Overview of Blue Magic in Final Fantasy V. Blue Magic is a kind of magic that can be learnt only from enemies, and used by Blue Mages, or anyone with the Blue Magic ability equipped. It cannot be Dualcast. However, it is deceptively useful, and can be a decent substitute for White Magic and Black Magic at the end. Blue Magic vary from very useful to completely useless. For achievement purposes, learning them all is ideal.

Other than certain areas of the World Map, the Pyramid of Moore, Sunken Walse Tower, Phoenix Tower, Island Shrine and Great Sea Trench are the best dungeons to learn Blue Magic from. Executor, Mykale and Magic Dragon are among the best enemies to learn it from.

Also covered here, not technically Blue Magic, but Dark Arts, the Necromancer's ability works basically identically, and is not worth its own page, so I will list them here too.

Blue Magics[edit source]

Offensive Blue Magics mostly involve either random chance, Black Magic-esque effects or otherwise. They're not bad at all, though often only situationally good. Problem is that they cannot be Dualcasted, or Spellbladed. Deefensive Blue Magics are often incredibly useful, and can almost substitute White Magics in many ways. Others are level based or status effects.

Moon Flute[edit source]

Ability: Moon Flute
FFV iOS Moon Flute.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
3 Blue Magic Learned from Page 256, Jackanapes and Mykale Afflicts "Berserk" status on the entire party

Moon Flute is pretty weak. It serves no purpose other than convenience for anyone who wants to cast Berserk on everyone, and even then, it requires using Blue Magic for it. I find it pretty pointless. It does serve its desired effect, but who cares about the desired effect? I can think of decent uses on an all-physical team, but even still...I'm skeptical of how good that would actually be.

Best learnt either by controlling a Mykale, or doing nothing and allowing a Page 256 to use it.

Transfusion[edit source]

Ability: Transfusion
Transfusion-FF5-GBA.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
13 Blue Magic Learned from Mythril Dragon, Gargoyle, Birositris, Devilfish, Unknown (#169), Mover Removes caster from battle permanently but fully restores a single target's MP and HP

Transfusion is a very useless Blue Magic and also very weak. Its ability, restoring a target's MP and HP completely, is made redundant by bother Elixir and the Phoenix summon. There is no reason to ever use this ability. Not even as a last resort, it's bad even in those cases as removing a character does more harm than good. It's fairly pointless.

When I played, I learnt it from Devilfish near Exdeath's Castle, however, that is unavailable in World Three. I would recommend learning from the Unknown. However, Mythril Dragons are also early in their appearance and easy to fight.

White Wind[edit source]

Ability: White Wind
FFV iOS White Wind.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
28 Blue Magic Learned from Enchanted Fan, Dark Elemental, White Flame, Hellraiser Restores party HP equal to the current HP of the caster

One of the historically much more useful Blue Magics, White Wind is situationally awesome. It's also learned from relatively easy to spot enemies. White Wind is a very powerful healing tool that, unlike spells like Cura, Curaga and the like, don't rely on any Magic stat or on the spell itself, only on that of the caster. This means the spell is always very useful. Consider picking White Wind up. The only problem, of course, is that it requires using Blue Magic to do it.

The Enchanted Fan, Dark Elemental and White Flame are the best enemies to learn this from. They have to be Controlled by a Beastmaster to actually learn it, as White Wind will never be used on the party otherwise.

Mighty Guard[edit source]

Ability: Mighty Guard
MightyGuard-FF5-GBA.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
72 Blue Magic Learned from Ironclad, Stingray, Azulmagia Casts Protect, Shell and Float on the entire party

This is one of the more famously really useful Blue Magics. Floating entire party avoids any Earth damage, Protecting and Shelling everyone this way is quicker and more efficient than manually casting it with White Magic each time, and unlike FFVII's version, it lasts the entire battle. Well, FFVII's Mighty Guard was the strongest in series history, and that one also granted Haste but it also didn't last, so it didn't quite break the game. It's great in this game, of course, but it's ridiculously hard to get and you may not end up using it often, so while it's great for a Blue Magic, it's not always too necessary. Definitely not as great as it was in VII.

