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Hi, I'm 8bit_BlackMage and this is my first major contribution to this wiki. My computer skills aren't the greatest, subsequently this walkthrough will probably be a bit disorganized at first. Advanced thanks to anyone and everyone who will make a beneficial edit to the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Walkthrough!

About Me[]

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was the first Final Fantasy I ever played, so it holds a special place in my heart. It also makes me sort of unique because most people play a standard RPG FF and then go to what I consider a much more strategy-based FF (like this game). This walkthrough will be mostly informal, I generally use good grammar and don't use expletives that often. It's kind of hard to get riled up at the main characters when their personality is mostly one-sided. Oops, that was supposed to be a positive statement about the game. Montblanc?

Table of Contents[]


Intoduction to FFTA[]

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a turn-based strategy game that deviates from most Final Fantasy games in the fact that most of the action takes place on a battlefield grid, where characters can position themselves on different squares on the grid. These units have a certain Job, which determines what skills it can use.

The World Map[]

The world of Ivalice, without the placeable locations.

The world map consists of a variety of location symbols that you can choose where to place. Usually a new symbol becomes available to place after an important mission is cleared. There are no 'random encounters' on the world map, rather, the player signs up for missions in a town and enacts that mission. In addition, various clans can roam the map and you can run into them to initiate a battle.

Types of Locations[]

There are 8 types of locations in FFTA:

Towns: Cyril, Sprohm, Cadoan, Baguba Port, Muscadet, and Bervenia Palace.

Plains: Giza Plains, Aisenfield, Deti Plains, and Ozmonfield.

Mountains: Lutia Pass, Roda Volcano, Kudik Peaks, Siena Gorge, and Ambervale.

Forests: Nubswood, Koringwood, Salikawood, and Materiwood.

Deserts: Eluut Sands, Jeraw Sands, Gotor Sands, and Delia Dunes.

Marshes: Ulei River and Uladon Bog.

Jagds: Jagd Dorsa, Jagd Ahli, and Jagd Helje.

Caves: Nargai Cave and Tubola Cave.

Treasure Hunts[]

Whenever you place a new location onto a square, there is a chance that it and other placed locations adjacent to it will "rumble" and there will be a treasure waiting to be collected at that location. All you have to do is go there and select 'Treasure Hunt'. The number of locations and the nature of the locations surrounding the placed location determine what types of treasures will appear. For example, if you place a desert next to a forest and town, chances are the treasures will be mediocre status healing items. However, if you place a mountain location in the middle of 3 other mountain locations, you might get a very nice item. The best item to be had in a Treasure Hunt appears when you place a Jagd in the middle of 4 towns. A Ribbon will appear in a Treasure hunt in the Jagd.

Battles in FFTA[]

Final Fantasy Tactics revolutionized the series with its style of gameplay, and FFTA continues that mindset. The battlefield is a sort of chessboard, where you and your enemies take turns moving and swapping attacks. When a unit's turn starts, a screen will pop up with 4 options: Move, Action, Wait, and Status. You can use Status to view a summary of the unit's skills, equipment, amongst other things. To fight your opponent, you'll either Move, use an Action, or both. When the Move option is selected, your movement range glows green, and you can select where to move. When the Action option is selected, you'll choose one of your skills to use. You can choose to Move and not Act, Act and not Move, both, or select Wait. Once you have both moved and acted, or selected the Wait option, you will then choose a "facing". You'll usually want to face an opponent, since attacks have a higher hit rate when targeted at an enemy's sides or rear, and less probability of connecting when you are facing your opponent's front. Once a facing is selected, that unit's turn ends. FFTA uses the standard HP and MP system. Once all of your enemies' HP is depleted (that is, they are all KOed) or petrified, the battle ends in your favor.


To the delight of all you FFXII fans, Judges make an appearance in FFTA and are a major part of the plot. Judges facilitate every battle in FFTA (with an important exception), and can punish or reward units in battle depending on the current Laws. Laws change every game day (whenever you move a space on the world map)and prohibit a certain action, which can be a skill, weapon, or element, or attack target (i.e, Prayer, Blades, Fire, Target Area). Disobeying a law results in a penalty card. Yellow cards result in a fine after the battle has ended. A red card immediately carts the offending unit off to prison. If Marche is that unit, there will be a Game Over.


With every Forbidden action there is a corresponding Recommended action. IF this action is fulfilled by a unit, it will gain a Judge Point (JP). A Judge Point can also be gained by KO'ing a unit, and one character can accumulate up to 10 JP at a time. JP are used to fuel two powerful attacks: Combos and Totema.


There are 5 races in FFTA: Humans, Moogles, Bangaa, nu mou, and Viera. Each race has different strengths and different jobs that they can master. To change your unit's Job, press START while on the world map and go to the Party screen. Select a unit and choose the Change Job option. You can then choose a new job or press SELECT while a certain job is highlighted to get some information about that job. More jobs will appear after a unit has mastered several Basic Job Skills.

Job List[]

Please go to Categories: Final Fantasy tactics Advance jobs to see a list of the jobs in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Clan Job Suggestions[]

This is where I pass on my infinite wisdom and tell you want Jobs your units should master. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, read some more of this Help Section. Anyway, you can only have up to 6 units in a battle, and for many of the main missions, Marche is required. Though you only start out with a few Clan members, eventually new units will join your clan you can can choose what mixture of races and jobs you wish your main fighting force to be made up of. This is entirely up to you and your preferences, but I recommend you have at least 2 magic users (one that knows White Magic), 1 ranger/quick unit and 2 melee units with a bunch of HP. Here's my suggestions:

Unit #1 - Marche: Job: Paladin - Secondary Job: Blue Mage - Reaction Ability: Strikeback/Return Magic - Support Ability: Double Sword

This is the ONLY way to go with Marche. Doublewielding Excalibur II and another heavy Knightsword of choice is one badass combo.

