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Welcome to Technobliterator's walkthrough to Final Fantasy V!

This walkthrough for Final Fantasy V is a strategy guide or a Walkthrough with loads of guide pages and stuff or whatever you want to call it. Basically, as well as being a full walkthrough, it also provides pages with details for strategies and mechanics of the game as well, and covers the game in full. Stick around for the full walkthrough, or just stick around for parts, come in just to see how to beat one boss or see how to beat the whole game.

This is designed to be helpful and spoiler free, but if you are here for an entertaining walkthrough with commentary comedy, visit another, because I ain't forcing humour in this one. While written for the Android/iOS version, it will work with the GBA too, and with any release, although there are differences in translation.

So, now that you know what you're in for, welcome, and I hope you find this guide useful!

Important information
Here's some important information regarding the game you should probably read.

Here's a general overview of the Job System:

  • You get ABP after battle to level up the jobs. Job levels mean you permanently gain that ability to use on only that character. Don't be afraid to learn the same job on multiple characters, though it might be useless early.
  • Level jobs for their ability, and change them regularly. Don't make the easy mistake of sticking with one job because it seems leveled.
  • Jobs can be changed at any time out of battle. It is advisable, too, especially early on for some bosses.
  • Staying on jobs to learn a few things is fine. Don't waste time mastering a job if a better one is available.
  • The Freelancer is a lategame job. Use it only against certain bosses or when you have mastered several jobs. This is because you won't level up your jobs using them. The only job coming close to the Freelancer in terms of being strictly lategame is the Mime job (basically, Freelancer for Mages).

This walkthrough was written on the iOS/Android version, though that version is identical to the GBA version. That in turn, almost identical to the PlayStation and SNES versions, with the exception of a missing Bonus Dungeon, and worse translations. Depending on your version:

  • If you're playing SNES or PS, the names will be very different, just watch out for the sprites, which are identical.
  • If you're playing SNES or PS, then you can ignore everything I put that comes after the Final Boss (unless you've decided to beat Omega and Shinryu after the boss).
  • If you're playing any version but the iOS/Android versions, ignore the achievements. You can still read them, and still go and do them if you like, there just won't be much point.

And speaking of which, those of you Android folks, I'd totally recommend you get a gamepad and play it on that, as it'd feel more like you're playing a console game. Probably better for bigger screen devices though. Also, please use Cloud save, that is useful as hell, especially if you have multiple devices.

If you want to come into the walkthrough late, then while you will not have followed the job grinding overview I give, I should be able to help you anyway. I will give alternative strategies to most bosses and mention possible alternate outcomes based on what you have or have not done.

Although you don't have to follow it strictly, the guide does give suggestions about leveling up certain jobs. The attempt is to keep assumptions on job levels to a minimum, of course, though for most bosses (until the ultra-endgame ones) it shouldn't matter too much. I highly recommend you follow them if you want to complete the game completely, but if you find grinding tiring, you can feel free to put it off for later.

If you want to fix any grammar mistakes or typos I have made, be my guest. I don't mind if your edits are fixes. However, do not add strategies or content of your own, and do not remove content either.
Formatting information
This walkthrough, being a Technobliterator walkthrough, will use my own Walkthrough templates. Those are designed to be customisable to suit walkthroughs for any game. For this game, here's how the rating systems work:
  • I rate characters out of 10 in their boxes. In Final Fantasy V specifically, this does not relate to their strength in battle at all, as they are all identical.
  • I rate bosses on a scale of 1-5, with an extra 6 for a different purpose. It's fairly simple to understand, but basically:
    • Cannot lose = scripted battle, or ridiculously easy; either way don't use any MP
    • Easy = you'll probably win if you're at least slightly competent*(it's my job as the walkthrough writer to make sure you are anyway)
    • Medium = it'll be a challenge, but not too tough of one
    • Hard = definitely challenging, might take a few tries, a really good strategy, or an overleveled party
    • Very hard = even the most overleveled parties will struggle, and this sure as hell will not be easy
    • Impossible = you're not supposed to fight yet, or your loss is scripted
I make use of tabs in some sections for different strategies. Sometimes - normally if you are using a mobile device - the tabbers may not work and you have to scroll down instead of clicking extra tabbers.
Background information
Just a bit of background info, it's unimportant. Feel free to skip.

My personal opinion on FFV? This game's amazing, definitely one of my favourites in the series, but also has an incredibly dull story. Customization of characters is awesome, and the job system is intuitive and ingenious. Just don't come in to the game expecting the epic story you got in VII or IX. The music is incredible, and so is the gameplay. Everything rules, and one of the best characters in the series is in this game. Shame, however, that no other real standout characters are.

This walkthrough was written to fill a void in Walkthrough:Final Fantasy V. A pretty glaring one, too. Also, my first walkthrough.

I will mostly be informative, I'll try not to be dull or strictly formal, nor will I try to force any humour at all (believe me, if I didn't think we had enough informative walkthroughs on everything, I'd be cussing everywhere, instead I'll cuss less). I'm just going to give you a walkthrough that tells you how to play this game from the start to the finish, and tells you how to unlock every single achievement.
Survival guide; tips & tricks
This part of the walkthrough is not a full in depth walkthrough to Final Fantasy V. This part will give overviews, tips, tricks and general information. For those who are okay with getting through the game themselves, but would like some help along the way, I gotcha covered.
Abilities and character development coverage

This part is for the general list of skills, how to play, and how to progress.

  • Jobs - A full explanation on the various jobs in Final Fantasy V. This is a general overview on how best to level the jobs, their different abilities, and also some semi-helpful opinions.
  • Party Building - A guide to developing your characters, to creating your ultimate final party, and various good places to grind.
  • Summons - Overview of the summons, how to unlock them all, and how effective they are.
  • Blue Magic - A guide to the Blue Magic of Final Fantasy V, and how best to catch 'em all. Also covers Dark Arts.


And here is the various challenges you will have to overcome.

  • Bosses - Stuck on a boss, but don't want to read the entire walkthrough to find it? Haven't been following any walkthrough? No worries, I got you covered. Here's a full comprehensive guide on every boss in the game!
  • Achievements - A full list of achievements for the game and where to get them all.
If those didn't help enough, then feel free to read the full comprehensive walkthrough. While the walkthrough will keep assumptions as to what you have done so far, it will keep them to a minimum. There is no problem joining at any point.
Full walkthrough
For those who want a full walkthrough to FFV, here ya go!
World One

The start of the game, where you really get eased slowly into it.

World Two

The introduction of one of FF's finest characters, and a transition to a much harder game.

World Three

Getting ready for THE FINAL BATTLE, and if you're on the GBA version, THE FINAL FINAL BATTLE, if iOS/Android, THE FINAL FINAL FINAL bunch of sidequests that aren't battles. Aw. That was anticlimatic.

Sealed Temple

The FINAL FINAL BATTLE I alluded to above, the bonus dungeon of the Advance and iOS/Android version. Requires lots of preparation and is really hard, but is also incredibly rewarding. It doesn't require too much patience or time to do - at least compared to other endgames of the FF series.