OMG, yeah, someone got drunk and decided to write a walkthrough for Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Well, I wasn't drunk, but I must have eaten something bad to even want to do this willingly. Oh well. Let's go.

Mission Start! Edit

Ok, you start out at the Hill of Destiny. Wooooo, what a name. Apparently your village used to be here, but now it isn’t. You climb up the hill and find an old guy who tells you about a prophecy about the end of the world, and blah blah blah. Apparently you’re the Knight the prophecy predicted will save the world. Why? Because he says so. I’ll tell you now, if it weren’t for the fact I’m only replaying this game for the sake of the wiki, I’d turn the game off right now, this is BS. I'd like to say Mystic Quest has a weak storyline, but that sentence implies this game even *has* a storyline - it doesn't.

A monster appears, and it’s your first boss. Behemoth does 6 damage an attack, you do 25 damage an attack. He has 80 HP, you have 30. The fight is pretty basic. And pathetic, Behemoths are among the strongest enemies in the game in REAL FF games, here it's your standard starting boss. Come on, guys, Behemoths are end-game enemies, that's pretty basic FF stuff here. You win, and the old guy is excited because killing that monster means you must be the Knight. What a loser. He floats away, and you leave. On the world map, the Hill of Destiny collapses, and you’re off to the Level Forest.

Screw Smokey, Torch This Place! Edit

Oh, first, WTF is with that name? Jeez, real creative. The old guy tells you to save the Crystal of Earth, and runs off. You’d think he’d be more helpful. Jump over the guy with the beard and push the boulder out of the way. OMG, that does it. I’ve played almost every Final Fantasy game in the main series, and this, and this is the only one where you can jump on the map, over people no less! My god. The guy gives you a Tree Wither. I think it's a withered tree branch. Yeesh, even the translations blow! Open the chest for three Cure Potions and exit to the right.

Foresta is a village tied to the forest itself – as the forest has withered, so have some of the people. A lot of the citizens are growing old at an accelerated rate. Boo hoo, their own fault for being in this P.o.S. game, you're bringing it on yourself guys. Have you turned the game off yet? If not, well, your choice. And your misfortune. I'm playing this game for the wiki, what's your excuse?

Enter the left house and talk to the chick in the green. No, it’s not Rydia, Rydia is too bad-ass for a game this dumb. Rydia is cool, sexy and an awesome mage. There isn't a character in this game that even has one of those qualities. Kaeli sees the withered tree branch and joins you. What, no dramatic fight or subquest? Yeesh, another FF tradition shattered. NO ONE joins you for the hell of it in a FF game! Kaeli carries an Axe and knows the Life Spell. This spell instantly recovers your status and HP, and revives you full if you’re dead. So, what’s the point of having Heal and Cure in this game then?

Enter the right house. You can sleep in the bed on the left to heal, then swipe the Cure potions from the chest. Go outside and up. Hop across the logs in the water and enter the house to find a fancier chest. Oooooooo. It’s Cure. Wow, who cares. This is Final Fantasy, you learn spells by leveling up, equipping some sort of mystical object, or buying them; you don’t just find spellbooks lying around.

Return to the Woods Edit

Go back to the world map and reenter the Level Forest. Kaeli uses her Axe to chop down a tree and open the path forward. God, first you can jump and now you cut down trees. I told you, this isn’t a Final Fantasy, it’s a Zelda game! Nothing wrong with Zelda, I love it, but Zelda’s Zelda, FF is FF, and that’s that. Finally, I get to kill something! It’s a good thing too, the crappiness of this game gives me a lot of stress to work off. Kaeli can whack anything you see here in one swing of her Axe, which will be Slimes and Brownies. Fight your way left for another chest of Cure potions. BTW, these wooden chests refill whenever you leave an area. *Sigh*...another FF tradition broken, chests do not just refill on their own. Fight your way up and right for more crap in chests, then inspect the glowing tree for a boss. By this time you should be Level 3.