My opinion is currently that Azulmagia, a boss in the final dungeon, is the best way to learn it, just cast Reflect on him. Alternatively, it can be learned from the Stingray, as that one can be learned on the World Map. It's a very rare encounter, however, fought near Carwen or Walse Tower, though also in the Sealed Temple. You must Control it and cast on your party, or cast Reflect on it and then hope it casts. While you technically could learn it from the Ironclad in the Sealed Temple, and also learn a Dark Arts ability from that same enemy, there's no point getting it at the Sealed Temple. Ideally, you should have it before arriving to the Sealed Temple to deal with several bosses.

Magic Hammer[edit source]

Ability: Magic Hammer
MagicHammer-FF5-GBA.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
3 Blue Magic Learned from Byblos, Drippy, Apanda, Azulmagia, Oiseaurare Halves target's MP

One of the much better Blue Magics in the game. Magic Hammer will be very good against a few bosses. Against normal encounters, I'd normally argue there is not much point, but 3 MP cost for a spell with such a massive effect is nothing to scoff at. Magic Hammer is a great ability as far as Blue Magics go, even if it is only useful in some fights. If any enemy has a scary-high amount of MP, use it.

The Oiseaurare is probably the best enemy to learn it from, in the Island Shrine. The Oiseaurare isn't too hard to encounter, when reached further into the dungeon. It should be Controlled.

Pond's Chorus[edit source]

Ability: Pond's Chorus
PondChorus-FF5-GBA.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
5 Blue Magic Learned from Azulmagia, Elf Toad, Archeotoad, Kornago, Farfarello, Gilgamesh, Lemure, Vilia Turns a target into a Toad

Frog Song has the exact same effect as the Black Magic Toad. It costs 3 less MP. But it has to be learnt. Also requires using Blue Magic. Considering Toad is never used, you can tell how useful Frog Song is. On a per-ability basis, is Frog Song better for the 3 less MP? Perhaps. But Blue Magic cannot be Dualcast, so you can't use it on more than one. And by the time you have someone using Blue Magic, you care even less about Toad than you did before. Bleh.

It's easy to learn it from the Elf Toads, however, Vilia is probably the best to learn it from, as that can also teach Lilliputian Lyric.

Lilliputian Lyric[edit source]

LilliputianLyric-FF5-GBA.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
5 Blue Magic Learned from Mini Magician, Mykale, Gilgamesh, Cherie, Farfarello, Azulmagia, Vilia Inflicts Mini on a target.

Lilliputian Lyric has an effect identical to the Mini White Magic spell. So what is the point, exactly? Unlike Pond's Chorus, it doesn't even reduce the MP cost. So it's just a harder to learn Mini with no benefits when we barely used Mini anyway. This is really pointless and annoying. Little benefit.

Cherie is probably the best enemy to learn it from, as it is in a dungeon where learning Blue Magic is already great. As a Vilia is in World Three and also teaches Pond's Chorus, it can be a good idea to learn it from them. Mykales are also great to learn it from, as they are great to learn several Blue Magics from.

Flash[edit source]

Ability: Flash
Flash-FF5-GBA.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
7 Blue Magic Learned from Headstone, Crew Dust, Ramuh, Neon, Gilgamesh, Necrophobe, Azulmagia, Orukat, Parthenope, and Stone Mask Casts Blind on all enemies

While it's not guaranteed to work, Flash is a great ability. It can be very useful as not only a last resort measure, but a general defensive move. When enemies are blinded, most of their attacks will not connect. This is especially useful against enemies whose physicals are their greatest means of dealing damage. The only problem is that later on, the party will be so strong that they will just destroy enemies before they can get in any attacks, and a lot of bosses are either immune to Blind or didn't use physicals anyway.

Best learned from Parthenope in Phoenix Tower, who also teaches Roulette, which is kinda nice. However, it is awesome to learn it against Crew Dust at the very early levels if you want, as it's pretty useful. The problem with learning Blue Magic at the early levels is you'll likely not use it at early levels.

