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Bite me.

Midlight's Deep[]

This place is the optional dungeon in this game where the Superboss of this game lies. To unlock the place go to Port City of Warjilis, you'll have a scene once you set foot there. Ramza is in tavern when he hears a Knight and a White Mage talking about that place, the Midlight's Deep, where they got all those treasures. The White Mage is pretty arrogant, saying that all was thanks to her, well, a White Mage always saves your ass in a FF. Afterwards, a new location will appear next to the city.

Unlike other red Locations, you don't have a fight once you go there, instead, you have a floor and you go to the next floor, you need to set foot in a specific tile of the battlefield, "Treasure Hunter" isn't necessary to do that. Also, you can find tons of rare Items throughout "Treasure Hunter", making Rapha a must here. Many rare and strong Weapons can find here and if you caught a trap, set foot there again and you may find a Item. This is one of the ways to find the best stuffs of the game.

If you want more light in the battlefields, turn a enemy unit into a Crystal and you'll have more light in the battlefield, the more Crystals you have, the better. "Teleport" can help you see the battlefield for a second, which means that Cloud can help there too. But not all is full of good news, the enemies here are freaking strong, they are probably ten levels superior to your team, unless you are in Level 99 but that's a tough task even at this point of the game.

Because I'm very lazy, I'm going to do the final floor now: the Terminus. Be aware, you can learn an unique Summon here but your unit must be in the Summoner Class and must be hit by the Magic, you can only learn it here. Also, teach the Thunder God "Rent Magic".

Note: From floor 4 to 7, you can find another Excalibur, that weapon will certainly help you for the next battle.


Battle Number: 63
Location Terminus
Foes Elidibus, 6 Reevers
Allies Byblos
X . X . 
X X X .
. X X X
. . X X
Objective Defeat Elidibus
Terrain Stone
Geomancy Contortion.
Difficulty A total hell.
Recommended Level Level 60 (at least)


HP 2800
Poisonous Frog




If you read one of the rumors at Gariland, you'll find out that this guy is the legendary Wizard, Elidibus and another Lucavi. But this guy doesn't care for the Lucavi plot and rather work for himself, odd because this will be his grave. He use the Serpentarius Zodiac Stone to transform in his Lucavi form and call those six Reavers back to life.

FFT Lucavi Elidibus Portrait.png

Also, I love this battlefield, the spiral makes this battle more exciting. The bad side is that this fight is one of the hardest challenges in the game. Those six Reavers are insanely strong and they can give you negative status with their "Bio" Spells, Toad is by far the worst one. You can't also ignore Elidibus, either. He can inflict Toad too with "Poisonous Frog", "Midgardsormr" is also a deadly attack, together with "Snakecharm". And the most dangerous, Zodiark, the strongest Esper from FFXII and also the strongest Summon here, this is the Spell that your Summoner must be hit with to learn it. You can only learn it or you'll spend the rest of the game without it.

FFT Serpentarius.png

You see that purple Reaver next to your party? That's Byblos, an ally of yours for this battle. He knows several attacks that can help you here but don't depend on him because he's not very bright. He must be alive at the end of the battle, trust me, just do it and keep him alive. The Reavers have a tremendous weakness to Fire, which makes Balthier's "Barrage" with the Blaze Gun, a fast way to kill them. Ramza and the Thunder God can help with their Swordskill attacks. I won't suggest Agrias for this battle because you need Cloud and your Summoner to fill the other two slots.

I'll try to find a better image

Strategy to get Zodiark and win the battle at the same time: Win the battle is very easy, use the strategy above and you'll win without any problem but with Zodiark in the middle, you need this plan. While your party is killing the Reavers and climbing the Spiral, Cloud will have to teleport where Elidibus is and throw him a "Stop" Spell, that way he won't attack you while you're walking towards him.

Once you get there, the Thunder God must use "Rent Magic" on him, if he has "Dual Wield", he'll make two hits per turn. Once his Magic is really low, Zodiark will do squack to your Summoner. Once you got your new Summon, finish the Lucavi and remember to keep Byblos alive.

After Battle[]

The next scene depends of you. If Byblos dies, nothing happens and the scene ends. If Byblos lives, he will join your party:

Playable Character: Byblos
Sprites: Byblos.gif
Zodiac Sign: Unknown.
Species: Byblos.

Byblos: Is the most random and mysterious character that I have seen in this series. I have no clue of why he was there to fight Elidibus or why he joins our party and the game never bother to explain us.

As a playable character, he's strong but you already have stronger units and you don't have any need to use him for the rest of the game.

Well, there you have it. You have completed it every Sidequest in this game, which means you're ready to go to fight the Lucavi and beat the game but that will be in the next page.