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Enjoy this moment, kids, one of the hardest battles of the game is coming, it may not be the most hard but is surely the most epic.


The next fight is considered by many FFT fans like the hardest fight of the game. It is not but it's on the top three and is by far the most epic. Is just Ramza vs. Wiegraf. The Beoulve against the Lucavi. That's why Ramza needs to be your strongest warrior.

Before going inside this hell, you need to be prepare. Ramza needs to have the entire set of abilities that I told you to teach him or you are going to get screwed here. Take off Luso's Icebrand and give it to Ramza if you haven't already. Ramza needs also the best equipment you got until now. Nothing less.

A Diamond Armlet is a good idea to lower Wiegraf's attack. Remember back in the last page that I told you to sell all your Hi-Potions and Potions? That's because that way Ramza will be only using X-Potions to heal himself after Wiegraf's attack. As a Squire can boost his own stats, making at long terms, a lot stronger than the Lucavi. "Lifefont" and "Martial Arts" are support in case that "Auto-Potion" doesn't work. Always uses "Lifefont" to have high HP throughout the entire battle.

Alright, let's go...

Battle Number: 33
Sow the Seeds of Chaos
Location Riovanes Castle Keep
Foes 1. Weigraf

2. Belias, 3 Archaeodaemons

Allies none
 X X   |  X X X X
 X X   |  X X X X
front      front  
Objective Defeat All Enemies
Terrain Stone, Grass, Water
Geomancy Contortion, Tanglevine, Torrent
Difficulty After Golgollada, the hardest battle of the game
Recommended Level Level 29


First Part
White Knight
Diamond Sword
Diamond Shield
Diamond Helm
Diamond Armor
Diamond Bracelet
Holy Sword
Marial Arts
Move +1

Second Part
HP 1200

Unholy Darkness


First Part

Ramza comes in to a room that seems a rip-off from Hamlet. Well, at least this is a good scenarion, huh?. Ramza can't believe this carnage, I don't blame him. The first time I saw this when I was eight I almost crap my pants.

Wiegraf comes in and demands Ramza to pull out his Sword. A dark music starts playing and Ramza rejects the demand. Ramza doesn't feel very good at seeing Wiegraf. Saying that he sell his honor and his own soul just to fill his thrist for revenge. What will Milleuda think of him?

Well, Wiegraf doesn't care for that anymore, all he desires now is to sow the seeds of chaos throughout all Ivalice to make the weak suffer. But Ramza is a special case, he desires to kill him with all his dark power, Ramza will end Wiegraf's chaos before it starts. This is the end of Wiegraf and Ramza's battles, this is it, Ligh vs. Darkness and Honor vs. Hatred.

Aries Stone.PNG

This fight is, as I told you before, a one on one battle. At first view at Wiegraf's stats, this fight is impossible to win. But Ramza's special Squire class is the only class that can boost people's stats to insanely high levels. This is your key to victory. Increase Ramza's stats until he becomes a unstoppable killing machine.

You might be worry about Wiegraf's "Hallowed Bolt" attacks. Well, do not worry anymore thanks to "Auto-Potion". Thanks to the fact you sold every Hi-Potion and Potion, you'll be only healing yourself with X-Potions. With that at your service, you can use "Mettle" with calm but just in case, boost your Bravery the first three turns with "Steel". "Lifefont" and "Chakra" will do the healing job if "Auto-Potion" fails.

FFT Belias Portrait.png

Wiegraf is also quite stupid, the moments he can crush you with "Hallowed Bolt", he uses a physical attack. Because you'll be moving throughout the entire battlefield to heal you with "Lifefont", he will be hunting you down until he can kick you ass. So run until you're strong enough to win.

After raising your Bravery, let's now go in the long trail with "Tailwind" and "Focus". Use "Tailwind" first. Wiegraf's speed is 8 which mean to move two times faster than him, you need to reach 16. Afterwards, go to 24 to move three times faster. 32 to move four times. After you go to 32, you can keep doing that or start using "Focus". Whatever you do, it won't affect the strategy in any possible way.

"Focus" is a lot easier to use than "Tailwind" because you'll be moving four turn in a row or more while Wiegraf will be there waiting to have his turn. Boost you attack until you see you can make more than 500 of damage. No less than that, that's very important for the next part of the battle. You may think this is very exaggerated but believe me, this is the best way to win. You can't lose with this strategy, it's just impossible.

Second Part

In the second part of the battle, your party comes in to help you. Why didn't they come ten minutes ago? Anyway, Wiegraf is pretty upset and turns into his Lucavi form, Belias, The Gigas, the Lucavi of Aries and summons his own party, Archaeodaemons. Boy, oh boy, things keep getting better and better.

The next battle is so easy. Ramza's stats are so high that he can kill Belias's party in just seconds and win the battle all by himself and don't give anyone else a turn. HA! When is Cloud going to do that? When is Zack is going to do that? When is Terra Branford is going to do that? The point is: Ramza rules!

After Battle[]

Alma is in Barrington's chamber, seing the carnage, just like his brother. One of the wounded Knights is Isilud, who has being killed by his own father. Not even Darth Vader did something like that. Remember Isilud's death, this is important for the future.

If Alma thought that was it, she would have to think it twice. Isilud's father comes in to finish her but in that moment the evil Lucavi felt Belias's defeat (Dragon Ball style). Afterwards, the Virgo Auracite starts shinning on Alma, which means she is the chosen vessel of the Lucavi of Virgo. Which explains why Folmarv killed the entire Riovanes Castle: He was searching for the vessel of that Lucavi, how interesting.

We will continue in the next page.