Time Slip[edit source]

Ability: Time Slip
FFV iOS Time Slip.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
9 Blue Magic Learned from Traveler, Gilgamesh, Azulmagia, Cherie Casts Old and Sleep

Old causes stats to reduce over time. Sleep causes enemies to be useless for a while. So by the time an enemy comes out of their sleep status, they will be weak. For 9 MP, this is a hilariously good spell. However, when it comes to immobilizing enemies, Mind Blast probably outclasses it. So while it's a good spell to use, it's not that great.

Learn it from a Cherie in the Phoenix Tower. It's a fairly rare to learn spell, but it's good.

Level 2 Old[edit source]

Ability: Level 2 Old
FFV iOS Level 2 Old.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
11 Blue Magic Learned from Magic Dragon, Level Checker, Executor, Level Tricker, Shinryu Casts Old on enemies whose level is a multiple of 2

Level 2 Old is pretty useless. Old is a status that will reduce the stats of an enemy over time. Sorry, but, who cares about that? Other than targeting all enemies, what does it do? Bear in mind that most Level ? spells are highly situational, this may apply to a lot of situations, but it doesn't apply a great spell to a lot of situations. Bleh. Pointless.

As usual, Magic Dragons, Level Checkers and Executors are excellent enemies to learn this from. It's very easy to learn.

Off-Guard[edit source]

Ability: Off-Guard
OffGuard-FF5-GBA.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
19 Blue Magic Learned from Page 256, Magic Dragon, Shadow, Ziggurat Gigas, Azulmagia Halves target's defense

Not a bad ability at all. However, it tends to be evasion and HP that really hurts the ability to kill an enemy, as opposed to defense. This ultimately means it sounds better than it might actually be in practice. That doesn't make it poor, it just means there are times when another ability should be used instead.

Best learnt by controlling a Page 256, really. A Magic Dragon isn't bad either.

Dark Spark[edit source]

Ability: Dark Spark
DarkSpark-FF5-GBA.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
27 Blue Magic Black Flame, Strapparer, Ushabti, Hades, Azulmagia, Shadow, Druid Halves target's current level

This is why I do not like Blue Magic. A spell that's such a pain in the arse to learn, costs 27 MP and does very little for us? Well, Dark Spark could be a lot worse. Reducing a target's level by so much renders them with much lower strength and defense. But why would we do that, when we have other ways of dealing with bosses? Eh, use it if you want, it isn't horrible, I just don't see the use.

Black Flame and Ushabti are probably the best enemies to learn this from. Ushabti requires giving it an Ether, though.

Mind Blast[edit source]

Ability: Mind Blast
FFV iOS Mind Blast.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
6 Blue Magic Learned from Mindflayer, Azulmagia, and Wendigo Inflicts Sap and Paralyze on a target

This is an infuriating spell to deal with, so you can imagine it's very useful. Well, it is useful, except the much harder enemies are immune to Paralyze. Other than that, it's great. Sapping HP from an enemy and rendering them useless for ages is very good. With a single cast, and only 6 MP, that enemy is a non-factor for ages and you get their HP. I'd say it's pretty good.

Best learnt from Mindflayers, by making everyone a Blue Mage. There's little point going out of your way to learn it from anyone else. Funnily enough, I learnt it fighting Wendigo when I played.

Missile[edit source]

Ability: Missile
FFV iOS Missile.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
7 Blue Magic Learned from Mecha Head, Motor Trap, Prototype, Rocket Launcher, Soul Cannon, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Azulmagia Reduces target to 1/4 of their HP

It's like Graviga, yeah. But it costs much less MP. And besides, firing missiles is so much cooler, screw your opinion. Well, since this ability won't always hit, I don't like using it too much. It's certainly not a bad ability, especially against encounters with high HP. But since Time Magic is more consistently useful than Blue Magic, and will be used more often, this spell is weak. But I don't care, it's cool, screw you.

I learn this in the Rocket Launcher basically all the time, but it can be learnt from Prototypes in the Sunken Walse Tower. That also happens to be the place where Level Checkers, which teach other Blue Magics, are found, so going there is a great idea.

Death Claw[edit source]

Ability: Death Claw
DeathClaw-FF5-GBA.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
21 Blue Magic Learned from Death Claw, Treant, Gilgamesh, Soul Eater, Azulmagia, Iron Claw, Objet d'Art, Strapparer Reduces target's HP to critical levels and Paralyzes them

I kind of prefer Mind Blast. I don't know why. But Death Claw is a really strong ability. When it does work, which admittedly isn't always, it basically guarentees the target's uselessness and death the next turn. But since it doesn't always work, and will not work on any competent boss, there is no reason to really use Death Claw that often.

