Here's what I love about this game. My two favourite dungeon themes appear in two dugeons in a row. In between, my favourite World Map theme and my favourite Town theme in this game. The music on this page owns. To Carwen and the North Mountain!

Carwen Edit

FFV iOS Carwen


Head down and try to fight along the way. Keep going down until you see a town to the left. Welcome to Carwen! The town with the awesome town theme! As well as admiring the badass music, head to the Pub and play the piano to level up your skills and play something slightly less terrible than before. Then, head to the Magic shops. Poisona and the rest of the Black Magics are essential, and Silence is super nice, and the rest are very useful. Chances are that this time, you can afford it. Really, all Magic purchases are the best, as unlike item and weapon purchases, they are permenant.

Buy the latest weapons and armour for your jobs. As it's early, don't be afraid to unequip and sell your old equipment that you don't use, I would encourage that, in fact. With that, you're basically done. Talk to the town folk if you like. They don't do much other than give an indicator of where next to go, which I'll tell you anyway.

World Map and To Next Dungeon Edit

You'll find by exploring outside that you're stuck without any form of transport. We're gonna fix that, but bare with me. Use this opportunity to be free. FREEDOOOOOOOM

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Knight iOS FFV Lenna Monk iOS FFV Galuf Black Mage iOS FFV Faris White Mage iOS

This one is not necessary but is nice. A bit of grinding.

Using the same jobs as you did last page, go outside and fight. Try to get level 2 on everyone with these jobs. It's not essential, of course, but it's really nice. Just fight until each of them filled ABP and are Level 2. Don't worry about Level 3 yet. There's no major reason in particular for level 2, it's just a nice point to be at.

Shortly after...

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Knight iOS FFV Lenna Thief iOS FFV Galuf Blue Mage iOS FFV Faris White Mage iOS

Mehh, why not. Another level on Black and White Mage wouldn't hurt. Nor would a level on Thief or Blue Mage. Not necessary, not unwanted. Get a Dagger for Thief first.

I recommend your Black Mage become a Blue Mage for a few reasons. One reason being that Blue Mages can equip swords, and that Black Mage will often become a Red Mage, which can also equip swords. The other one is that whoever is the Black Mage will likely go on to learn several more magics. Blue Magic will not be used every single fight, so the ability slot issue isn't too bad. I do recommend your previous Monk in particular learns Thief because they will basically transition for a bit into some physical/utility role which the Mon already is.

Definitely keep the White Mage, but I wouldn't bother aiming to get a job level, as that will come anyway. The reason is because you want to learn these jobs as fast as possible, as you'll mix them with other jobs later. You basically want to get the levels on them out of the way so you can level other stuff while keeping their ability equipped. Oh, and because your two Mages will eventually learn not only other jobs, but other magics.

Only 10 fights or so, head to Carwen's Inn and you're done. Change jobs back to Knight and Monk at the end, though.

Not a lot else for you to do here. No major Blue Magics to learn or anything. Head right, then up, and follow some path all the way up to a mountain. This is North Mountain.

North Mountain Edit

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Knight iOS FFV Lenna Monk iOS FFV Galuf Black Mage iOS FFV Faris White Mage iOS

Just to be clear, go back to these. They're basically the only party we'll use early on. I wouldn't recommend switching characters up, stick to the previous characters you used for the jobs. This is because switch characters also means that you learn abilities on the jobs slower. It won't kill you as they should learn other jobs later anyway (at the very least for the achievement), but I don't advise it. Anyway, yeah, this should be fine for this dungeon.

Your party should be fine physical attacking, but your Black Mage does more damage with Black Magic. Less than your Monk, possibly less than Knight, still better than dagger. Black Mages work better against targets that dodge your attacks all the bloody time though.

North Mountain

North Mountain

Follow the yellow brick road! Follow the yellow brick road! Not only does the dungeon itself, but this song, gives a Wizard of Oz feel. I hate musicals. But this is ownage. The theme rules and I love this dungeon. This is North Mountain.

First, go through the cave, then go down until you get a Phoenix Down from the treasure chest, and now go up and around to the left. Now, first head down from here for a Gold Needle, then back up, left and leave the cave. Follow the linear path upward until you get to another cave. Just pass through it.

On the other side, your path is still linear, but avoid the blue plants. They poison your party. However, hopefully you bought Poisona on your White Mage to heal them after. From there, it's a linear path up and around. And then Save, heal, and get ready. Anyways, go left to see a scene play. Faris is a sis, basically, and there are some nasty people in the world, that's all you learn.

Recommended party: Same. But switch to a Blue Mage if you really want to learn one spell. I don't think it's worth it as that can be gotten later.

Boss: Magissa
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
650 200 Drain None Summons Forza Whip None None Easy

Still easy. But if she summons Forza, hardest boss you fought so far. You didn't fight any hard bosses yet, though.

Lenna starts poisoned, whatever her job, so fix that with a White Mage. Your White Mage could also Silence Magissa. Have your other jobs use potions and healing items meanwhile, if anyone is hurting.

If Silence works right, she can sometimes never summon Forza making this easy as hell. But we want achievements, right? So if you want to dodge the risk of never getting Forza's entry, don't cast Silence. She's still easy.

Boss: Forza
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
850 100 Tackle None None Power Drink None None Easy

You can avoid this fight altogether. Please don't though, not if you want the achievement, that is. If you don't care for achievements, then all you lose by not fighting is 6 ABP which can be learnt by 6 fights.

Let's say you do fight. Kill Magissa off, won't be too much more. Have your Knight use Guard and Cover as this guy is mostly physical based. Not necessary, though. Other than that, your Monk and Black Mage should deal with this guy once Magissa's dead. Have your White Mage cure whoever gets Tackled, though.

Bosses are getting progressively harder. Head left and up, but I'd recommend going back to save first. Now head straight up. Watch another scene. Lenna is also a sis. When's it Bartz' turn to be a bro, huh? He's the main guy, right?

Well, that was fun! Now you get a DRAGON WOOOOO...and you can use him next page.

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