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Final Preparations[]

This entire page is going to be about the final training and preparations that you are going to have to go through this game. After you do all these things, you'll be a lot more prepared for the final battles of the game.


Arithmeticians are an insanely powerful class of magic user, unlocked by having a Level 5 White Mage, level 5 Black Mage, level 4 Mystic and level 4 Time Mage. While the prerequisites to unlock this class are great, though not as extensive as those of a Dark Knight, it is definitely worth the time and effort to unlock the job. The Arithmetician is a very difficult job to level because of its low stats in almost everything except magic. They will need protection during the training from one or more of your party members, or they will more than likely die several time. The abilities learned from Arithmeticks are powerful, but can be used as a secondary skill set, so it is recommended that once they are learned you return to a job with higher stats and keep them as a secondary.

Tynar Rogue[]

To get this wonderful accessory, you need to have several things first. First of all, Mustadio and Agrias must be in your party, together with the three Generics you get on the beginning of Chapter 2 (Ladd, Lavian and Alicia). You also need to have at least 500,000 Gil for this Sidequest. Afterwards, you need to land on a city without a castle in the first of Cancer to have an scene there.

Happy Birthday, my dear Paladin

Agrias is alone in the tavern when Ramza and Mustadio enter the room. Mustadio is actually quite nervous about this situation because he wants to give a Agrias a birthday present but he's too scared, Ramza then has to help him in this situation. The Machinist then gives Agrias the Tynar Rogue.

The Tynar Rogue is actually a very useful accessory, it gives "Auto-Haste", "Auto-Protect" and "Auto-Shell" to the unit but it can only be equipped on a female character. This item also raise Attack and Defense +3, making it perfect for Agrias.

Cloud's Training[]

You need to go right there

Yes, we are actually going to train him. Go to Mount Bervenia as many times you need to get into a random battle. Your first reaction will probably amaze for actually see Magma in a battlefield, making it really cool. Okay, now into the business. You will see a mountain on the field, right on the top lies the Materia Blade, the Weapon that Cloud needs to use his "Limit" Command. Send Rapha with the "Treasure Hunter" ability to get the Weapon. Meanwhile, your party should do the killing, once you get the Sword, kill them all.

Well, you now have your Sword, it is time to teach Cloud some Time Magic but teach him "JP Boost" to make this traning not that long. He needs to know "Teleport", "Swiftness", "Haste" and "Stop", that will take you some time but once you teach him those abilities, using "Limit" will be a lot easier. As for the Limits, teach him "Brave Slash", "Cross Slash" and "Blade Beam" for now, you can teach him the rest after the battles at Mullonde.

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Final touches for your party[]

Train your party until their average level is 55, that way you'll be ready for the next parties. You can also learn all the abilities you want to learn like all the "Geomancy" skills, "Laido" or learning some stats boosting abilities from the Bard and Dancer classes. Your Specials should know all the abiilities of their Command. Besides that, I think you're fine this way.

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