Congratulations, you have your second form of transport in the game! You're still pretty limited, unfortunately. Anyway, this game is becoming more interesting. I know, I know, I've thrown around the "this is getting interesting" all the time now, but believe me, it's soon. We'll unlock a few new jobs and beat a ridiculously hard boss. Fun!

Walse Town Edit

Walse iOS


Head south until you see a town and a castle, both surrounded by water. Welcome to Walse, the land of water! Land your Dragon, by the mountain side.

Heading to the inn is a plus of course, especially if you're planning to grind a little bit. And believe me, grinding a little might be just what you need. Buy some new armor for your Knight. The Magic stop, don't bother. None of the magic will help your current jobs. Don't bother too much with weapons. Anyway, do sell stuff that you don't have equipped. You can sell most unequipped stuff until much later when it's better to keep onto stuff.

And now we're basically done.

Walse Castle Edit

Head into Castle Wastle and talk to the king. Basically he refuses to stop using the Crystal's power for his own gains. Selfish prat, ahem. Of course, he's so brave hiding behind his people (m-muh kingdom want it left on), but nonetheless, before you get a chance to rage too hard at the king, a meteorite conveniently crashes!

Now just head down grabbing any treasure and go to the lower floor, of which one guard will tell you not to talk to the prisoners. Go up and right, to another room.

OHGOD. Jackanapes. OHGOD. RUN. Yes. Go up and left, get the Elven Mantle from the treasure. Go back to the centre. Go right and up. Get the 2 treasures containg 1000 Gil, the one that teaches you Speed, then you're done. Run from every fight here. Do not fight Jackanapes. He's designed so you can't get the treasure til later, and to be an annoying little prick that 1 hit KO's characters. Bah.

Get out of there and leave the castle. Feel free to explore, but there's not a whole lot you'll find. Head outside, and go to Walse.

Back to Walse Edit

Use the inn. Done.

Meh, I may as well make this secction meaningful, so while around here;

  • Go outside and grind for a little, not too much.
  • I like to get level 10 on all my characters. Not too essentially just yet, but it shouldn't take you too long.
  • Depending on whether you're bored grinding, either keep fighting here until you're a few ABP off the next level of your jobs (like, 15 or so off), then go.

Fly your dragon up and left to the Tower of Walse. Go past the meteorite, ignore it. Have fun!

Walse Tower Edit

The path up here in Walse Tower is linear. For the first few floors, simply follow the trail leading upwards. When you go past the King, talk if you want, but he says nothing. You learn that a geezer called Garula has been mind controlled to destroy the crystal. Save at the point. The chest to the right is acquired by simply walking to the right, there's an obscure opening that lets you through. One on the left is for later.

When you get to the 8th floor, there are 3 paths you can take, all involving ivy climbing. Climb the top left, and get the treasure, then head down and climb top right, get treasure, move on. Ignore the centre, it is unhelpful. Now, here is the hardest boss you fought thus far. Seriously, this next guy is ridiculous.

Anyway, there are multiple strategies involving his defeat.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Monk iOS FFV Lenna Monk iOS FFV Galuf Monk iOS FFV Faris Monk iOS

Obviously this is my strat because monks are badass. Anyways, turn everyone into a monk. Give the one who was already a monk the Chakra ability, and the one who was not a monk the White Magic ability.

Anyway, this works because Garula is a physical attacker, and Monks deal tons of physical damage, but better, they also use "Counter". So when Garula attacks, they'll respond. That, and Chakra will heal the party. So this works.

I prefer this strat because, other than monks being my favourite class, it is easiest to pull off. You don't need to run around and collect armor and weapons. Monks do really well with no equipment at all.

Boss: Garula
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
1200 100 All dangerous Hi-Potion, Potion None Hi-Potion All magic None Medium/hard

With your Monk strat, it's fairly simple. Your Monks have a chance to counter Garula's attacks, meaning that you can get in extra damage. Furthermore, one of your Monks probably already has Chakra, which is useful, and whoever your White Mage was before certainly has Protect, right? Cast Protect on everyone with your White Mage/Monk. With your super Monk, cast Chakra basically every turn. With your other two, attacks will do. Eventually, you should take out Garula's HP.

