, but not that much. He has a grandson, by the way, who will be important later.

This guy is responsible for most of your forms of transport, and is the brains behind it all. But he's not a party member. If you played FFIV or FFVII before, it's natural to assume he would be. It would also be natural to assume he would be a total badass who fixes stuff and builds stuff and has some awesome attitude, unfortunately not. But oh well, he only becomes relevant in cutscenes.

You learn about how Cid is responsible for all our problems, but he's willing to fix them. Chancellor lets us go, blahblahblah. Now go out and explore the castle. Ignore the treasures, trust me, you can't get them yet. The Queen of Karnak isn't here right now.

The game tells you to go outside to the Fire-powered Ship at the dock. Don't go yet. Go back to Karnak, go to the magic ship. Get Blizzara and Fira, then Cura and Raise, and everything else is then a bonus. Got money to spare? Buy all the magicc you don't have yet. No go to the weapons shop. Flail is really neat for your Mage. When it comes to Armor, get whatever your jobs can equip. Silver Plate is neat for Monks and Red Mages. Sell the stuff you're not using.

Now, head back to the meteor. We're going back to Walse (again).

Back to Walse for Shiva Edit

Inn at Walse, if you like.

Anyway, go to Walse Castle. Go to the floor below. Now follow these directions: Go to the bottom right door and outside. Then go around, and through the waterfall at the end. Climb the tower of Shiva.


Recommended party
FFV Bartz Black Mage iOS FFV Lenna Black Mage iOS FFV Galuf Black Mage iOS FFV Faris Black Mage iOS

You likely don't have equip for them all. But if you like, make everyone a Black Mage. And prepare to laugh at this boss. Keep White Magic around just in case.

Boss: Shiva
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
1,500 1,000 Nothing of concern Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion None Frost Rod Fire Ice (absorbed) Easy

This really isn't tough at all. There is no strategy involved. Use four Black Mages to cast "Fira" on every target until her warriors die, then on her, and win. It would be tough without Fira, however.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Mystic Knight iOS FFV Lenna Monk iOS FFV Galuf Red Mage iOS FFV Faris Time Mage iOS

Alternatively, don't change anyone. If you were using my recommended setup, then continuing to do so is not a problem. Feel free to.

Boss: Shiva
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
1,500 1,000 Nothing of concern Phoenix Down, Hi-Potion None Frost Rod Fire Ice (absorbed) Easy

Slightly less straightforward, not too much less easy. No immunity to Slow, so feel free to have your Time Mage cast Slow on her. Your Mystic Knight needs to use Spellblade, Fira in particular.

Monk Kicks first, while Red Mage casts Fira on all targets. Your Time Mage should also have White Magic, and cast Cura on everyone. Once the Commanders are done, hard part over. Have your Mystic Knight tunnel vision Shiva, while your Red Mage Fira's her, and Monk does Monk stuff.

The battle is not much harder.

You now have an item for Shiva, which when used, means a Summoner can summon her.

Ability: Shiva
Diamond Dust FFV MP cost Type Learned by Effect
10 Summon (level 2) Defeating Shiva at Castle Walse Diamond Dust - deals Ice damage to all enemies

Well known by fans of the series as the sexiest summon, Shiva is an ice damage dealing summon whose use is similar to that of Ifirit, but obviously, better used against enemies weak to Ice. In particular, Shiva comes in handy for one boss, Liquid Flame. She will eventually be replaced by Blizzaga in practical terms later on, but she is useful for the time she is around.

Shiva is found at the back of Castle Walse. If the player goes to the exit at the far right of the castle, goes around and out the exit to the back, they can face her and defeat her using Fira spam, and if they have it, Ifrit. Once they are unlocked, she is easy, but before that, she's a hard boss.

This comes in real handy for that dungeon back in Karnak. Now, go down, to the exit located at the bottom, and go through. Fall through a waterfall, go around and get out.

Leave, Inn, Dragon, meteorite, Karnak, boom. Onto the next dungeon!

Fire-Powered Ship Edit

Before you do anything else, head to the pub in Karnak and play the piano to level your skills up. Then, go outside, and try to get a level in your jobs. Level 3 on everyone, and 4 on monk, would be very nice. For the Red Mage, it's fine to stay at 2. That job is a pain to level. Hopefully by the end of the dungeon. Needless to say, we'll get jobs at the end of this dungeon.

FFV Android Fire-Powered Ship - Boiler Room

Fire Powered Ship

Now, go to the Fire-Powered Ship and talk to Cid, and learn the ship is full of monsters. What a surprise! Monsters in a dungeon! Keep heading down until the place you are in is no longer made of wood, but of metal.

The metal door up ahead contains a chest, with a Mythril Glove. Grab. Now, to the bottom left, there are stairs. Go up them, go around to the right and through the door, to get another chest. Now head back down to the ground floor. Go to the top left and down those stairs for another chest then head up right. Head to the top right, but before you go up to the elevator, first check the stairs down to find a room with an Elixir. Leave the room then go up the elevator to a new floor. Up there, grab the Phoenix Down chest to the right, then go left and up. Through that elevator, go down.