Learn it from the Objet d'Arts. Since a Blue Mage will be going there and grinding anyway, why not? It's super convenient.

Goblin Punch[edit source]

Ability: Goblin Punch
FFV iOS Goblin Punch.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
0 Blue Magic Learned from Goblin, Black Goblin, Gilgamesh, Gobbledygook, Azulmagia, Sahagin, Nix Varying non elemental damage to a target (If the target's level is same as the caster's level, deals 8 times the damage instead)

Don't let the name fool you, this is Level ? Damage in disguise. It works purely based on whether the enemy and the caster have the same level. And there is little to no chance of that ever happening. So normally, I would say, "do yourself a favour and don't bother". However, remember this: no MP, huge physical attack from back row, loads of damage. If you have the slightest suspicion that an enemy will be weak to Goblin Punch, then yes, a cast of Libra is worth it to find out.

Learn it from any of the Golbins. It's not difficult to learn. Otherwise, Sahagin or Nix.

Roulette[edit source]

Ability: Roulette
Roulette-FF5-GBA.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
1 Blue Magic Learned from Azulmagia, Death Dealer, Parthenope, Shinryu Kills a random target

That's not "kills a random enemy", it kills anyone on battle. So it's 1 MP, it MIGHT kill an enemy, or it might kill one of you. Worth the risk? Well, for 1 MP, possibly. Remember that a lot of the harder enemies are immune.

Learn it from Parenthope at Phoenix Tower, it's easy there.

Self-Destruct[edit source]

Ability: Self-Destruct
SelfDestruct-FF5-GBA.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
1 Blue Magic Learned from Azulmagia, Motor Trap, Bomb, Purobolos, Grenade, Gilgamesh, Prototype, Unknown #171 Non-elemental piercing damage to a target based on caster's HP, killing caster

What is the point, seriously? Like Transfusion, it just kills you to do some damage to an enemy. Bear in mind that your damage output scales much greater than your HP, regardless of the FF game. So you will never have so much HP that you'll deal more damage with Self-Destruct than with any attack. You'll also deal that damage in a more consistent and sustained way. There is literally no point. There is one boss that is made ridiculously easy using this method, and that's it.

You will probably learn this against any Bomb enemy in battle with a Blue Mage accidentally. But otherwise, Prototype is the best to learn it from.

Vampire[edit source]

Ability: Vampire
FFV iOS Vampire.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
2 Blue Magic Learned from Steel Bat, Blood Slime, Abductor, Zombie Dragon, Enkidu, Dark Aspic, Python, Mercury Bat, Azulmagia, Achelon, Dechirer, Shadow Drains HP from enemy and returns it to caster

Similar to Drain. It's calculated as Max HP - Current HP for how much it will drain (apparently). Well, it's hard to talk about Vampire as it isn't a terrible ability, especially not for its MP cost, but what situations will you really use it in?

You will have to Control them and give them an Ether, but a Shadow on the beach north of sunken Walse is the best enemy to learn it from.

????[edit source]

Ability: ????
FFV iOS ???.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
3 Blue Magic Learned from Azulmagia, Kuza Beast, Tyrannosaur, Wild Nakk, Behemoth, Gel Fish, King Behemoth, Mecha Head, Numb Blade, Tunneller Deals non-elemental piercing damage to one target equal to caster's Maximum HP minus their current HP

Why the hell is this spell called ???? exactly? I don't know. Well, it doesn't matter. This spell is...actually pretty awesome. Consider using this before Curaga, because it can be pretty decent. Scales well, too. It's not a bad ability at all, honestly.

Learn from Mecha Head in the Pyramid of Moore. The Behemoths aren't horrible to learn it from.

Aero[edit source]

Ability: Aero
Aero-FF5-GBA.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
4 Blue Magic Learned from Moldwynd, Gigas, Magissa, Mykale, Azulmagia, and Defeater Deals Wind damage to an enemy

Obviously, the weakest Wind spell. Functions like a Black Magic "Fire", but for Wind. But since it is a Blue Magic, it cannot be dualcast, and you need to equip Blue Magic. By the time anyone would want to do that, Aeroga is already available and already learnt.