That 5 ABP for Mon on everyone is partially useful. On the one hand, it won't help much now to anyone other than who was previously your Monk, on the other, it will really come in handy when everyone masters this Job anyway.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Knight iOS FFV Lenna Knight iOS FFV Galuf White Mage iOS FFV Faris Knight iOS

If you want to do this one, it's your choice. However, it does require you to leave the tower and buy equipment for four Knights which you will never really just much again other than to sell. So I wouldn't avdvise it, but I will tell you how it works.

Of course, give one of your Knights White Magic, the other one make a White Mage. Preferably whoever was previously Black Mage. The strat works basically because Garula does tons of physical damage, which Knights resits.

Boss: Garula
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
1200 100 All dangerous Hi-Potion, Potion None Hi-Potion All magic None Medium/hard

In my opinon harder to pull off because it involves going back and getting equipment. Other than that, it might be either more or less effective.

Anyway; have one of your White Magic-knowing characters us Protect on everyone. The other one should heal every turn. The Knights, use them to attack, and occasionally to Protect each other. Whenever a Knight is critically low, they can use Guard, and the two Mages will heal them up.

Eventually, Garula won't do much damage to you and you'll be able to knock off that 500 HP. It took you a damn long time to get thta equipment, but hey, if the ohter strats didn't work, it payed off.

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Knight iOS FFV Lenna Monk iOS FFV Galuf Black Mage iOS FFV Faris White Mage iOS

You sure about this? You really sure?

Well, if you do want to use your current party, it's quite possibly doable. Have your Knight use Attacks and have him also Guard whoever gets low. Your Monk will deal tons of damage. Give them Chakra, it is really useful. Your Black Mage, just use Blac Magic, Garula is weak to whatever spell used, the only reason Black Mages aren't recommended is because Black Mages are also weak to Garula.

Oh, if you want to bring a Thief along to Steal from him, sure. But don't bother, if you ask me. What's the value in a Hi Potion that you might get?

Boss: Garula
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
1200 100 All dangerous Hi-Potion, Potion None Hi-Potion All magic None Medium/hard

Your party should do what they always do.

Black Mage, get zapping. White Mage, don't heal, use Protect. Monk. either provide damage, or just use Chakra. Knight, Guard whoever is low, or attack.

It might work. But it is very risky. If you insist on pulling this strat off, I recommend you level quite a bit beforehand.

If you succeed in doing it this way, then congratulations, I misunderestimated how well this strat works. But I've found little success with it, even if I've managed to succeed.

Garual should die. Crystal dies too! NEW JOBS WOOOOOOOO

I mean...awwwww :(

Walse Tower Jobs Edit

FFV Bartz Mystic Knight iOS FFV Lenna Mystic Knight iOS FFV Galuf Mystic Knight iOS FFV Faris Mystic Knight iOS
Command/ability Innate skills
Spellblade Magic shell
Level Ability Description ABP
1 Magic Shell Casts Shell when low automatically 10 ABP
2 Spellblade 1 Use Fire, Blizzard and Thunder on blade 20 ABP
3 Spellblade 2 Use Poison, Sleep and Silence on blade 30 ABP
4 Spellblade 3 Use Fira, Blizzara and Thundera on blade 50 ABP
5 Spellblade 4 Use Drain, Break and Bio on blade 70 ABP
6 Spellblade 5 Use Firaga, BLizzaga and Thundaga on blade 100 ABP
7 Spellblade 6 Use Holy, Flare and Osmose on blade 100 ABP

This Mystic Knight job is quite possibly the most powerful job in the whole game. Like the Red Mage, this job combines a mage with an offensive physical fighter. Spellblade is arguably the strongest ability in the game. Using Black Magic on your physical attackers rules, and gets even better later. This means enchanting your blade with an element a boss is weak to will wreck that boss and make it cry. It also goes through Reflect, if a Boss is weak to an element but a Black Mage can't cast anything on it because it's Reflected. Not only that, but several bosses can be killed in one hit by various Spellblades.

