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Hola, I'm TenzaZangetsu and from now on, you don't have a will - that's right, your soul now belongs to me. My first order is that you read my job class explanation page, because if you don't read it you are going to get screwed with this game.

Job Class Sections[]

The job classes in this game are divided in three sections: Physical, Magical and Hybrid. The Physical classes are the jobs that you only need to level up Physicals classes to get the new ones. The Magical classes are the same thing, but with Magical classes. To get hybrids, you need to level up classes from both the Magical and Physical sections. There are only three jobs in the Hybrid section and only one of them is actually useful.

Jobs Explanation[]

I will explain every job class one by one, its equipment and weapons. For each job i'll put a score, that is to measure how useful that job is, 10 being the most useful.


This is the job tree, here it shows all the job classes and how to get them (except the two new classes from the remake). If you are too lazy to read everything I write, just look this image to learn how to get every class.

Physical section[]


Job Class: Squire/Warrior
Sprites:FFT-job-squireM.gif FFT-job-squireW.gif
Equipment:Hats and Clothes
Weapons:Knives, Swords, Axes and Flails

Squires are the default Physical class, you don't need to do anything to get them. Since this is the first Physical class, this one is clearly the weakest. Its attacks are very low - I think that by the end of the game, a Mage with a physical attack can do more damage than these guys - and his Command Ability isn't very good either. Many of them are totally worthless but this class come with two great abilities: "JP boost" and "Move+1", "JP boost" is great for training and to level up quick those job levels and "Move+1" is a great Movement Ability at the beginning of the game, but after you gained more jobs, this ability becomes very weak. The Specials jobs class takes the place of the Squire but they keep its reaction, support and movement abilities with a far superior Command Ability. The first player u you are.


Job Class: Knight
FFT Knights.jpg
Sprites:FFT-job-knightM.gif FFT-job-knightW.gif
Prerequisites:Level 2 Squire
Equipment:Helmets, Armor, Robes and Shields.
Weapons:Swords and Knight Swords

Knights are the real first physical attackers class since the Squires are a joke. This class comes with high HP and great defense. These guys will be your best source of damage in the beginning of the game, but later when you get better classes, it loses it's shine and it's Command Ability isn't so useful. "Arts of War" is only useful if you are desperate and you want defeat the enemy quickly, since this command allows you to destroy the equipment of the enemies. But this class has a great Support Ability: "Equip Sword". With this ability, any unit with any job can use Swords, something that you'll want to do with your Swordskill characters.


Job Class: Archer
FFT Archer.jpg
Sprites:FFT-job-archerM.gif FFT-job-archerW.gif
Prerequisites:Level 2 Squire
Score:2/10 (those two points are given by the Adrenaline Rush's ability)
Equipment:Hats, Clothes and Shields.
Weapons:Bows and Crossbows.

Archers are one of the worst job classes in the game. Its attacks are weak - they always miss from my experience(with concentration you'll never miss)- and its "Aim" is really worthless. To make a good use of this class you need to have height on your side. This class also comes with a very good Reaction Ability: "Adrenaline Rush". Every time your unit gets hurt, it gains 1 point in speed. I know that doesn't sound very good but in this game speed is very important and this ability helps your slow units. Just learn the ability and you will never have to use this piece of crap ever again.


Job Class: Monk
FFT Monk.jpg
Sprites:FFT-job-monkM.gif FFT-job-monkW.gif
Prerequisites:Level 3 Knight.

AHH, the classic Monk, this is by far their best incarnation in the all series. This class at the beginning of the game can kill a light unit with one physical attack. "Martial arts" is a very good Command Ability. As a 'backup ability', it is not that good as a Command Ability. "Chakra" is by far the best ability, it heals a good part of the HP and the MP. This class has the Reaction Ability "Counter", when your unit gets hit, it will counter with a physical attack. Don't learn the ability "First strike", it isn't worth your time. The last good ability in this class is "Lifefont". Every time you make a move, this ability will heal a bit of your unit's HP. Overall, this class is very good but when you get to Chapter 3, this class loses all it's incredible power.