Bleh, this part is annoying. For now, go left and up through a vent, follow its path to another room, then go through that to yet another room, and through the door. Now go up the elevator to a place with three doors. First, go to the middle one. Elevator down, go to the right and down the stairs in a vent. Follow a path of stairs and vents, and you'll get a Green Beret treasur. Go to the right across the conveyor belt, throug the door and go back up the elevator. In the room with 3 doors, don't go to the one on the right. Instead, check the 4 vents. The 4th across leads to nowhere useful. 3rd across leads to a treasure - Thief's Gloves - that we could not get earlier, go to that. Then go back up the way you came to this 3 doors place. Go again to the vents. Right, the 1st on the left is useless. 2nd is not.

You should end up down a place you could not go before. Head to the stairs to the very right, go to a room and hit a switch. It will open another room to a treasure with a Moonring Blade. Cool, head out. Just head through the door metal door that was directly in front of you. Go to the save point, use tent and save, then go through the door up.

Now here's a puzzle. It's slightly hard to solve. Hit a switch and go across on the platform. Then go up and left and hit that switch, now go down and to the left of the screen to hit another. It should make a path across. At the end there should be a place with two switches. Hit the left one, that path will be gotten rid of. Right one, and a path will be made down. The switch at the very bottom is useless. But the one next to the platform, hit. It should take you up. Now grab the elixir, ignore the switch, go up and right to the power room. No, none of those vents or paths around are useful. Head up.

Anyways, minor party change.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Mystic Knight iOS FFV Lenna Monk iOS FFV Galuf Red Mage iOS FFV Faris Summoner iOS

Whoever your Time Mage was, make a Summoner, but give them White Magic. This is only so the next boss gets rekt by Shiva. Honestly, with how easy this boss is, I would just fight with these because there's no point changing much. I won't include other strategies, not because I'm lazy (well kind of is), but because there's simply no point.

Now head up.

HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
3,000 100 Blaze Nothing Human, hand, tornado Flame Scroll Ice Fire, Poison Easy

It's kinda obvious what to do, in terms of, "spam Blizzara and Shiva to win while Monks attack and use Blizzara Spellblade on your Mystic Knight." In that sense, it's literally a case of just throwing that stuff on this poor boss. Doesn't matter too much about your party, as long as Blizzaras come in some form, be it Mystic Knight or Black Mage.

However, it's not that simple. The "hand" form is immune to ice, so during that time, Monk uses Chakra, Mystic Knight just defends, Red Mage casts Cura and Summoner should have White Magic and also cast Cura. Then when back to another form, blast it with more stuff. While in tornado form, it will Fira itself for heals.

It's fairly hard to go wrong with this fight and it's pretty basic. I think this boss is designed to teach the player to use elemental weaknesses to their advantage. Anyways, piece of cake. Just be careful of Blaze and make sure to Raise anyone in your party who dies, then Cura before attacking.

We now learn it isn't all Cid's fault. Something evil is stirring. Head through the vent to the end. Galuf apparently knows some werewolf, controlled soldier destroys crystal. YAY MORE JOBS :D awww crystal destroyed :(

Escaping Karnak Castle Edit

[[ ROFL, you can use a tent here and it doesn't use up much time. Phahahaha, that's amazing. You endup at the save point, use tent, then go up. Keep going up, but go to the right to get a treasure chest. Then go out, around and up, but before going to the staircase out, go down and into the room with a treasure chest. It's a Monster Attack, just a fight with Gigas. Who is fairly easy, so now go up the stairs and out.

In here, just go to the chest to the left previously blocked by flames. Two Sorcerors, both easy, kill with Blizzara or physicals. You get a RIBBON. These items are the best in the game, but you can't equip them yet. Chest to the right contains Gigas and a Shuriken which is about to come in handy. Go up and around, up a few floors. Eventually end up in the place leading to the throne room. Before you go down and outside, head left, fight two Sorcerors for Esuna. That's a super useful White Magic that you would otherwise have to buy. Head to the right, fight Gigas for a Lightning Scroll, something that is also about to come in handy. And now head down and outside.

Now here you'll fight 4 weak enemies and a guy called Iron Claw. He's not difficult. Shiva summons and Blizzara deal with him easily. SOME FAMED BOUNTY HE WAS EH

Castle was destroyed, aww. We have NEW JOBS THOUGH WOO

New Jobs Edit

FFV Bartz Beastmaster iOS FFV Lenna Beastmaster iOS FFV Galuf Beastmaster iOS FFV Faris Beastmaster iOS
Command/ability Innate skills
Catch None
Level Ability Description ABP
1 Calm Causes an enemy to be paralyzed 10 ABP
2 Control Takes over an enemy creature 50 ABP
3 Equip Whip Allows user to wield Whips in battle 100 ABP
4 Catch Catches a creature to use later 300 ABP

What's the bloody point of Catch? In fact, what's the bloody point of this whole job? Meh, I don't think too highly of this job. But it has one fairly important use: Control. Control is especially useful for learning Blue Magic, to make the Blue Mage job less painful. Problem is it's painful because it requires two characters to learn two different jobs of which neither will ever be used much again. Kind of makes you groan to get that 60 ABP.

