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This is it, this is where all ends. No more "Next Page", this is the last page, the last part of your journey, my TenzaZangetsu's FFT Walkthrough ends here. NOTE: "easiest" because all of my units are powerful, level 99, and defeated the boss easily, without difficulties.

The end of everything[]

Battle Number: 69
Ajora Reborn
Location Airship Graveyard
Foes 1. Ultima, the High Seraph, 4 Ultima Demons

2. Ultima, the Arch Seraph

Allies Alma
X X . X X
Objective Defeat Ultima
Terrain Man-made
Geomancy Tremor
Difficulty The easiest Final Boss in the entire series.
Recommended Level Level 65.


First Part

Ultima-cool sprite.png
HP 1200
Grand Cross
Absorb MP
Master Teleportation

Second Part

HP 2500
Divine Ultima
Grand Cross
Faith Boost
Master Teleportation


FFT Alma.gif
Healing Staff
Luminous Robe
Featherweave Cloak
Holy Magicks
Faith Boost


First Part
FFT Ultima Portrait 1.png

Alma is possessed by Ajora but Ramza's sister starts fighting the man's will until she separates from him but Ajora is still alive and transform into Ultima, the High Seraph and becomes into a badass angel with great silver wings, this one looks way cooler than the Ultima from FFXII. He also looks a little bit like a woman.

If you are a FF Veteran, you'll be expecting a badass theme for this battle, no? Well, no, the theme in this battle is kinda crappy and it really let me down, one of the few bad aspects of the game.

The first part of this battle is really easy. Those Ultima Demons are too slow and too weak to hurt you and your characters won't a problem to slay them. Ultima might be the Leader of the Lucavi but he doesn't have any deadly attack, he's actually the easiest Lucavi, see it this way, "Ultima", his strongest move, is a mid-low Spell for you.

Alma joins this battle as a guest but she starts with 1 point of HP, send Ramza to heal her with "Chant". Alma can also learn "Ultima" so you may thing of hit her with that Spell so she has something to defend herself. If you manage to heal her, she will buff herself and Ramza with "Aegis", making Ramza a lot more stronger than before and Ultima holds a weakness against Dark Knight's attacks, making Ramza your best unit to kill him while the rest takes care of the Ultima Demons but make sure Cloud buffs the entire team with "Haste".

Second Part
FFT Ultima Portrait 2.png

After you kill Ultima, he will start talking things that has no senses whatsoever and become Ultima, the Arch Seraph and will now be an ugly as hell monster, totally fitting the average Final Boss from this series.

Virgo Stone.PNG

Ultima is now alone but he's ten times stronger than before, mostly he couldn't be weaker. His strongest Attack now is "Divine Ultima", a stronger version of the average Ultima that Alma could learn if she is hitted by that attack and survives it. "Grand Cross" can give you tons of negative status and she has two attacks to lower your CT and MP to 0. "Dispelja" will remove all your characters' positive status.

To win: hit him with everything you've got. Everything. I don't care what is it as long you win, this is the final battle, anyway. You won't be needing these items or special attacks anymore. If you can "Throw" an Excalibur, you will deal 999 points of damage. Not even Ultima will survive that.

Your party is undefeatable at this point and all thanks to me because of my brilliant strategies, I know, I'm very humble. Once you defeat Ultima, he'll create a big explosion, blowing the entire Airship, with Ramza, Alma and your entire party. Yeah, this is the end and I must say that is freaking awesome!!!!!.

The Eternal Shores of Paradise[]

That really happen? That's your decision

Yeah, that wasn't the real ending, are you surprised? We are in the funeral of Alma, where we see NPCs with no plot relevance in the funeral, I don't even know if they are family of Ramza.

Then Orran appears to say goodbye to Alma and Ramza. He also tells that Delita and Ovelia are going to get married, making Delita the brave man that save Ivalice and making a coward heretic that control people for his own gain. It seems like the history were a bias there, won't they?

But then Ramza and Alma appear, riding two Chocobos and leaving the place, leaving Orran thinking if that really happened, I don't know, leave it to your imagination.

The final Betrayal[]

The end

This scene follows the end credits. After the funeral, Delita finds Ovelia in a ruin on Zeltennia. He gives her a bouquet of flowers but then she stabs him with the very knife that Agrias gave her, claiming that he manipulated Ramza and the others. Then the wounded Delita kills Ovelia with his Sword and before dying, knowing that he lost everything, he asks a simple question: "Did you get your end in all of this, Ramza? I... I got this."

Our end[]

Well, it has been a wonderful journey, I had a nice time with you, people. This was my first project as a newbie and I'm proud of what I've done, I'm very proud. I hope you have enjoyed this epic story too because believe, you'll never see anything like this game anywhere.

I'm TenzaZangetsu, saying until we meet again, bye! Remember: TenzaZangetsu.