Job Class: Thief
FFT Thief.jpg
Sprites:FFT-job-thiefM.gif FFT-job-thiefW.gif
Prerequisites:Level 3 Archer
Score:7/10 and 1/10(after you learn every "Steal ability" and "Move+2")
Equipment:Hats and Clothes.

The Thief is (as usual, if you've ever played another FF) a very weak class. It's a light unit, so they can be killed with ease and they don't have a great attack either, but they do come with high speed (as I said before, speed in this game is very important). Also, this job comes with the command "Steal". As you might think, this ability allows you to steal equipment, Gil and even charm your enemies with the "Steal Heart" ability. This command is very good because in this game "Steal" is extremely helpful, but the Thief is very weak, so give this ability to a stronger class (I have one in mind, but I'm not going to tell you right now, wait until we get to their section). This job also has another great ability: "Move+2". This Movement Ability is a better version of the one that the Squire has, it's an ability that you'll want to learn. After you learn all those tricks, forget about this class, you don't have any need for this job any more.


Job Class: Geomancer
FFT Geomancer.jpg
Sprites:FFT-job-geomancerM.gif FFT-job-geomancerW.gif
Prerequisites:Level 4 Monk.
Equipment:Hats, Clothes, Robes and Shields.
Weapons:Swords and Axes.

I think that the Geomancer is better suited to be a Magical class, but whatever. The Geomancer uses the very earth to hurt the enemies. Okay, that sounds awesome, but the big drawback of this class is that the type of geomancy that this command uses depends of the type of terrain in the battlefield, and that makes this ability very complicated to use. However, if you know how to use it, this command can be very powerful. This job class comes with the Support Ability "Attack Boost", which, as you may guessed, increases the attack of the unit. This is great for those physical attackers of your party and your Swordskill units. Besides that one good ability, this class doesn't have a lot to offer. A regretable waste.

If you still want to use this class, I'll be giving the terrain of every storyline battlefield, I give you this to understand better:

  • Swamp = Sinkhole
  • Water = Torrent
  • Grass = Tanglevine
  • Stone = Contortion
  • Man-Made = Tremor
  • Wind = Wind Slash
  • Building = Will-o'-the-Wisp
  • Sand = Quicksand
  • Desert = Sandstorm
  • Snow = Snowstorm (duh)
  • Any battlefield = Wind Blast
  • Magma = Magma Surge


Job Class: Dragoon
Sprites:FFT-job-dragoonM.gif FFT-job-dragoonW.gif
Prerequisites:Level 4 Thief.
Equipment:Helmets, Armor, Robes and Shields.

My boy! Here it is! One of the most useful and badass classes of the entire series. The Dragoon class is an improved version of the regular Knight, only this class fights with spears and has the highest jump stats of the entire game. To unlock this class you need to have a level 4 Thief. Remember back in the thief section that I told you that you must give the Steal command to a unit with a stronger job? Well this is the job! Give your Dragoon the "Steal" command and he (yes, my Dragoon was a male, his name was Erik) will be a lean mean Stealing machine. "Jump" is a very useful move, but to use it's full potential, you'll need to learn Horizontal and Vertical Jump 8 (so don't try to learn the other jumps because they are just low versions of "Jump"). This class has the Reaction Ability "Dragonheart" - when you get hit, this ability give you the "Rearise" status, so with this ability you can protect your units from crystalization, a very good idea because you'll want to protect this unit.


Job Class: Samurai
FFT Samurai.jpg
Sprites:FFT-job-samuraiM.gif FFT-job-samuraiW.gif
Prerequisites:Level 4 Knight, Level 5 Monk and Level 2 Dragoon.
Equipment:Helmets, Armor and Robes.

You would expect that this class to be a kickass samurai like Kenshin Himura, but instead we have this double-edged sword. Why am I saying this? Because each of his "Laido's" skills requires that you have the katana with the same name of the skill (only have it, not equipped). That isn't so bad. The bad thing is that when you use that skill, there is a chance that the Katana get destroyed in the process. With common Katanas that still isn't so bad, but imagine yourself losing the "Masamune" (you'll see the results after you stop crying). But this class (like all the classes in the game) has two of the best abilities in the game, "Shiradori" and "Doublehand". "Shiradori" is a Reaction Ability that blocks every non-ranged attack (that excluded Bows and Crossbows), very good in the end of the game with so many tough enemies. "Doublehand" is a very good Support Ability because it increases the damage made by the unit but it costs you one hand, which isn't very good for jobs where you equip shields. Overall, this is a very good class if you know how to use it, but can also be very bad if you don't know how.


