You've got your first few jobs, so now the fun truly begins. Read on, for your next steps in your Final Fantasy V adventure! And believe me, it does begin to pick up. But most RPGs pick up slowly.

Tule and Torna Canal Edit

Go back to your ship, which you now control. Go down and left. Ignore the stone wall, that is the Torna Canal which you currently cannot access. When you come across a town, land your ship and go to it. You'll arrive in Tule.

Tule iOS


The pirates will all go to the pub now. There are weapons for sale here, but you likely cannot afford too many and do not have much use, so only buy them if you have plenty of gil. What you will need to buy, though, is magic. Go to the shop with a staff sign outside, that is the magic shop. Fire and Cure are essential, but Lightning is really nice. Anything else is optional and depends on how much gil you're willing to spend. Poisona is particularly nice.

Go into the pub. Talk to the dancers blocking the stage, take part in their dance and then play the piano. When your piano skills level up, Bartz plays slightly better and then you'll unlock a spell. You also get an achievement at the end. My walkthrough is supposed to cover those, so do it for me plz (unless you aren't on the iOS/Android version and/or don't care for achievements).

Now head upstairs. You'll see Faris in the room on the right. Head over there to watch a scene. The scene is basically "hey guys Faris is the prettiest boy ever". I think that's dumb, because come on. We know she is a girl damnit. Apparently none of the party do. They'll learn next dungeon.

Now head north, upwards to a bridge that leads over a river to an old guy's house. This character, Zok, is so unimportant I don't know why he was given a name. He wasn't even given his own proper sprite. Nor will I give him a character box. Basically everyone goes to sleep, we learn some relatively important things about Bartz and are introduced to his pretty cool theme. Then we head off and Lok gives us the key to the Torna Canal.

And with that, unless you want to go to the house at the bottom left which teaches you mechanics, you're done. I wouldn't advise going there if you're using my walkthrough, as I'll tell you basically everything you need to know anyway.

So hey, we can head out! Short scene, and we learn our pirates are gone. Which sucks, because that means less people to help in battle, but ah well. If you do not have Cure or Fire, grind until you can afford them, as these spells are very important. And you should probably head to the Inn, but it's not essential. There's also Lightning, a spell which will come in handy.

Torna Canal + Ship Graveyard Edit

Go off to the right to the Torna Canal and head through. Bartz doesn't tell them why he has the key through, of course. That's how unimportant Zok is. Anyway, you go through the Canal and not a lot happens. You will fight a battle or two, but none that present anything resembling a threat. Then after following a linear path, something does happen.

Boss: Karlabos
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
650 100 Tail Screw Potion None Tent Lightning None Easy

If you have Cure, this battle is easy. Just heal your party when they take damage, and don't worry about your MP. If you come to the battle low, you might be in trouble, which is my fault because I told you the Inn wasn't essential :D but it really isn't.

Tail Screw would be dangerous if you didn't have Cure, but you do. Cure basically renders everything a non-threat this early. Have your White Mage cure whoever gets hit by it, and cure the whole party too (you should know how to target your whole party with one spell?) if only hit by normal physicals. That said, even with Cure, you can be unlucky and have your White Mage get paralyzed, so be careful.

The reason I told you Lightning was nice but not essential is not just because this boss is easy. It's also because your Black Mage should be equipped with a dagger. If so, at this stage, a dagger does more damage to this boss than Fire. Meaning you don't need to bother with magic. If you did pick up Lightning, then you'll find this boss even easier and not need to buy it later.

Try to ensure everyone survives. The 5 ABP is damn nice for everyone. If everyone doesn't, it's not the hugest issue, but it's really nice. But yeah, easy boss early, attack til it dies. Same story.

One you fight, you are met with a (for FFV standards) hearttugging scene. But you also lose the ship. Which sucks, and it's a damn good thing the pirates didn't follow you, or they wouldn't be alive now. Damn good thing for them, anyway. But yeah. Once that's over, you get a free heal and shoved into the next dungeon.

