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TenzaZangetsu, do I need to say more?

Colliery Ridge[]

Battle Number: 40
Not the Dragons You Are Looking For
Location Gollund Colliery Ridge
Foes 2 Blue Dragons, 1 Pig 2 Chemists
Allies Beowulf
X X .  | X X X
X X X  | . X X
X X X    front
Objective Defeat All Enemies
Terrain Snow, Man-Made
Geomancy Snowstorm, Tremor
Difficulty Medium
Recommended Level Level 32


Mythril Gun
Lambent Hat
Black Garb
Guardian Bracelet
White Magicks

Mythril Gun
Gold Hairpin
Gaia Gear
Mage's Cloak

Blue Dragon
Ice Breath


No more summary in this sidequest since this doesn't have a actual plot.

This enemies here can get nasty. Those Blue Dragons have a lot, and I mean a lot of raw power and they can easily kill any of your units. Focus your attack on them since the very beginning of the fight. The Chemists are getting old in this place, aren't they? Read the last page of the Walkthrough to know what to do with them. The Pig is a special case, leave it for last, you'll see why soon.

Those Blue Dragons hasve weakness to Fire, "Firaja" them with your Black Mage and "Barrage" them with Balthier and Luso's physical attack. Beowulf may help you if he attacks the Dragons. Agrias and Ramza with a Samurai, if you have one, can go kill those Chemists. Send a White Mage with Speechcraft and "Tame" to control that Pig because that way, it will join your party and it can lay Eggs, and you want the Wild Boar, because if you poach it, you can gain Ribbons, a Accesory that gives inmunity to every negative status in the game. Don't leave the battle without that Pig.

Mine Shaft[]

Battle Number: 41
The Holy Dragon
Location Gollund Coal Shaft
Foes 1 Archaeodaemon, 3 Plague Horrors, 2 Ochus
Allies Beowulf, Reis
 X X
 X .
 X X 
 X X
Objective Protect Reis
Terrain Dirt, Man-Made
Geomancy Wind Blast, Tremor.
Difficulty Very annoying since you can't let Reis die.
Recommended Level Level 32.


Plague Horror
Wing Buffet
Bewitching Gaze



Holy Dragon


FFT Archaeodaemon Portrait.png

We finally found the Holy Dragon, who is been attacked by several monsters, it seems that Beowulf has a thing for that Dragon, instead to kill it. Odd.

Aquarius Stone.PNG

This fight is not hard but rather annoying. Since you are so far from Reis, you can't protect her, which is the central point of this battle because if she dies, you're done. And that's the least of our problems, we also have to deal with a Archaeodaemon, a Plague and Malboros. They all tend to attack Reis in the first turn, ending the battle in that moment. Reis is quite strong and she can kill many enemies by herself but she eventually is going to die.

Bring a Time Mage with "Hasteja" to speed up your team, Balthier will be insanely fast if you manage to get him on "Haste". Agrias, Beowulf, Ramza and Luso's attacks can deal heavy damage to the Ochu and the Archaeodaemon. Also, bring a Black Mage since they can kill things with "Flare". This fight is simple if you get to Reis soon, the rest is just a piece of cake.

After Battle[]

Beowulf is very graceful for our help to get to the Dragon. I was kinda shock the first time I saw this because I thought he was going to kill Reis but that's the past. The man give us another Auracite, the Aquarius one. He is also all to join us in our little quest. Let's see the man and his Dragon:

Playable Character: Beowulf Cadmus
FFT Beowulf Cadmus Portrait.png
Sprites: Beowulf.gif
Zodiac Sign: Libra.
Special Job: Templar.
Weapons: Knives, Swords, Knight Swords .
Command Ability: Spellblade.

Beowulf Cadmul: Is the brave man from the Epic poem with the same name, Beowulf. Somehow, he end up in the world of Ivalice, fighting with us. He is actually a former Knight Templar, that's why his Job's name is Templar, for those slow players. Beowulf is also, one of my favorite characters in this game, too bad he doesn't get enough screen to prove himself, bummer. Well, we can always hope for decent sequel of this game. How am I kidding?

Beowulf is, together with Balthier, one of the super units you can get on Chapter 4. His Job class, Templar, is a mix between a Knight and Mystic. He use his abilities Swordskill-style but with a little MP cost but it's not a issue since the cost is really low and he can gives any possible negative status in the game, a lot more helpful than the Mystic. Beowulf is also a deadly fighter and a heavy unit, another reason of why he is far superior to a Mystic.

Use Beowulf, you won't regret it.

Playable Character: Reis Duelar
Sprites: Reis-Dragon.png
Zodiac Sign: Pisces.
Species: Holy Dragon.

Reis Duelar: Is a character full of surrises, believe me. The sidequest with Beowulf and Reis hasn't finish yet. But when it comes to end, you are going to get really shock. I am not going to tell you to ruin the surprise. Right now, she is a Dragon but that's not bad thing, she is actually more interesting this way.

Reis as a unit, is a monster. You know that I think they suck but the Dragon species is pretty damn strong and you should allow her to fight with you but the big problem is that she can't level up really quick so that might be a issue. But still, if you want a unit with tons of raw power, this is your unit. Her elemental attacks are great to explote enemy's weakness and "Holy Breath" is also a very powerful attack and one of the few Holy-Elemental attacks.

This is the end of the many sidequests and it is time to go back to the plot, when we will face one of the greates terrors of this game. Be prepared.