Job Class: Ninja
FFT Ninja.jpg
Sprites:FFT-job-ninjaM.gif FFT-job-ninjaW.gif
Prerequisites:Level 4 Archer, Level 5 Thief and Level 2 Geomancer.
Score:9/10(when you haven't learn "Dual wield") 1/10(when you learn "Dual Wield").
Equipment:Hats and Clothes.
Weapons:Knives, Ninja Swords and Hammers.

This is one of the best physical classes in this game, but not as powerful as it is in other incarnations. This is the fastest class in the game that your Generics can get. The first time I saw these guys, I got scared about how fast they were. They come with the best Support Ability in the game for your physical attackers, "Dual Wield". This ability allows you to make double damage with two weapons - this is great for units that use Knight Swords (the best weapons in the game). The big problem with this class is how weak these guys are: one good attack can kill them, so my advice is that you learn "Dual Wield" and never use this class again. Don't waste your time with "Throw", it's just useless.


Job Class: Dancer
Sprites: FFT-job-dancer.gif
Prerequisites:Level 5 Geomancer and Level 5 Dragoon (female unit only).
Equipment:Hats and Clothes.
Weapons:Knives and Cloth.

The first time I used this class I thought it sucked, but this class actually has many of the best abilities in the game. The Dance command (how original) gives a few good negative status to the enemy's units. This job also comes with the Reaction Ability "Fury", where every time you get hit, your unit gains one point in power. They also have the "Fly" Movement Ability but it costs 5000 JP!!!!!! ... but wait... since the dance keeps repeating itself you can make that 5000 JP in no time. This class is a step forward to creating the ultimate fighter. This class is very good and you should give her a chance, besides, she's a little bit cute.

Magical section[]


Job Class: Chemist
FFT Chemist.jpg
Sprites:FFT-job-chemistM.gif FFT-job-chemistW.gif
Equipment:Hats and Clothes.
Weapons:Knives and Guns.

This is the default magic class in the game, you should have at least two units in your party with high Faith so they can become great mages. The Chemists are very diferent to the Squires because they can be useful throughout the game. However, the big problem with Chemists is that you need to learn every item to use it, which can be very tedious. This class has the Reaction Ability "Auto-Potion", a skill you're going to need if you want to beat the game. "Safeguard" is an ability that is worth your time because it makes the equipment of the unit with this skill impossible to steal or destroy.

White Mages[]

Job Class: White Mage
Sprites:FFT-job-whitemageM.gif FFT-job-whitemageW.gif
Prerequisites:Level 2 Chemist.
Equipment:Hats, Clothes and Robes.

There's a old quote in Final Fantasy: "No party is well done without a White Mage", and they are right. This class heals and protects your units with white magic, does a unit need more than that? When you learn "Curaja" you can heal your units from any attack and when you learn "Holy" you can kill any unit - you're probably invincible with these two magics. As you can see, I'm a huge fan of the White Mages. Actually, have a White Mage in your party, that's an order.

Black Mages[]

Job Class: Black Mage
Sprites:FFT-job-blackmageM.gif FFT-job-blackmageW.gif
Prerequisites:Level 2 Chemist.
Equipment:Hats, Clothes and Robes.

The offensive version of the White Mages. With a unit that has high Faith, Black Magic can kill a strong enemy's unit. This is great to defeat very hard enemies and multiple ones with one attack. "Arcane Strength" makes the damage done by magic even more powerful. This is another great Magical class, you should have a Black Mage in your party because with this class, you can end battles very quickly. They have low stats in defense and attack, but they have high speed, so that way you make more use of its magics.