Gigas or Mykale are who you want to learn this ability from, usually. Defeater isn't bad.

Flame Thrower[edit source]

Ability: Flame Thrower
FFV iOS Flame Thrower.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
5 Blue Magic Learned from Prototype, Flame Thrower, Mecha Head, Omega, Omega Mk.II, Triton, Great Dragon, Azulmagia, Claret Dragon, Mindflayer Deals fire damage to one target

One of the cooler Blue Magics, Flamethrower is just awesome. Well, to be fair, it's arguably not that good when Firaga exists and it cannot be cast on multiple targets, but it's a low MP cost for a deccent amount of reliable damage. Very few Blue Magics are reliable.

I normally learn it from the FLame Thrower 'boss' at Ronka Ruins, but it can be learnt from Mecha Head and Mindflayer, who also teach other Blue Magic.

Level 4 Graviga[edit source]

FFV iOS Level 4 Graviga.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
9 Blue Magic Learned from Ghidra, Level Tricker, Level Checker, Azulmagia, Executor Casts Graviga on enemies whose level is a multiple of 4

From Level 3 Flare to Level 4 Graviga? Well, it's situational of course, but Level 4 Graviga casts Graviga on all enemies for half the MP, but only on enemies whose level is divisible by four. That reduces their HP to a quarter. Another situationally useful spell. Not amazing, but kind of neat.

As usual, Level Checkers and Executors are the best enemies from which to learn this ability. It's very easy to learn.

Doom[edit source]

Ability: Doom
FFV iOS Doom.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
10 Blue Magic Learned from Exdeath, Azulmagia, Hades, Unknown (#172), The Damned Guarenteed kill on a target after 30 seconds

Hahahahahaha, YOU'RE DOOOOOOMED!! Oh wait, this is FFV, not Dota 2, so Doom sucks. It kills a target after 30 seconds. Thing is, other methods can kill a target after 3 seconds. So there is no point in using Doom. It got buffed in other games, but in this, it's just ok. Guarenteed kill for 10 MP, but staying alive for 30 seconds is more MP. Still, YOU'RE DOOMED (warning: sound file link).

Learn it from Unknown (172) in the Great Sea Trench, that's probably the easiest way. The Damned isn't bad.

Aera[edit source]

Ability: Aera
Aera-FF5-GBA.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
10 Blue Magic Learned from Gigas, Enchanted Fan, Page 32, Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Abductor, Azulmagia, Galajelly Wind elemental damage to one or more enemies

So Aera is another one of those Air-elemental abilities, but is there really a lot of point? Air-elemental abilities mimic normal Black Magic abilities but are harder to learn. But doesn't that not mean all the pre-Aeroga abilities are useless? Eh, I'm not a fan of should-be Black Magic spells being Blue Magic in general. Like any elemental Black Magic, good against enemies weak to it, and weak once the third level is learnt.

It is best learn probably by fighting a Page 32.

Level 3 Flare[edit source]

Ability: Level 3 Flare
FFV iOS Level 3 Flare.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
18 Blue Magic Learned from Exdeath, Level Checker, Red Dragon, Archeosaur, Azulmagia, Executor, Shinryu Casts Flare on enemies whose level is a multiple of 3

Level 3 Flare, much more like it. Flare is already an awesome spell to use, but the potential to use it on multiple is great. It's very situational, of course, and only works against certain enemies, so bear that in mind.

As usual, Level Checkers and Executors are the best enemies from which to learn this ability. It's very easy to learn.

Level 5 Death[edit source]

Ability: Level 5 Death
FFV iOS Level 5 Death.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
22 Blue Magic Have a Blue Mage/Learner die
Learned from Page 64, Level Checker, Azulmagia, Executor, Enuo, Level Tricker
Kills anything with a level multiple of 5, ignores immunity to Instant Death

Level 5 Death is an awesome ability that makes grinding a lot easier and even makes some bosses easier. Many people overexaggerate its uses, but its main use is to kill Objet d'Arts and farm them for incredibly easy ABP leveling. Due to the MP cost, that's not as easy as it sounds, but still awesome.