Lucky for you, though, 60 is all you need. Once you have Control on one character, until you go for the achievement, you never need to level this again. "Equip Whip" is useless for obvious reasons, and Whips are mediocre in this game (and in most games, actually). Catch is 300 ABP for a skill you are not likely to ever use. Calm is pointless. So once you've got the 60 ABP it takes to get control, you're free to forget about this. Pick the 60 ABP up though, whenver you're thinking of going on Blue Magic hunts, or have time to grind a useless job a little.

Y'know, maybe I'd hate the Blue Mage a little less if these jobs were the same. Other than making the Whips seem "unique", I don't see the value of this job at all. That's why I almost never level it. If you want to try its abilities out, feel free, of course. Just don't expect the points to be as good.

FFV Bartz Geomancer iOS FFV Lenna Geomancer iOS FFV Galuf Geomancer iOS FFV Faris Geomancer iOS
Command/ability Innate skills
Gaia Light Steps, Find Pits
Level Ability Description ABP
1 Gaia Magical attack based on current terrain 25 ABP
2 Find Pits Allows you to avoid falling 50 ABP
3 Light Step Allows you to take no damage on some floors 100 ABP

Y'know, this job, unlike the Beastmaster, is really sweet. Geomancer isn't too much ABP to master either, which owns. Find Pits and Light Step are incredibly useful for obvious reasons. It saves you a ton of time healing and running around the place thanks to Find Pits. Light Step is not necessary, as you can easily just cast Float on your party, but Float costs MP. Also, it's much more convenient to master this for your Freelancers later, especially due to that low cost. Oh, and Gaia? Costs no MP, therefore, it freaking owns.

Try to master the job on at least one character. Don't necessarily master right away. Gaia is sweet, but is also the only thing the Geomancer has going for it in battle. The passives are what makes it cool. You can probably give it a quick master some time later on (at one point there's an enemy that can master the job after one battle with it), but try to master it on someone earlier. Also, if/when going for the "master all jobs on every character" achievement, rejoice because this takes next to no effort :D

I think the job is neat as hell, but I don't care much for it. It is a well designed job, but it only sometimes comes in handy. Then there's the whole Gaia. It's, well, eh. I prefer how they did it in FFVI with Mog, personally. But then again, I have very little negative to say about this job. It's alright. I would have a problem if any of its abilities costed more ABP. They don't, so yeah.

Job: Ninja
FFV Bartz Ninja iOS FFV Lenna Ninja iOS FFV Galuf Ninja iOS FFV Faris Ninja iOS
Command/ability Innate skills
Throw Dual-Wield, First Strike
Level Ability Description ABP
1 Smoke Easily flee from battle 10 ABP
2 Image Creates an image of you to take hits for you 30 ABP
3 First Strike Raises chance of pre-emptive strikes 50 ABP
4 Throw Throws a Scroll, Shuriken or any Weapon 150 ABP
5 Dual Wield Allows the user to wield two (single handed) weapons in battle 450 ABP

Finally, a REALLY cool job! Let's not kid, we all want to be Ninjas. Ninjas are badass as hell, and about to outclass your Monk in a few weapons' time. Once acquired, Throw will really come in handy. All of its abilities own...except maybe Smoke and Image. Those are unnecessary, but even still, have uses. First Strike is a great passive, never worth an ability slot, but it'll sure make your Freelancers own. Throw is incredibly useful against tons of bosses, but it's less beneficial than other means of damage economically. Much later on you'll find yourself using different skills, but you won't for now. The real reason you're mastering the hell out of this job is Dual-Wield.

Why is Dual-Wield awesome? Why is it the reasons the Ninja are in the Trinity of Badass jobs? Well, for now, your Ninja can equip Knives and other small weapons. That's cool, til you realise they can equip two of them for extra damage, which will soon exceed Monks. Alright, that's cool too, but why does that make them really useful? Because this is a passive ability, so your Freelancers get it. Freelancers? You know, the ones who can equip everything? Yeah. Master the heck out of this. Because you want that Dual-Wield. You want to use two massively powerful swords later on. It's incredibly useful later on even if it's only ok now.

Ninjas just happen to be one of my favourite jobs. Behind Monks, of course, but alongside Dragoons. This is simply because the idea of a Ninja is so freaking cool it's ridiculous. There is the whole, being a Metal Gear Solid fan who loved the shit out of Cyborg Ninjas in those games. But in the series, the Ninjas are ok at best.

And now, click here for an amazing prize! That amazing prize is the next walkthrough page.

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