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Animals have no God.

Algus, while fighting "peasant animals"

Welcome, welcome, one and all, to my Final Fantasy Tactics walkthrough. I write this walkthrough because of a dreadful lack of PlayStation walkthroughs of the game. I have little interest in War of the Lions, the remake which the other walkthroughs focus in on, because you can barely understand the storyline in the original and it's a million times worst in the remake. Want an example?

  • PlayStation: If that isn't evil, I don't know what is!
  • WOTL: If that is not foul, ser, pray tell what is!

It gets horribly worse, that's the only one I know off the top of my head though. The remake just is a different translation with a couple irrelevant sidequests. The gameplay is the same. Circle-button.png is select, X-button.png is cancel. Triangle-button.png is used to bring up the menu, Playstation Button Select.png brings up game help, Playstation-Button-R1.png rotates the camera, and the D-Pad Buttons are used to move selector thingies around.

The world map. Note that this stuff is called different stuff in this version, but it's the best map the wiki has. Still good though.

This game is hard, but underrated. Blame the mainstream games for that. On the other hand, this game doesn't have any annoying girls who are hyperactive yet good party members. It was hilarious with Porom but got old between Rinoa and Selphie. Instead we've got Alma, the most kidnapped rich girl since the legendary Princess Peach herself, as well as a whole bunch of other kidnapping victims we have to spend most of the game rescuing: Teta, Ovelia, Rafa, as well as a an ungrateful Sephiroth cosplayer, and a thunder god. (Don't ask why a thunder god needs rescuing. I have no idea.) Ultimately we spend most of the game rescuing people but at least we get to save the world as part of the bargain. Now, before I forget, Zerobandwidth is the walkthrough king for War of the Lions so check him out if you are playing the remake.

In case you haven't already figured out my spoiler policy, I try to avoid spoiling the game. Sadly, if you click on a link, like this puppy, you might find ANYTHING. Seriously, Alma's page once had information about the final battle IN THE INTRO PARAGRAPH! I asked for it to be removed and it was, but still. You can find anything on this wiki. That's why it's a wiki. I do NOT take credit for spoiling you if you click on a link.

Party Members[]

Playable Characters[]

Those who suffer from Harry Potter Syndrome

FFT Ramza Beoulve Ch1 Portrait.pngFFT-enemy-Chocobo.gifFFT Mustadio Bunansa Portrait.pngFFT Agrias Oaks Portrait.pngFFT Rapha Galthena Portrait.pngFFT Marach Galthena Portrait.pngOrlandu Icon.jpgFFT Meliadoul Tengille Portrait.png

NPC Guests[]

A lot more sensible than the main cast, I say

FFT Delita Heiral Squire Portrait.pngFFT Argath Thadalfus Portrait.pngFFT Tietra Heiral Portrait.pngFFT Goffard Gaffgarion Portrait.pngFFT Ovelia Atkascha Portrait.pngFFT Orran Durai Portrait.pngFFT Alma Beoulve Portrait.pngFFT Zalbaag Beoulve Portrait 1.png

Optional PCs[]

Often without much of a speaking role, I'm afraid, and all from the same two missions

FFT Beowulf Cadmus Portrait.pngFFT Reis Duelar Portrait.pngFFT Automaton Portrait.pngFFT Cloud Sprite.pngByblos-sprh.gif

Table of Contents[]

