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It's been a while, huskies. I took a while off from writing (mainly because my computer is going through a phase. And by 'phase', I mean 'refusing to work correctly'. It's still not perfect, but I got bored of waiting to start writing this. The upshot of this is that I may end up with a lengthy pause at some point during this walkthrough as I fix/replace my equipment. Bear with, friends!

Final Fantasy V is certainly one of my favourites in the series. Especially the GBA remake, which gives the characters more character (read: humourous dialogue). It was also the first game in the series to include superbosses. (Unless you count the optional bosses in the Lunar Subterrane of Final Fantasy IV, which I don't ;P)

Naturally, expect my usual brand of rambling, food obsession and banter.

The job system[]

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  • Final Fantasy V expanded upon the job system introduced in Final Fantasy III. There are 26 different Jobs available (22 in the original SNES version) and you can change between them at any time you're not in battle (or a cutscene, I guess).
  • As you fight monsters you gain not just Exp., but AP, which is used to level up your Jobs. Each Job gains a new ability when it levels up.
  • Most Jobs can equip one ability learned in a different Job, allowing for flexibility not afforded to other class-based systems. For example, if one of your characters learns the Knight Job's Cover ability and then changes to a Black Mage, you can equip them with Cover and have a Black Mage that protects other party members (though I'm not sure why you'd want to do that).
  • New Jobs are unlocked as the story progresses, though one is optional and four are obtained during the bonus content.


Something about this seems...underwhelming. Oh wait, the alternative is using Amano art. Pfft.

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General Tips[]

Look at that font! It's horrific.

  • In general, level grinding is fine. You'd think that maybe levelling up while in certain jobs affected your stat growth, but you'd be wrong. The only thing to bear in mind while levelling is that level-based spells are more common in this game than in any other installment (I think?). Definitely stay away from levels with a multiple of 5, or Level 5 Death will ruin your face. Also, Goblin Punch is great in the early game if you can get the user's level to match that of a boss.
  • Level a variety of Jobs. It's difficult to solo-artist the game, and it's way more fun to mix and match. Who doesn't want a Mime who can flying kick a group of enemies into the ground, or a Ninja who can dance like Fred Astaire?
  • Save your Gil. Good items tend to be found rather than bought, and Gil Toss can cheat you your way through enemies and bosses very efficiently.
  • Invest in Blue Mages. Their level-based spells form the basis of a strategy (known in speedrunning communities as "Death by Maths") that uses various Blue Magic spells to manipulate boss levels to a multiple of 5, before finishing them off with Level 5 Death.

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