There are plenty of places to learn it, but it is best learnt at the Library of the Ancients early on. The second visit, it is less than ideal, as if the party is not at a level which is a multiple of 5, they will have to grind, and that is the one point in the game where grinding is bad. Level Checker and Executor, outside of the Library, are also great ways to learn it.

Aeorga[edit source]

Ability: Aeroga
FFV iOS AerogaChar.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
24 Blue Magic Learned from Enchanted Fan (Metamorpha version only), Magic Dragon, Elm Gigas, Crystal, Baldanders, Azulmagia, Neo Exdeath, Dark Elemental, Enuo, Cherie, Ziggurat Gigas (Zephyrus only) Wind elemental damage to one or more enemies

Saying Aeroga is the strongest Wind Blue Magic is a tautology, because that's what it is. And once learned, it is the best way to deal wind damage to any enemy. It is like any elemental Black Magic, but more annoying to learn, and more annoying to use. For these reasons, I question its use in practice, other than against enemies weak to Wind damage, which are not too high in number, and there are alternate ways to kill them. It's not bad, though.

Learning against Elm Gigas is the best way, either by controlling one or letting them use it. Magic Dragons are good too, as always, and Dark Elementals are not bad.

1000 Needles[edit source]

Ability: 1000 Needles
FFV 1000 Needles iOS.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
25 Blue Magic Azulmagia, Lamia Queen, Cactus, Hedgehog, Lamia, Lemure, Mykale Halves target's current level

As far as Blue Magics go, this is one of the best. It deals a guarenteed 1000 damage to an enemy. That 1000 damage cannot be reduced in any way. It is exceptionally useful against some of the bosses in the earlier portions of the game, and while it may drop off against bosses, having multiple casters makes this incredibly awesome, if you want to keep Blue Magic around on more than one caster. Though ideally, you need it on at least one.

The Lamias are possibly the best enemies to learn 1000 Needles from, either in Ronka Ruins or the Pyramid of Moore. Mykale is great as usual.

Aqua Breath[edit source]

Ability: Aqua Breath
FFV iOS Aqua Breath.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
38 Blue Magic Learned from Dhorme Chimera, Manticore, Leviathan, Bahamut, Azulmagia, Crystal, Enuo, Famed Mimic Gogo, Aquagel Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies, but 8 times the damage to desert enemies.

Aqua Breath is a situationally awesome Blue Magic ability hurt by its high MP cost. Its high MP cost balances this skill, however. Aqua Breath is, surprisingly, non-elemental damage, as opposed to water elemental damage, which I find odd. The best use of this skill is undoubtedly against desert enemies, where it does 8 times the normal damage. The spell can have devastating effects.

It is best learnt fighting a Dhrome Chimera, in World One. This helps to defeat a boss in the dungeon that follows shortly afterwards, but is also the best time the spell can be reliably learnt. Aqua Breath is a missable ability, but a useful one that should not be missed ideally.

Dark Arts[edit source]

More consistently satisfying and badass, but not too useful. By the time Dark Arts is unlocked, all the challenges but the Cloister of the Dead are complete. Meaning that as cool as Dark Arts are, they are impractical, unfortunately. Oh well. I wish I loved these spells.

Unlike Blue Magics, the spells are unlocked by killing the enemy in question with the Dark Art.

Drain Touch[edit source]

Ability: Drain Touch
FFV iOS Drain Touch.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
15 Dark Art Mindflayer, The Damned Absorbs HP, cannot be reflected

Drain Touch is great. Essentially replacing Cure spells, Drain Touch is a relatively cheap and powerful spell. Being one of the more neat Dark Arts, it is only natural that it is gained early.

It is learnt in the Dark Arts tutorial, so does not have to be learnt like another Dark Art.

Dark Haze[edit source]

Ability: Dark Haze
FFV iOS Dark Haze.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
18 Dark Art Exoray, Lemure Inflicts Old and Confuse and causes non-elemental damage

The effect of this spell speaks for itself. Like any Dark Art, it is really nice and really powerful, and gives the feeling of "why couldn't I have this earlier?" But non-elemental damage is probably the best use. At this point, any party with Dark Arts is so insane that this kind of bullying of any random encounter should be illegal.

