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Final Fantasy Tactics was the second tactical RPG related to the Final Fantasy game series. It featured a revolutionary tactical battle system based on the trademark Active Time Battle (ATB) system, a complex storyline spanning two warring kingdoms, and a return to the job system featured in other FF titles. Though it fit comfortably on only one PlayStation CD, it provided an opportunity for hundreds of hours of gameplay, rivalling the mammoth Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, its main-series contemporaries. No other tactical RPG (except other FFT titles) has come close to the depth of this sytem.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is a 10th anniversary re-release of the original Final Fantasy Tactics as part of the Ivalice Alliance. Gameplay and basic strategies remain largely unchanged, but this remake for PSP adds several new sidequests, a completely new (and far superior) translation into English, and a few new characters.

This walkthrough focuses on the FFT:WotL remake, but notes crucial differences for players of the original game, where needed. It is intended to be as neutral as possible while retaining some suggestions from the original author. Given the superior English translation in the remake, names from that version of the game are preferred within the walkthrough's text.

Walkthrough Sections[]

  • Overview -- The basics of FFT gameplay.
  • Missions -- Plot points in the main FFT storyline. These occur at points marked by red dots on the world map.
  • Quests -- Optional sidequests to gain new playable characters with their own separate storylines.
  • Outfitters -- A reference for all buyable items, and at what point they become available.

Other Data[]

  • Walkthrough Party -- See how the party for this walkthrough was assembled, and the eventual jobs and abilities planned for each unit. This is included in the walkthrough only as a suggestion; it is not necessarily the "best" setup.
  • Party Roster Worksheet -- Plan your own party's development as you acquire characters throughout the story.
  • Blank Roster Worksheet -- Don't like your starting crew? Don't care about Ladd, Alicia, and Lavian? Want the challenge of dumping Orlandeau? Then use this totally blank roster worksheet to plan your own customized party full of captured monsters, traitors from the enemy, or whatever other riff-raff you pick up along the way.
  • Character Comments -- Each character has a short comment that they'll speak whenever their name is selected in Help mode.