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"There's no such things as "Good" and "Evil" but thinking makes so", you probably remember this quote from Final Fantasy Versus XIII's trailers, well, you will be a idiot if you think that was created by Square. That quote was created by the greatest writer, William Shakespare, from his greatest work: "Hamlet".

Don't listen to the fanboys, listen to TenzaZangetsu.

Lionel Castle[]

Battle Number: 22
Cuchulainn, the Impure
Location Lionel Castle Oratory
Foes Cuchulainn
Allies none
. X X X X
. X X X X
Objective Defeat All Enemies
Terrain Stone, Man-Made
Geomancy Contortion, Tremor
Difficulty Medium/Hard
Recommended Level Leve 21


HP 450


When we finally confront the Cardinal after Gaffgarion gave us two of the hardest battles of the game, he start talking crap about us and Ramza's mother. Who does this guy think he is? He doesn't have the strenght to kill us. Wait, it turns out that the Auracite has the Lucavis inside those stones, not the Zodiac Braves and the Cardinal transform into Cúchulainn, the Impure, one of the Twelve Lucavis and one of my Espers in Final Fantasy XII but I don't think he is very happy to see me, specially since I never use him.

FFT Cúchulainn Portrait.png

As you can see in Cuchulainn's template, he has 450 of HP, which you could considered this a boss battle but FFT doesn have anything in common with the rest of the series, except the Chocobos. It's you against this thing but don't think this is easy. Cuchulainn has many nasty attacks that can give you many status effects. "Nighmare" is the worst by far. Since he is a undead enemy, the Blood will heal him and hurt you, which is why I told you to not bring that weapon to this battle.

Scorpio Stone.PNG

Bring a Black Mage and Agrias as the main sources of damages, "Hallowed Bolt" works wonders here and a "Thundaga" isn't bad either. Since Cuchulainn can give the "Sleep" status, bring Mustadio, his weak shots can wake up your units and continue the battle with your units. A White Mage can also be a great idea, "Esuna" and "Curaga" are incredible supports. Ramza's "Chakra" movements are very useful to heal your Mages's MP.

I speant most of the strategy talking about defense, now let's talk about offensive. Ramza can use "Focus" several times to boost his attacks and "Tailwind" for his speed, the Ancient Sword is a great help too. If you have a Knight who knows "Rend Speed", this is your chance too use it. The slower's Cuchulainn is, the better, also use "Haste" with your Time Mage, I cannot tell you how helpful a speed augment is in this fight since you are only fighting a single unit.

When Cuchulainn is defeated, he explodes in a flash of light, leaving only the Auracite to ourself, expect a lot of this in the future.

The War[]

Delita has finally reach the place where lies Duke Goltanna with Ovelia as a trophy (and as a booty call). Delita pretends to give Goltanna his loyalty. If you have seen what Delita has done in Chapter 2, you will see why his loyalty is questionable. Oh, and the Duke's Chancellor was plotting to kill Goltanna. Then Delita comes to kill him without thinking, this is what I love about this game, everyone dies in a manner of second of appearing in the plot, why can all Final Fantasies be like that? And now the Order of the Southern Sky head Lesalia.

Afterwards, we see a awesome artwork of a war, while we start watching how The War of the Lions has begun and Chapter 2 has finish...