Unit#2 - Heavy melee fighter(Bangaa): Job: Dragoon - Secondary Job: Templar - Reaction ability: Bonecrusher - Support ability: Wep Def+/Doublehand

The Dragoon's Jump ability is highly useful, but the Sacred Tech of the Templar is arguably more so. This skill set includes Cheer, which doubles the power of the next attack, and Haste, always a useful spell. The spears also have a 2 panel range and are quite strong.

Unit#3 - Ranger/Quick unit(Viera): Job: Assassin - Secondary Job: Sniper or Archer - Reaction Ability: Return Fire/Reflex - Support Ability: Concentrate

I like this unit because of its Speed and the Corner skill, which includes petrifying and instant KO moves. If you don't like the idea of this unit, you can always opt for both of Unit #6's suggestions instead.

Unit#4 - Mage #1(Nu Mou): Job: Alchemist - Secondary Job: White Mage - Reaction Ability: Return Magic - Support Ability: Turbo MP/Half MP

The White Mage is a staple of every FFTA clan. The Alchemist job is also useful for its spells Flare, Frog, and Meteor, and as an added bonus can use Items regardless of its Secondary Skill.

Unit#5 - Mage#2(Nu Mou): Job: Sage - Secondary Job: Time Mage - Reaction Ability: Return Magic - Support Ability: Half MP/Turbo MP

I arranged the two mages' skillsets so that they both have a balance of healing and offensive moves. The Sage's skills include the almighty Giga Flare, a powerful area attack, and Raise, which heals are restores life to all units in and area (Most useful healing spell in the game.) Time Magic is also there for the Haste, Slow, and Quick spells.

Unit #6: This is your wild card. You may want another melee unit or a mage.

A) Melee unit(Bangaa): Job: Defender - Secondary Job: Templar - Reaction Ability: Bonecrusher/Strikeback - Support Ability: Weapon Def+/Doublehand

If you're into tanks, you can't get more tankage than this unit. The Defender has one of the highest HP growth rates in the game, and its Defend skillset includes Expert Guard, which nullifies ALL the damage of the next attack that targets the Defender, and Aura, which bestows Auto-Life and Auto-Regen on the Defender. The Templar class is there again for the awesome Cheer and Haste skills.

B) Mage(Viera): Job: Summoner - Secondary Job: Red Mage - Reaction Ability: Return Magic - Support Ability: Half MP

I myself am partial to the Summoner over the Defender simply because I like magic more, and that Summon magic affects all units in a large area (2 spaces from the center of the spell's casting point). In addition, the Viera can also master the Doublecast skill from the Red Mage job. This allows the Summoner to summon two espers (Aeons, Guardian Forces, Eidolons, whatever floats your boat) twice in one turn. These Summons include Unicorn, which heals and removes negative status effects, Phoenix, which revives all units and KOs all undead enemies with 100% accuracy, and Madeen, a powerful holy attack.

Unit Development[]

Unit Abilities[]

Each unit has 5 ability slots: Primary Action ability (A-ability) Secondary Action ability (A-ability) Reaction ability (R-ability) Support ability (S-ability) and Combo (C-ability). The Primary action ability is a set of skills that is dependent on your current job. For example, a White Mage will always have the Primary Ability White Magic. The Secondary Ability is different; it can be changed depending on what other Job Skills that unit has mastered. If the previous White Mage used to be a Black Mage and mastered a Black Magic skill, such as Fira, Black Magic could be equipped in the Secondary Action ability slot and the White Mage could use Fira in battle. Reaction Abilities kick in when a unit is attacked or its HP drops down to a certain point. Examples include Counter and Last Haste. Support Abilities are non-active skills that give a unit a certain ability in battle. Examples include Shieldbearer, which allows a unit to equip a shield regardless of its Job. A Combo ability can be learned from a Mythril Weapon and determines what Combo the unit can use. You can view these abilities by choosing the Pick Abilities option on a Unit Summary Screen.

Learning new abilities[]

To learn a new ability, a unit must equip an item that will teach a ability to the Job that the unit currently holds. For example, a White Staff will teach a White Mage Cure, but it will not teach any new abilities to any other Job. Over time, abilities can be mastered by collecting AP.


AP, or Ability Points, are collected by every unit that participates in a successful mission. (i.e, only the unit that completes a Dispatch Mission will gain AP). All the AP gained by a unit will contribute to the mastery of the abilities than are currently being learned by the items the unit has equipped. For example, if a Black Mage has equipped the Rod and the Black Robe, it is learning Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, and Return Magic. If a unit receives 40 AP after completing a mission, each ability being learned will gain 40 AP, the AP will NOT be divided among those skills. Once the AP bar under each skill has filled up (you can view this by choosing the Pick Abilities option while on the Unit Summary Screen and pressing the R Button. Pressing the <- and -> Buttons will allow you to select a different Job to look at.)

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance INITIATE![]

I'm not going to insult your intelligence and assume that you don't know how to use your hand-held device. Consult the manual. SO TURN THAT POWER BUTTON ON, GET TO THE TITLE SCREEN, SELECT NEW GAME, AND WE'RE OFF!......Or, if you've already started a game, consult the Table of Contents above.

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