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I'm the coolest dude around here!! Screw you, suckers!!


I have no freaking clue of where this FMV happens, tell me if you know but it will happen after you try to leave Dorter:

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Man, Delita is sure getting bitter with royalty, huh? I will like to know if Ovelia is scared or she actually love him, well, I actually know but I don't want to spoiled the moment. At least, I must say that Delita is a pimp, I mean, come on, he has Ovelia down on her knees that easy, I must learn that skill.

Zeklaus Desert[]

According to Square, the character that we're about to meet is a secret one but from now to the eternity, you can't past Zeklaus without doing this fight so don't buy that crap from Square, kids:

Battle Number: 28
The Hunter
Location Zeklaus Desert
Foes 3 Behemoths, 2 Behemoth Kings, 1 Dark Behemoth
Allies Luso
      X X X X X
front X . X X X

Objective Protect Luso
Terrain Desert, Sand
Geomancy Sandstorm, Quicksand
Difficulty Easy, if you protect Luso well.
Recommended Level Level 25.



Bahemoth King

Dark Bahemoth


Game Hunter
Platinum Shield
Crystal Helm
Jujitsu Gi
Elven Cloak


Before doing the battle, we can see another FMV and this one has some action, finally!:

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Finally some action in the FMVs, I was getting tire of all that talky-talky crap. Is awesome how Luso attacks, trying to kill those Behemoths but ending in fail, than makes a badass intro throwing his Sword, awesome. Despite what the FMV show, Ramza and Luso have their Swords when the fight begins.


If you are a FF veteran, you will think that this fight would be hard as hell. I mean, six Behemoths, in any other FF, this would have been a carnage for your party but in this game the Behemoths have lost a lot of power, they are now a midly-difficult random enemy. Remember this: FFT isn't another FF. This can work in a good and bad way. Your goal is to protect Luso, which he must not die which isn't so hard since Luso is actually is very strong thanks to the best Sword until now, the Icebrand but he is a little bit slow so be careful with that.

Times of peace

Leaving my comments aside, let's see what we're dealing with: You're facing the entire Behemoth family, so this means that their levels are average to yours but that's not a problem since they are all weak to Ice-Elemental damage. They have a strong physical attack called "Gore" which is just a regular attack. Ramza can come to the fight using Wiegraf's Diamond Sword to kill those bastard. "Focus" is a nice idea to boost his attack. Agrias and Mustadio are also good ideas to kill with effective and speed.

Let's talk about the Generics for a while: Dragoons and Ninjas are good ideas to deal heavy damages. "Jump" can make your Dragoon attack from Long Range while your Ninja can use his/her innate "Dual Wield" ability and his/her high speeed to attack. Bring your Black Mage to freeze them with "Blizzaga". Besides of the Black Mage, bring your White Mage with "Speechcraft" and "Tame" as backup command and a support ability.

Why? That Dark Behemoth is one of the strongest monsters in the game and this is your best shot to tame it. Make sure that the Dark Behemoth is the last one standing to have no distractions. Luso might get in the way so use "Stop" on him with your Time Mage. But don't let Luso die by some stupid accident and end up like this user:

Oh bullshit! This game is cheating me! I had this fuckin' battle and I lose like that! Oh that's some ole' bullshit right there? Why the fuck do they even make battles like this? To piss me off, that's why! These motherfuckers are like sick or something. Fuckers.

BlueHighwind, after his defeat

After Battle[]

After we kick some Behemoth's ass, Luso and Ramza talk for a while. Ramza talks like a great hero while Luso keeps looking at him like a aprentice looking the greatness of his teacher (kinda like Naruto with Kakashi). After that, Luso decides to join us in our jorney:

Playable Character: Luso Clemens
Sprites: FFT-Luso.png
Zodiac Sign: Cancer.
Special Job: Game Hunter.
Weapons: Knife, Sword, Knight Sword and Spear .
Command Ability: Huntcraft.

Luso Clemens: Is the main character of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, one of the game who is not even close to this game. That game is actually pretty good, I advice you to play it. But I was wondering why Luso was the character they choosed for this cameo, Square needs to leave the "Main Character" way to think out sometimes.

Good thing that he is a great unit. Luso's special job class is a Game Hunter but that's another name for Ramza's improved Squire class. Luso has all of Ramza's skills plus a new one called "Shout". This movement allows you to increase Luso's Speed, Magic, Strenght and Bravery. This will help you in the next battles. His Game Hunter class has a innate "Poach" ability, so Luso can be your Poacher without a slot in the support ability section. I gave him Steal as a second command and "Move +2" to compeesate his low speed. "Beastmaster" is a great idea to support you monsters (specially that Dark Behemoth, who can use "Almagest", a very powerful attack, it's worthy, believe me.

After you get Luso, you can continue your game and I'll continue this walkthrough on the next page.