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Hello, Kiddies, i'm TenzaZangetsu and welcome to my Final Fantasy Tactics The War of the Lions Walktrough, this is going to be my first Walktrough and i hope that this one is going to be the first of many to come, this a Walktrough about the PSP version but it can also be helpful for the Ps1 version. This game first came in 1997 and a few years later, i play the game. This game was awesome, i love the gameplay, the Characters and the history but after my Ps1 got broke, i stop playing the game. But a few years later, i get it for my PSP, so now the time has come for me to write a walktrough about this masterpiece, because this is one of the best Final Fantasy out there and one of the most underratted, maybe because doesn't show the death of someone for who the fanboys would cry.

If my Walktrough wouldn't satisfice your needs, Zero and Blue have there own Walktroughs

Basic Control

Well, first things first, you're going to need a human brain (a smart one, a human brain who doesn't wacht MTV), good eyes (how are you going to read with blind eyes?) but i will prefer that you have at least the rinnegan, but that's another history. You will need a Copy of the game and a PSP, insert the game and i'm guessing you know how to start the new game. Now, let's talk about the controls in the game, square do squack in this game, i still don't know what is the function of that button in the game, Circle is the same thing as he was in other FF, exit, X means select in this game and Triangle means select menu, R1 and Li allow you to change the view of the Battlefield, but sometimes you won't see anything right, sorry, i can't fix that. Select works like help guide, it tells you about every abilitie and every option in the game, so you would't be needing useless tutorial. Select does the same thing as triangle. I almost forgot, you use the D-Pad to move around the world.


The most notable thing about FFT is his gameplay, you now fight in a tridimensional field, so now you most think better in the battles, if you attack your enemy from the front, there are chances that the attack will miss but if you attack from behind and from a side you would have more chances to hit with the attack and it would do more damage, also your units and your enemies can move around the battelfield, makeing the game much more challengeing, because you must reaching them without getting sorrounded by enemies.

In this game there is two specials things call it Bravery and Faith, The more Bravery your units has the more damage they dealt and the more Faith they have, the better works the magics with them, but if your units have low Bravery, they will into chickens (no kidding) and they'll run away from your party, for ever, it works backwards with Faith, if they have a lot of Faith, they will leave your team because of a spiritual journey, so you must choose a good balance, a good choice will be units with Faith and Bravery between the 60s or 70s.

Now, let's talk about the level system, for every action you make, the unit who makes that action would gain EXP, which works to gain levels and JP which is given to the job that the unit is useing to learn new abilities and getting job levels, which makes a good idea attack your own units when the enemie is almost defeated.

This is my favorite part of the game, the job system, all the units in this game has jobs, every job has there own abilities, bonus and drawbacks, the more jobs levels you gain, the more jobs you unlocked but for that you most level certain jobs to unlocked the new one, you can also give to each unit a backup abilitie, which is a comand from another job, a reaction abilitie, depending of the level of Bravery this will work, the more you have the more will work, now we the Support Abilities, this type abilities will give your units extra bonus, like equiping weapon that the job will not allowed, this is great to give versatility to your units, the last one is the Movement Abilities whic give abilities to your units when they move, something like healing the HP when make a move.

With this job system, you can make a unit with five diferent abilities from five diferent jobs, something that you will towards the end of the game.

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