Job Class: Mystic
T Oracle.jpg
Sprites:FFT-job-oracleM.gif FFT-job-oracleW.gif
Prerequisites:Level 3 White Mage.
Equipment:Hats, Clothes and Robes.
Weapons:Sticks, Rods, Staves and Dictionaries.

After three useful Magic classes we already found a not-so useful one. The "Mystic Arts" can sound good but it's not that good, all this command does is give to your enemies few negative status. But when it comes to other types of abilities, this class shines. Pretty much every other ability that this class has are made for mages, which is very good because you want to protect them and keep them alive in battle. "Defense Boost" is very good to protect your weak units, but there are better Support Abilities out there. The best is "Manafont", a Movement Ability that recovers a little bit of MP every time your unit makes a move, awesome for mages. So, the best reason to use this class is for his Backup Abilities and not because of his Command.

Time Mages[]

Job Class: Time Mage
FFT Time mage.jpg
Sprites:FFT-job-timemageM.gif FFT-job-timemageW.gif
Prerequisites:Level 3 Black Mage.
Equipment:Hats, Clothes and Robes.

Believe it or not, this is my favorite Magic class in the series. Time Mages have very good magics, I found "Haste" and "Stop" the most useful. "Haste" because it raises your units speed and "Stop" because it makes your units incapable of moving or acting. This class comes with the best set of Backup Abilities: "Mana Shield" is great to protect your weak units from strong attacks; "Swiftness" is very useful move to make magics and other types of attacks charge a lot faster. "Teleport" allows you to teleport your unit to any place in the battlefield, but if you go too far from your position, "Teleport" can miss -so be careful when you use it - but it's worth learning to move over high places with your Mages and your units with low Jump.


Job Class: Orator
FFT Mediator.jpg
Sprites:FFT-job-mediatorM.gif FFT-job-mediatorW.gif
Prerequisites:Level 3 Mystic.
Equipment:Hats, Clothes and Robes.
Weapons:Guns and Knives.

This is an odd class. This Job can help you to recruit new units without wasting money in the Warrior's Guild! I actually got Three Level 99 Arithmeticians with this class, but don't do this a lot because it's better to create your own units from the very begining of the game. "Equip Guns" makes your unit capable of using Guns with any job. This class can be very good or very bad, that's your decision.


Job Class: Summoner
FFT Summoner.jpg
Sprites:FFT-job-summonerM.gif FFT-job-summonerW.gif
Prerequisites:Level 3 Time Mage.
Equipment:Hats and Robes.
Weapons:Rods and Staves.

Summons have always been one of my favorite things in FF, too bad that this game forgot about them. In this game, the summons have lost all their shine. To summon them, you need to spend like, 10 turns or more charging to summon the strongest ones (like Bahamut) and believe me, keeping your summoner alive for 10 turns or more time is not fun. So unless you know how to use this class (because I never learnt how to use it in the PSP version, which hurt because I used to have a super summoner in the PS1 version) the only reason to use it will be to learn the Support Ability "Halve MP" (with this ability, your mage can be twice as effective).


Job Class: Arithmetician/Calculator
Sprites:FFT-job-calculatorM.gif FFT-job-calculatorW.gif
Prerequisites:Level 5 White Mage, Level 5 Black Mage, Level 4 Mystic and Level 4 Time Mage.
Equipment:Hats, Clothes and Robes.
Weapons:Sticks and Dictionaries.

Oh my god!!!!! This is the second best job class in the entire game!!!!! God bless the guy in Square Enix who came up with the idea of this job. Yes, I know, to unlock these guys you need a lot of work, but it's worth it. With this class, you can use four diferent types of magic with no MP cost or charge time, the only thing that you need to do is the right calculation and you can blast all your enemy's units with "Flare" or heal all your party with "Curaja". All in one class. It's incredible how strong these guys are, but their other stats are very low, so you shouldn't use this class in storyline battles, just train a Mage in this job and when you learn every Arithmeticks's skill, switch back to a Black or a White Mage and you have the strongest Mage in the entire game.


Job Class: Bard/Harper
FFT Bard.jpg
Prerequisites:Level 5 Orator and Level 5 Summoner (Male unit only).
Equipment:Hats and Clothes.
Weapons:Musical Instruments.

