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I hope you're not exciting about the final boss of the game because it's not here, it's on the next page. All you're going to find here is its useless sidekick.

Airship Graveyard[]

Battle Number: 68
Come Once More
Location Airship Graveyard
Foes Hashmal, Bringer of Order
Allies none
. . X . .
. X X X .
X X . X X
Objective Defeat Hashmal
Terrain Man-made
Geomancy Tremor.
Difficulty Easy, maybe Hard.
Recommended Level Level 65.


HP 1600


Folmarv sees Alma with intrigue, the Virgo Stone doesn't work on her. He rethinks everything again: The vessel, the location and the spirit of the Angel of Blood. It seems that after losing all his soldiers, companions and even family, Folmarv is against the wall, huh? Wrong!

FFT Hashmal Portrait.png

According to the man, Ultima needs more blood to appear, I don't buy that, I think I killed like 500 enemies and you say you need more blood? I think I killed more people than you. The leader of the Lucavi transform into Hashmal, Bringer of Order, the Lucavi of Leo and another useless Summon from FFXII. He's here to stop us in a final encounter with us, I do not object, let's do it.

Leo Stone.PNG

I'm going to say it: Hashmal can be a tough foe. He starts the battles by stoping the party with "Blind" and then he will start throwing you powerful Magic like Meltdown, Tornado, Quake or the worst one: Meteor in time record, really, he can do that Magic in no time, I'm amazed by that. His unique abilities are just to lower your Speed but that at long terms can be very dangerous.

To solve the issue of Hashmal's Speed abilities, Cloud can boost your Speed with "Hastega" while the rest attacks Hashmal, he'll be charging to do Spells so you can use that time to kill him. A worthy foe but in this game, he is just too easy, maybe in another game, my dear demon from Hell.

For winning, you get the Ragnarok. This Sword is even stronger than the Excalibur, great for Agrias because that way she'll be even stronger than the Thunder God.

After Battle[]

Before to meet his end, Hashmal stabs his own chest with his claws to die and call Ultima and then Alma's hair starts to become color gray, just like old Ajora and the demon appears before us to end our lifes. Great.

This is the final battle but you'll have to keep reading in the next page, where all this madness ends.