Magic Shell is useless, good thing you can get it out of the way early. The first few levels are obviously useless as they give weak spells your Black Mage probaby already knows. But luckily, this job doesn't take much ABP to master it. Spellblade alone is reason enough to master this job, but then get this: this job makes up one of the Trinity of Badass. The Trinity of Badass I'm referring to is the three jobs that make up the most powerful combo in FFV. It's the most powerful combo that will help you defeat the superbosses. Won't make them easy to defeat, but will make them defeatable. Master this job fairly soon, but don't neglect it for new jobs. Just make sure it's mastered by the final dungeon along with the others.

Possibly the most awesome job in the game as well as one of the best in the series. It does not appear often, which sucks, but no one cares because when it does appear it's overpowered. Adelbert Steiner's use of Sword Magic, the Elemental Materia in FFVII are case in point. I do think it sucks how it often makes the Black Magic role completely pointless.

FFV Bartz Berserker iOS FFV Lenna Berserker iOS FFV Galuf Berserker iOS FFV Faris Berserker iOS
Command/ability Innate skills
None Berserk
Level Ability Description ABP
1 Berserk User goes bezerk 100 ABP
2 Equip Axes Allows user to wield axes 400 ABP

There's not a lot to say. This job sucks. Seriously. The Berserker is god awful. In fact, I can't give an indepth description. The job "sacrifices abilities for strength and attack power. Do you know what it actually does? When you make your character a Berserker, you cannot control them in battle. That's what it does. Renders you useless, unable to do anything other than attack. What if you're fighting some hard boss that should only be attacked at certain times or it will counterattack? Nope, Berserker keeps going.

Don't level this job. Don't even use it until the very end when you're going to master this job for the achievement. You're in luck, it's only 500 ABP. ONLY 500 ABP. It's really sad. Ugh.

This job baffles me. Why do Square even add it if they know everyone hates it? How many people who play FF have you talked to that will recommend you even touch a Berserker in any game? Do you know the saddest part? A White Magic spell, "Berserk", does the same damn thing. Want to know the funniest part? That spell is almost always used on enemies. Groan. Seriously, groan.

FFV Bartz Summoner iOS FFV Lenna Summoner iOS FFV Galuf Summoner iOS FFV Faris Summoner iOS
Command/ability Innate skills
Summon None
Level Ability Description ABP
1 Summon 1 Summon Sylph, Remora and Chocobo 15 ABP
2 Summon 2 Summon Shiva, Ramuh and Ifirit 30 ABP
3 Summon 3 Summon Titan, Golem and Catoblepas 45 ABP
4 Summon 4 Summon Carbuncle, Syldra and Odin 60 ABP
5 Summon 5 Summon Phoenix, Bahamut and Leviathan 100 ABP
6 Call Summon any random summon for no MP 500 ABP

This class is cool as hell. Oh, but just so you're aware, if you've played another Final Fantasy before this one, summons were probably different. They were likely more complex than they are in this game. In this game, a summon is treated basically the same way as a spell is, in the sense of: cast it, stuff dies. Or you get buffed. Summon is both offensive and defensive, mostly offensive. Oh, and the animations aren't that long. And you can summon the same thing many times as you like. Well, really, any game pre-FFX, they were almost definitely like that, it's X and onwards that they get complex.

The class is incredibly useful. A few summons in particular are invalauable against certain bosses. And of course, if going for the achievements, you're grabbing all of these anyway. Well, that, and you're grabbing them because you're a self respecting hardkore gamer 4 lyf or something. Have a magic-using character put a few levels into both Time Mage and Summoner, or you'll regret not leveling them up later. The classes can afford to be left unmastered until the endgame, at which point another mage-oriented class would do well to begin learning them.

Who doesn't love summons, let's be honest? They sucked in VI, sure. But in every other game? Summons are awesome. Only get annoying when YOU CAN'T CANCEL THE LONG AS HELL ANIMATIONS. Summoning a creature to help wreck face is just so damn fun.