This class is a male version of the Dancer. The only difference is that instead of giving negative status to your enemies like "Dance", the "Sing" command ability give to your units positive status, very helpful. Its support abilities are amazing for Mages: "Faith Boost" and "Magick Boost" can help your Mage to become a incredible source of magic power, so make sure that one of your mages is a male. A good class, it's one step forward for your Mage to become the greatest Mage of all time.

Hybrid Section[]


Job Class: Mime
Sprites:FFT-job-mimeM.gif FFT-job-mimeW.gif
Prerequisites:Level 8 Squire, Level 8 Chemist, Level 5 Geomancer, Level 5 Dragoon, Level 5 Orator and Level 5 Summoner

Yeah, I know, it takes a lot of work to get this class, but let me tell you something: it's not worth it. This job doesn't have abilities to learn and you cannot equip anything - abilities or equipment. This class will repeat the last action made by one of your units. You probably think that sound useful, but, well, it's not. The battlefield is in 3D, so if one of your units makes an attack to its right, the Mime will do a attack to the same side, so most of the time, he won't do anything. My best advice to you is skip this piece of crap, it's never going to be useful to you.

Onion Knights[]

Job Class: Onion Knight/Master of Equipment
Sprites:FFT-job-onionknightM.gif FFT-job-onionknightF.gif
Prerequisites:Level 6 Squire and Level 6 Chemist.
Equipment:Every piece of equipment.
Weapons:Every type of weapon.

The Onion knight is the first of the two new classes of the remake that I'm going to show you. The Onion Knight it's the worst class in the entire game, it doesn't have abilities to learn and you can't equip them. And for the worst part, to boost this class's stats, you need to master every freaking job class in the entire game!!!!!! Just forget about this class, pretend it doesn't exist, you can use this job at the end of the game if you don't have anything else to do with your life.

^^^^ Ignore that the onion knight is the strongest warrior in the whole game his only problem is he starts off week. but once you master every job the onion knight has everyone's abilities and if you're lvl 99 all his stats are 99 also he has the strongest weapon armor gloves shield and all that gets his health up to 999 also he's immune to everything that includes KO,sleep,stone,fire,blizzard,thunder.water,vampire,poison. you just gotta let this onion ripen up. Also The best Equipment player.

Dark Knights[]

Job Class: Dark Knight
FFT DarkKnight.jpg
Sprites:FFT-job-darkknightM.gif FFT-job-darkknightF.gif
Prerequisites:Master Knight, Master Black Mage, Level 8 Ninja, Level 8 Samurai, Level 8 Dragoon and Level 8 Geomancer, Kill 20 units.
Equipment:Helmets, Armor, Robes and Shields.
Weapons:Swords, Dark Swords, Axe and Knight swords.

This is it, the best job class in the entire game!!!!! Apart from being the most badass job class in the series, this is their best incarnation. All its stats are very high and all its abilities are very powerful. The "Darkness" command is a very complete skill set. Need to heal? "Sanguine Sword". Need to recover MP? "Infernal Strike". Need a powerful attack? "Crushing Blow". Need to kill multiple enemies? "Abyssal Blade" and "Unholy Sacrifice". The drawback of the last two attacks is that they require the sacrifice of a little HP - something that all the attacks of the Dark knights in the series need - but with "Sanguine Sword" that's not a problem. Its Support Abilities are very good but there is nothing extraordinary. "Move+3" is very good, but only female units can learn it. "Jump+3" is great too, but this is only for your male units. As you can see, this class is very powerful, but it will take you a lot of work to get this job, so use it with a unit that you are going to use for the entire game, probably Ramza or a strong unit with high Bravery. By the way, to get those dark swords, you'll have to play the multiplayer mode, but I'm not going to write a walktrough about that because I never touch that thing. By the way if you wanted to learn this job, make sure learn it to Ramza as it will be very useful to duel battles such as Gaffgarion vs. Ramza, Wiegraf vs. Ramza. Well, you need a little patience for you to do this. NOTE: Sanguine Sword is the same to Shadowblade (Gaffgarion) and Infernal Strike is the same to Duskblade (Gaffgarion).