As Exorays are a pain to fight, it is best to learn it from the Lemure in the Phoenix Tower.

Deep Freeze[edit source]

Ability: Deep Freeze
FFV iOS Deep Freeze.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
38 Dark Art Assassin, Dark Elemental Ice damage to one enemy, inflicts Stop

At this point, it's not just making White Magic useless, it's making Black Magic useless too. A great spell if you want to completely bully any big enemy and take no damage from them.

As both Assassins and Dark Elementals are found in the Sealed Temple, learn it from them.

Evil Mist[edit source]

Ability: Evil Mist
FFV iOS Evil Mist.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
38 Dark Art Zombie Dragon, Unknown Poisons and deals Poison elemental damage

Yeah. Who needs Black Mages at this point, seriously? This spell is another that speaks for itself.

The Unknown enemies are ridiculously easy to fight.

Meltdown[edit source]

Ability: Meltdown
FFV iOS Meltdown.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
38 Dark Art Liquid Flame, Claret Dragon Fire damage to multiple enemies and inflicts Sap

Meltdown works very differently to other games in the series. It's not like it is in VI at all; instead of damaging you and enemies, it only damages enemies and heals you. So, another really good spell? Yep, that's right.

If you want to learn from Liquid Flame, you have to in the Cloister. But I do not advise that. Claret Dragon all the way.

Hellwind[edit source]

Ability: Hellwind
FFV iOS Hellwind.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
38 Dark Art Objet d'Art, Stingray Deals Wind elemental damage and causes Petrify

Why are Wind and Petrify associated with one another in any way at all? That makes no sense. Anyway, another way to bully your enemies. Not content with making White Magic and Black Magic useless, this makes a Summon, Catoblepas, useless. Jokes, he was already useless anyway.

Stingrays are not all that rare anymore thanks to the Sealed Temple, but nor are Objet d'Arts, and the latter is a much easier enemy.

Chaos Drive[edit source]

Ability: Chaos Drive
FFV iOS Chaos Drive.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
38 Dark Art Mini Satana Lightning elemental damage to all enemies, inflicts Paralysis

You get the theme, right? Inflicts elemental damage and a status ailment to an enemy, costs 38 MP, is really good? Follows the same formula here. Nothing to it. I'm starting to see why we weren't given Necromancers this whole time, because their spells are so insanely strong that anyone with any MP may never need to change job again.

Mini Satanas will cause you no major troubles.

Curse[edit source]

Ability: Curse
FFV iOS Curse.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
44 Dark Art Ironclad Causes various status ailments

Yep, more spells making Black Magic useless. Anyway, Curse just inflicts various random status ailments to bully enemies. However, this one is probably the weakest Dark Art. It's not only random, but it costs tons of MP and doesn't come with damage like the other status inflicting spells. So don't really bother. It's not like most people will bother with Dark Arts in the first place.

Unfortunately, Ironclad is a tough enemy, and this ain't that great a spell. He's in the Sealed Temple anyways.

Dark Flare[edit source]

Ability: Dark Flare
FFV iOS Dark Flare.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
52 Dark Art Exdeath's Soul, Tonberry Deals high amounts of damage ignoring defense to all enemies

This is familiar. Dark Flare is an ability that lots of bosses in the series have. It also has the same effect as Ultima. Which is good, because that ability in VI is overpowered as hell. Well, here, it costs even less MP, but it also appears much later. If it appeared as early as in VI, the whole game would have been just as incredibly easy.

Tonberry, Exdeath's Soul, it's up to you how you learn this spell.

Doomsday[edit source]

Ability: Doomsday
FFV iOS Doomsday.png MP cost Type Learned by Effect
66 Dark Art Hades Deals high amounts of damage to all enemies, non reflectable

Did I speak too soon? Maybe? Oh well. Massive amounts of damage that cannot be reflected, I don't really need to go into detail, this spell is powerful and good for bullying random encounters with.

Hades is hard to learn from, found in the later part of the Sealed Temple. Appropriate, since this might just be the most powerful Dark Art.

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