FFV Bartz Time Mage iOS FFV Lenna Time Mage iOS FFV Galuf Time Mage iOS FFV Faris Time Mage iOS
Command/ability Innate skills
Time Magic None
Level Ability Description ABP
1 Time Magic 1 Cast Speed, Slow and Regen 10 ABP
2 Time Magic 2 Cast Mute, Haste and Float 20 ABP
3 Time Magic 3 Cast Gravity, Stop and Teleport 30 ABP
4 Time Magic 4 Cast Comet, Return and Slowga 50 ABP
5 Time Magic 5 Cast Graviga, Old and Hastega 70 ABP
6 Time Magic 6 Cast Meteor, Quick and Banish 100 ABP
7 Equip Rods Allows user to wield rods in battle 250 ABP

I can think of nothing cooler than a mage who can control time in battle to win. Time Magic is invaluable. It is incredibly useful in every situation. This was the game Time Magics got really good thanks to Hastega and Slowga (in FFIV it was just Haste and Slow). The Time Mage is mostly a utility job, but they have offence in the form of Comet, Gravity, Meteor and Graviga. Meteor and Comet can replace Black Magic and be relied on, but the Gravity skills are unreiable if useful. Banish is cool too, also unreliable.

Ahahahaha, this is the most hilarious part of the job. You go from 100 ABP for learning badass skills, casting Meteor, Quick, Banish, the master of time, unlocking its secrets to destroy all, then 250 ABP for...equipping rods. Rods? RODS?! You mean those useless pieces of crap items? Uhh...yeah. Seriously though, it's worth it for those first 5 points. Don't bother after. I would honestly have a character level on Summoner and Time Mage interchangeably. Only master the job when you're going for the achievements, the final level is not worth jack. Freelancers can equip rods anyway. Oh, and if you're familiar with the Time Mage skills but not the Time Mage, that's because Time Mages aren't normally a class, normally their skills are thrown under Black or White Mage.

So, yeah. Time Magic is badass. Boss as hell. I like Time Magic, but I feel like it could be so much more badass. But if they gave you more badass spells, like actual time control and stuff, it'd be so OP. The spells you're given almost give you everything a time controlling evil overlord would want. Stop time with Quick, speed it on yourself, etc.

FFV Bartz Red Mage iOS FFV Lenna Red Mage iOS FFV Galuf Red Mage iOS FFV Faris Red Mage iOS
Command/ability Innate skills
Red Magic None
Level Ability Description ABP
1 Red Magic 1 Cast Cure, Libra, Poisona, Fire, Thunder and Blizzard 20 ABP
2 Red Magic 2 Cast Silence, Protect, Mini, Poison, Sleep and Toad 40 ABP
3 Red Magic 3 Cast Cura, Raise, Confuse, Fira, Thundara and Blizzara 100 ABP
4 Dualcast Cast two spells in one turn 999 ABP

Here's a really interesting one. The Red Mage provides both sources of White Magic, and can equip most types of weapons and armor, meaning they excel at battle and magic. Surely we should make every character a Red Mage and beat the game with this absurdly OP job? Nope, Red Mages are actually your typical - and you'll hear this a lot about them - jack of all trades, master of none. They can't actually equip everything, and what they can equip is good, but they get outclassed by every fully offensive job. Learning both Black and White Magic is nice, until you remember they can't even learn it all.

"Aww, this job blows!" Not at all, actually. Early on, this job will be invaluable, when it still can do everything. Long before you have all the really high level magics, this job is incredibly useful. And before you learn the proper offensive physical damage, this job peaks. But doesn't that mean we stop using it once we get later? Certainly not. Dualcast is amazing. This job is worth mastering on mostly everyone for Dualcast. Sadly a pain to master. So, I'd say make someone who was previously a Mage into a Red Mage and master them ASAP so they can move onto mastering other roles. Personally, I choose whoever was a Black Mage, so that your party has two White Mage users.

My opinion on this job is that it's underrated and probably not executed right. In theory, the job is an amazing idea, have someone learn everything early then destroy things but only while the other jobs get better. But in practice, the other jobs don't get better for that exact reason, ABP points on a Red Mage are often wasted. Thank god for Dualcast, eh? If it weren't for that spell, I would never even touch this job. Dualcast is amazingly awesome. Oh, and also, equipping Dualcast as an ability does not just cast two spells, but it also gives all the Red Magic by default. That Red Magic is useless later, but eh.

And now you can get some use out of the Magic Shop in when you go back to Walse. Next, the Fire Crystal needs protecting. Though we'll come back to Walse to fight a boss in a bit.

Right, more pages of DOOOOOOOOM and stuff.

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