Ship Graveyard Edit

Recommended party
FFV Bartz Knight iOS FFV Lenna Monk iOS FFV Galuf Black Mage iOS FFV Faris White Mage iOS

Your Black Mage will melt most enemies with a single Fire targeted at everyone. Your White Mage will really come in handy, just use Cure targeted on everyone in between fights and don't bother attacking with them. Monk and Knight aren't so much necessary in the dungeon as useful. What they are necessary for, however, is gaining ABP on the Knight and Monk jobs which will really come in handy.

This setup should make the dungeon easier than it already is, and you'll need it against the Boss at the end.

Enjoy the music, "cursed lands", it's badass. And enjoy the dungeon. Why? Because if you listened to me - and I hope you did - you have Fire on your Black Mage, meaning you can end most fights in one turn, and those you can't will die to your Monk and Knight. Basically, having your Black Mage cast Fire on all enemies will kill most of them in one shot. Don't worry too much about MP, you'll restore it soon, and when you do run out, you can always switch your Black Mage to a Knight or Monk. You likely won't need to, though, especially not at this stage. And any ABP on your jobs is good.

Ship Graveyard

Ship Graveyard

On the ship, go right across then go down and hop on some stepping stones to get a treasuue, and go back up. Keeping going across right and end up on a ship. Enter it, then go right and down to the first room. Here, enter a door to the centre grab a Tent treasure, then exit and go down. Faris says she'll "get soaked", ignore her, as it makes no diifference to you. Downward, to the next room in the stairs underneath the water. Pick up treasure from the Pirate box thingy.

Go up ahead. Eventually, you should see two doors, one up and one down. Go to the top one and down its stairs for a treasure then head back out, and go to the door below. Right, down this door, take another few set of stairs down. When you end up in a place with seemingly broken floors, go left and up, check the treausre on the right then keep going upwards. Go up, to the next room and keep following the fairly linear path.

And here, a cutscene begins. The game FINALLY shows us that Faris is, in fact, a girl. YEAH, THANKS FOR THAT. WASN'T OBVIOUS ALREADY FROM, YOU KNOW, THE FEFMININE AS HELL SPRITE AND PORTRAIT. This also gives you a free rest. There was a room Lenna went into to change. Go into that room when your party has rested and save there. Then keep going up, and finally, out of this ship.

Outside the ship, go straight right, but keep going down. Don't bother with that ship to your right. Keep going down, then bother with what's to the right. Now on that ship that you got on, go through the door, get the World Map, then go down its stairs and get the three treasures. This is important not just for the achievement, but for what happens at the end of this dungeon. Go outside the ship again, and head right, take the rocks to the next ship. There's not much of it...until you open the chest that reveals the whole ship. Interesting. Now head up, heal up, and head up on the rocks.

Scene plays. Not much significance, other than that Galuf is a bro.

Boss: Siren
HP MP Deadly attacks Steal Morph Drops Weakness Resistance Difficulty
900 278 None Nothing Undead Bronze equipment Physicals (alive)
Magic (undead)
None Medium

Like most bosses in the early levels, you shouldn't have too much of a problem. However, this is the first boss where there's much real strategy involved.

By default, her form is in 'Alive' status. This is where your Monk and Knight come into play. Hammer her with physicals during this time. Oh, and have your Black Mage use physicals too. The White Mage should be just using Cure every turn.

Later, she'll turn to her Undead form. This is when your Black Mage should spam Fire. Monk and Knight can still do whatever, though, and White Mage still spam cure. However, as she is undead, White Mages can, if they want, damage her with healing spells. But they are likely better off healing the party instead. Physicals do damage to this form, it's just less impressive.

Switch between these two 'styles' depending on form. This boss will be relatively easy. As it is early on and you have few spells, and Monks are OP in this stage, bosses won't be too difficult. I listed this as Medium, as it can be difficult if you don't know what you're doing. Hopefully you do know what you're doing since you have me, though.

Siren dies. No one misses her. Galuf is a bro. Now head forward and onto the world map. Page done! What do you think that means? Next page!

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