Gameplay Wherein I explain how to play the game
Jobs Everything you can possibly wanna be when you grow up, in a well-organized list.
Mission Name Description Locations Special
Chapter 1: The Meager
Prayer of Queen Ovelia The kidnapping of the most-kidnapped princess (but not rich girl in general) in all of Ivalice Orbonne Monastery Ramza, Agrias, Gafgarion, Alicia, Lavian, Rad
Cadets Wherein we get to getting Gariland Magic City Delita
Death of Father Balnabes
First Meeting with Algus If he looks like Draco Malfoy and sounds like Draco Malfoy... Mandalia Plains Algus
Reunion with Dycedarg
At Igros Castle: ...and begs his superiors like Draco Malfoy... Sweegy Woods N/A
After Gustav Supposedly the first hard mission Dorter Trade City, Zeklaus Desert N/A
Rescue of Marquis Elmdor
Master of Gallione
Lady of the Death Corps: ...and sneers at "lowlifes" like Draco Malfoy... Thieves' Fort Miluda
Attacked by the Death Corps
Delita's Anger You do NOT want to make the D-Man angry. Lesalia Plateau Miluda
Reed Pipe
One Rock and a Small Ripple Fun with the Epic of Beowulf Fovoham Plains Weigraf
And I Escaped... ...he must be Draco Malfoy. Fort Zeakden Teta, Algus
Chapter 2: The Manipulator and Subservient
Ovelia Chase A.k.a. "complete slaughter". Dorter Trade City, Araguay Woods Agrias, Gafgarion, Boco
Reunion with Spoilers: Delita Our first spoileristic mission title! Hoorah! Zirekile Falls Gafgarion, Delita, Ovelia
Machinist And one that isn't spoileristic at all. Zaland Fort City, Bariaus Hill Mustadio
Worries of Ovelia
Cardinal Draclau and the Holy Stone
Those who seek the Holy Stone No, a SWAMP doesn't seek the Holy Stone. Zigolis Swamp N/A
Besrudio Rescue Ramza saves the machinist's day for the 9001th time. Goug Machine City Mustadio
Delita's Advice
Cardinal's Anger Cardinals are supposed to be kind, not angry. Bariaus Valley, Golgorand Execution Site, Lionel Castle Gate, Lionel Castle Agrias, Gafgarion, Queklain the Impure King
Those who Use, Those who Get Used
The Lion War Outbreak
TG Cid
Chapter 3: The Valiant
First Meeting with Olan He ain't like Algus. Goland Coal City Olan
Reunion with Zalbag
As a Heretic Why don't they just burn us at the stake?! Lesalia Castle Alma, Zalmo
Confessions of Simon In the remake, holy men are called "The Confessors" for a reason. Orbonne Monastery Underground Book Storage — Second Floor, Third Floor, and First Floor Izlude, Weigraf
Ovelia and Delita
Son of TG Cid The son of a thunder god is NOT a demigod. Grog Hill, Yardow Fort City, Yuguo Woods Rafa, Malak
Divine Rafa
Ambitions of Prince Barinten Nor is Prince Barinten the son of the king and queen. Riovanes Castle Gate, Riovanes Castle Interior Malak, Weigraf, Velius the Warlock
Escaping Alma
Scars of a Tragedy Wherein we find out a spoony bard's tragic backstory Riovanes Castle Rooftop Rafa, Celia, Lede, Elmdor
The Other Power
The Lying Heart
Those who Squirm in the Darkness
Chapter 4: Somebody to Love
A man with the Holy Stone Several incidents of deus ex machina occur here! Dogula Pass, Bervania Free City, Finath Creek Meliadoul
Delita's Thoughts Let's hope he doesn't turn into a Romeo of the resident Juliet-Cho Chang mix. Zeltennia Castle Delita, Zalmo
At Zeltennia Castle
Unstoppable Cog Uh... what does this have to do with the mission?! Bed Desert, Beltha Garrison South/North Wall Balk
Seized TG Cid
Assassination of Prince Spoilers: Larg Blasted spoilers! Bethla Garrison Sluice N/A
Rescue of Cid
Prince Goltana's Final Moments
Ambitions of Dycedarg Is he a Slytherin? Slytherin ambition is evil, and Dycedarg ambition is evil. Therefore, Dycedarg = Slytherin Germinas Peak, Lake Poescas, Limberry Castle Gate Celia, Lede
Man of Odd Appearance Sephiroth cosplayers? Hate 'em, although the original was cool. Limberry Castle Interior Elmdor, Celia, Lede
The Mystery of Lucavi What's so mysterious? They are evil, they need to die. That's all. Limberry Castle Zalera
Delita's Betrayal
Mosfungus The translator's Enrigsh is worth of the son of a submariner's spoony bard. Igros Castle Zalbag, Dycedarg
Spoilers: Funeral's
Final Moments
Isn't it ironic a character named Spoilers: Funeral
Murond Holy Place (3x) Zalbag, Vormav, Rofel, Kletian
Requiem Wherein we face the final boss Orbonne Monastery (2x battles), Murond Death City, Lost Sacred Precints, Graveyard of Airships (2x battles) Rofel, Kletian, Balk, Hashmal, Alma, Altima
Perfectionist's Sidequests
Steel Ball Found When Besrudio finds a timey-wimey ball. All the sidequests. Too many to count. Lots and lots
Deep Dungeon Or rather, a deep dark dungeon. Or rather, a waste of time. Deep Dungeon Elidibus

Hasta la bye-bye!

Gilgamesh, in Final Fantasy V, when running away.