Alright! You've loaded up the game, you've pressed the "start" button, and now you're about to embark on your Final Fantasy V adventure! I don't need to really give much more introduction than the game gives you already. So, now you're in, let's start!

Tycoon Meteor, the Beginning[edit source]

So, to begin with, we'll see a cutscene depicting King Tycoon and Lenna Charlotte Tycoon talking about the Wind Crystal. Basically, in the earlier Final Fantasies (this was basically the last one), the story would revolve around Crystals, in which the player would have to save them from an inevitable destruction/collection at the hand of the villain. If V isn't your first Final Fantasy, but is your first with Crystals, there's a short bit of info for you.

Right, so the cutscene now goes to Boko, and more importantly, we are introduced to our main character.

Character: Bartz Klauser

Ffv amano bartz1.jpg
Role Rating
Main character 7/10

Final Fantasy V's main character, ladies and gentlemen. Say hello to our amazing Bartz Klauser! His sprite in all versions looks very different from his portrait.

Eh, he ain't brilliant, I'll be completely honest. Bartz is naive, stupid, makes really dumb puns, and can get on your nerves. OH WAIT, WHERE HAVE I HEARD THAT BEFORE? Unlike our annoying idiot from Final Fantasy X, Bartz has no voice actor, and he isn't 'quite as bad. He doesn't really have a whole lot of personality beyond that, and doesn't say much interesting. That's not a bad thing by any means, it's just that a lot of the things he says are stupid puns, and there are times when you may think "oh, I know exactly what's going on/what happens next" but Bartz can't figure it out because he's a complete and utter idiot.

In Final Fantasy V, one thing is that, unlike most characters, there isn't any set job for him. There's nothing stopping you from making Bartz your White Mage, or your Knight. You can make this guy whatever you want to make him, so anything I say about him in combat here is irrelevant. I personally prefer to use Bartz as a guy who does physical damage, or takes a lot of physical damage. The reason for this is because, as the main character, he'll be around basically all of the time, and physical damage is often the most reliable thing. That's only a minor thing for the story of course. But yeah, make this guy whatever you want, though for the purpose of this walkthrough I'll be describing him as a Knight-like fighter most of the time.

Now, head off to the right with your Chocobo around the meteorite place. Then, walk along the path and past the tree to see someone being attacked by Goblins. Just attack them and they'll die. And yes, you can say that about any fight, but these guys die in 1 hit or so and deal about 4 damage a hit. And with that, we meet Lenna!

FFV-amano leena.jpg
Role Rating
Secondary party member 7/10

Ah, old Lenna ain't bad at all. This is normally the time where Square makes Lenna a love interest for Bartz, but they don't. I'm glad, because in this game it would probably end up being awful. Anyways, Lenna Charlotte Tycoon!

Her personality is fairly...non existent, I suppose? Well, she doesn't say a lot interesting, and the bits that show her character are sweet and all, but they aren't much special. She's a Tycoon princess, a selfless lover of animals, and not a whole lot else. I say she's alright, and not bad, but again, I just don't have anything really to say her about. No one particularly special.

One thing I will give her, though, is that her Monk sprite is pretty darn sweet. For that reason, I make her a Monk on basically every playthrough, but of course, that class drops off later on. I normally have her as my second damage dealer person. Of course, later on you'll get to a point where everyone outputs at least a bit of physical damage, but not early on for sure. I'll probably go through this walkthrough and describe her as such, but not necessarily.

And you rescued Lenna, and get to name Bartz whatever you chose. I can't be bothered with naming characters, personally, which is why I never name Bartz anything else. So, Lenna met, now you'll meet my favourite party member.

FFV-amano galuf.jpg
Role Rating
Crazy old fool-like character 8/10

Ah, Galuf! You know how most old characters tend to have that typical personality of either being old and wise, or old and crazy? Yeah, Galuf's the latter. Which is cool, I suppose.

Galuf is the best party member to me personally. He has the craziest dialogue, the funniest lines, and is just downright cool for the most part. Sure, you don't have to think much of him, but I find him easy to like. The others aren't necessarily hard to like, they're just nothing special. Galuf is slightly closer to being a standout character than the others because his lines are funny and he's the guy everyone likes to be around. There is a comparison I can draw to a certain character from FF, and to another from another franchise entirely, but I won't now, as that's a spoiler.

Being an old guy and all, I tend to lean towards building this guy as a mage. Specifically, I build him as a Black Mage, the kind of guy who uses magic for dealing damage, and then I build him with other sorts of utility. The only reason I do this is just because it makes sense for him, and like I've said before, no reason you can't do anything different. I'll probably refer to him as the black mage most often.

Following Lenna and Galuf[edit source]

The two of them run off. But as per typical any storyline, you'll have to follow, eh?

Walk back out, meet up with Boko again, and ride. Go around the small portion of the World Map you have access to, then go to the left and then head upwards. You'll encounter a section where the world is falling apart, then you'll have to follow a path to reach Lenna and Galuf. You'll fight a few more easy Goblins, but won't need any health regeneration and won't struggle to fight them at all. This is fairly easy.

You'll reunite with them, they'll join your party, and now the adventure of FFV begins. Well, I say that, but it really begins when you've unlocked your jobs. Not too long now. But you have to head for that Wind Shrine, meet the fourth party member, and then you're set.

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