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After having a Walkthrough-break, is time to get back to action, let's do this thing.

Riovanes Castle[]

Battle Number: 34
The Grand Duke's End
Location Riovanes Castle Roof
Foes Elmdore, Celia, Lettie
Allies Rapha
 X  front 
Objective Protect Rapha
Terrain Man-made
Geomancy Tremor.
Difficulty A real pain in the ass if you want Ultima, easy, if you don't.
Recommended Level Level 29.


Ark Knight
Black Cowl
Black Robe
Nu Khai Armband
Sword Spirit
First Strike
Ignore Elevation

Black Cowl
Gaia Gear
Subdual Arts
Counter Tackle
JP Boost
Move +1

Black Cowl
Power Garb
Subdual Arts
Counter Tackle
JP Boost
Move +1


Musk Pole
Celebrant's Miter
White Robe
Elven Cloak
Sky Mantra
Counter Tackle


Rapha finally confronts Barrington. The Duke thinks that he has done everything for her and now she is going to betray her. Rapha then drops the bomb: He killed her mother and father and burn down their village. Marach then comes in to hear those words. Barrington pulls out a Gun to end Rapha's life but Ramza goes to save her. Marach takes the bullet for Rapha, almost killing him. When the Duke is about to do it, a girl attacks him, lift him and throw him to the skies of Ivalice.

Another girl enters to the roof, together with the Maquis Elmdore, who die a few days ago according to the rumors. I smell a Lucavi. We now have to fight the Sephiroth look-alike and his hot Assasins. Great, we save his ass in Chapter 1 and this how he pay us, what a douche.

The goal in this fight is to protect Rapha. And that will be a easy thing since you only need to kill one of the three enemies to win the battle. But Rapha is so stupid that she probably will jump out to attack Elmdore or one of his Assasins when is obvious she can win. Since is the most close to her, use "Chant" if she survives the attacks.

Let's talk about the special Job classes of the enemy. Elmdore's special Job, Ark Knight, is a improve version of your average Samurai. His abilities works the same way as the "Laido" ones. This could be a problem since he can attack multiple targets, making more difficult the dutie of protecting Rapha and even if you destroy his Katana, he can still use the ones in his inventory. "Doublehand" will make his attacks even more powerful.

And now we must discuss the other pain in the ass: Celia and Lettie. Thier sprites might of the Dancer class but they are a total danger. They have several deadly attacks: "Seal" and "Shadowbind" are tremendoustwo status effects attacks which will probably always hit you because it has tremendous accuracy. "Suffocate" is a attack that will instantly kill your unit, not good at all. Avoid that attack, is the worst one.

And now, the star of the show: "Ultima". This is actually the least threatening but is still a very powerful Spell that can multiple units like every other Spell in the game. But wait! Ramza can learn "Ultima" in his Squire Job. Remember when I told you that he can only learned it in Chapter 4? Well, Luso can learned it now, in this roof against those Assasins. Luso needs to be in Game Hunter class and must be hit with "Ultima", is better you learn the Spell now because your other chances are a lot harder.

To let Luso learn that Spell, Rapha must be alive enough so you can get hit by "Ultima" and not losing the fight. In my expierence that will take you many tries since the Marquis and his Assasins tend to focus just in Rapha, ending your fight really soon. "Chant" by Ramza and Luso, X-Potion by Mustadio are your best friends here. Bring Agrias so she can kill one of the enemies after you get the Spell. GET "ULTIMA", THAT'S A ORDER!.

After Battle[]

The Marquis escape, Ramza and Rapha stay to watch the dead Marach. Ramza gives her back to Rapha so she can say goodbye to her brother, then a light apears from Rapha's robe, it's the Auracite! It's going to turn Rapha into Lucavi!. Come on, give me a break.

But instead of the power of hell and darkness, the Auracite revives Marach, it seems the power of the Auracite depends of people's emotions, then don't give me a Auracite if you don't want to die. Afterwards, Rapha and Marach now join to our rock band, let's see how good they are:

Playable Character: Rapha Galthena
FFT Rapha Galthena Portrait.png
Sprites: FFTRafa.gif
Zodiac Sign: Pisces.
Special Job: Skyseer.
Weapons: Staves, Poles and Bags.
Command Ability: Sky Mantra.

Rapha Galthena: You know Rapha by now, actually, you should now everything about Rapha by now because she won't have any plot relevance from now on. That isn't so much of a lost since she wasn't a character that interesting. You know the drill by now.

As a playable character, same deal. Nothing amazing. The Sky Mantra is a useless random command and in this game you shouldn't leave anything to luck. But Rapha does have a good thing: Low Bravery, thanks to that, she can be your perfect character for the use of "Treasure Hunter" ability from the Chemist class. You'll be needing this if you want to use a insane EX-SOLDIER.

Playable Character: Marach Galthena
FFT Marach Galthena Portrait.png
Sprites: FFTMalak.gif
Zodiac Sign: Gemini.
Special Job: Netherseer.
Weapons: Staves and Poles.
Command Ability: Nether Mantra.

Marach Galthena: Marach is the most useless special character that you're going to get in the entire game. Story-wise, same thing that Rapha: Nothing special.

If I were you, I will kicked him out of your party but if you really want to use him, this is my advice: Whatever you want. You can turn him into any type of unit. Including the Onion Knight and the Mime, only if you really really hate yourself with every single bone of your body and soul.

After getting our new units, Chapter 3 is done and so this page, I'll see you in Chapter 4, bye bye!