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Araguay Woods[]

Battle Number: 12
The Wayward Chocobo
Location Araguay Woods
Foes 5 Goblins, 1 Black Goblin
Allies Agrias, Gaffgarion, Boco
. X X X
Objective Protect the Chocobo or Defeat All Enemies
Terrain Grass, Dirt
Geomancy Tanglevine, Wind Blast
Difficulty Easy as Hell
Recommended Level Level 12


Since this a fight with all monster that we've seen before, I don't have to make a single Monster or Unit Box!


When your party enters to the battlefield, you will see a little Chocobo who is been bulled by many Goblins. This is wierd because the Chocbos always fight side by side with the Goblins in random battles. This particular Chocobo is Boco, the old steed of our dear friend Wiegraf, apparently Wiegraf left him behind with the Corpse Brigade, sorry, buddy. Then the game gives you two choices, which are the same choices that the game gave you when you met the bastard in Mandalia, choose Kill them all, Agrias feel sorry for our buddy Chocobo but this way you can fight without worry to keep Boco alive.

This is a fight against a full party of monsters, their levels is going to be average to yours but that can be fix if you bought a Ice Bows for your Archers and if your Black Mages knows "Blizara" because the Goblins are very weak to Ice. Boco can help you out with his "Choco-Break" to deal damage and "Choco-Cure" to heal, for some reason, Boco will hide in one of the corners of the battlefield and just one Goblin will follow him, send a unit to back him up. Gaffgarion and Agrias can kill many monsters by themself but let's give them a hand. Ramza and your Monks can use physical attacks and Shockwave to attack from long range, as I say before, your Archer can kill the Goblins with ease if you bought the Ice Bow. Knights are not very necessary because this fight is so easy. Bring Mages if you want to train them but a Black Mage's Blizara is must in this battle to win it quick.

This is one of the easiest fights in the entire game, only a idiot will lose here.

After Battle[]

When the battle ends, our little friend Boco will join your party, so it's time for a character box!

Playable Character: Boco
Sprites: Boco-sprite.gif
Zodiac Sign: Aries.
Species: Chocobo.

Boco: Was a long time ago the steed of Bartz Klauser, the underrated hero of Final Fantasy V and later he became the noble steed of Wiegraf, the leader of the Corpse Brigade but now he wants to fight side by side with you.

Boco is a Chocobo and nothing more, you know what I think of monsters units, they can't level up very fast like human units and you cannot give them jobs but at least Boco has bright side: he can give birth, that's right, this way you can have more powerful Chocobos like the Red Chocobo (the most powerful monster of the game) and the Black Chocobo (is stronger than a Yellow Chocobo but has very low defense and they lack the Choco-Cure ability, skip this Chocobo) and their levels are going to be average to the rest of your party! So keep doing this and you'll have soon a Level 99 Red Chocobo.

Boco can be helpful, don't underestimate our little Chocobo, besides, anyone who has being traveling with Bartz must be cool.

After this battle, you can go to the next place but before that, take off Gaffgarion's equipment, he has a very good armor and turn him into a weak class, maybe a White Mage with no Spells and also, take off hhis pride, yes, that should be a good humiliation, you want to see why I'm talking this way? go to the next page.