Okay, there are a handful of redeeming things about this game. One of them is that enemies change sprites as they die, that’s kinda interesting. Another is the boss music is fairly bad-ass for the Super NES. It’s no Dancing Mad, but in this piece of crap game, you’ll learn to take what you can get. Minotaur has a few nasty attacks, but you have Cure and Life. Use them when needed and keep wailing on his ass. When he dies, Kaeli’s mother takes her home since she was poisoned, and Kaeli gives you her Axe, telling you to go to the Sand Temple and find Elixir to cure her. From now on, use the L and R buttons to cycle through your weapons at any time.

Go to the entrance to the forest. To the right is a chest of Cure potions, and a chest of Heal potions to the left. Use the Axe to chop your way to them. Now leave and head up, ignore the Battlefield and enter the Sand Temple.

Pointless Violence Edit

In here, go back and open the chest to find…nothing. Ok, WTF is this music change? This guy is Tristam. He’s a goof who can’t even spell his own name right – it’s spelt TristaN, with an “N”. He’s supposed to be a Ninja, but he’s just a loser. He’ll try and sell you Elixir for 9000 GP, and you protest your allowance is only 2 GP a week. Uh, not anymore, the village was killed, remember? So Tristan recruits you to help him retrieve some treasure in exchange for the Elixir.

Go down and enter the Battlefield. Each time you enter it, you fight. Win ten fights to win the prize. Your enemies here are Mad Plants and Poison Toads. The plants die to a single strike from your Axe because they’re weak to Axe attacks. Killing all the enemies here nets you 54 exp. At the next Battlefield, the Mad Plants and Poison Toads are joined by Basilisks. Winning ten battles hear yields you the Charm. It’s a pitiful Accessory that boosts your Armor by 1. Wow. Ok, I’ve done enough killing to work off my hatred now, time to enter the Bone Dungeon and find more things to bitch about. Considering what I've found so far, I'm sure there's lots more.

Zelda Rip-Offs Ahoy! Edit

In here are more of the same enemies. Sand Worms are weak to your Axe. Kill all the enemies in this first cavern, watching the moving sand, and claim 20 Ninja Stars and 3 Cure potions from the chests. Go through the skeleton into the next room. Hop across the shells and dive into the water. Left through the skeleton and onto the shore. Tristan will show you how to use Bombs, and sell them to you. Saying no will lower his price from 30 GP to 15. Bombs do low damage but hit all enemies. Go back to where you hopped across the shells and blow up the bones to find a red chest with a Steel Shield. Now head back to where you bought the bombs and go up.

I here are two new enemies – the Skeleton and the Roc. The Skeletons can Confuse you and the Rocs Blind you, so beware. A passage at the top of the room hides more Ninja Stars in a chest. Go left and down the stairs to proceed. Down the stairs to the right is the reincarnation of Behemoth, the Gorgon. Expect this to be a trend, minor bosses always have weaker forms to battle. Behind him are more Bombs. Up here, use a Bomb to blow up the passage of bone. At the right end of the bone is a secret passage to more Ninja Stars. Go back and left to find enemies guarding even more Ninja Stars. Now up and fight your way right past the moving sand. Meet the Minotaur Zombie, prizes for guessing who he’s a reincarnation of. Go down the stairs on the right.

Down here is a chest to the right with, you guessed it, Ninja Stars. Use a bomb to blow open the skeleton’s mouth and open the path forward. Up here is a room with a chest of Seeds. These restore MP. ARG, Ethers restore MP! Ethers, Elixirs, Tinctures, but not Seeds! God I hate this game! Back out and left. Despite the way the sand is moving, it’ll move you right, so fight your way past it. Go up here, use a bomb, and up. A red chest! And it’s your first Black spell, Quake! WTF, Quake is supposed to be a strong spell, why the hell are we getting it now? Grrrrrrr….now head right and up. WHOA! A big boy! Hop across the shells and get ready to rumble.

Welcome to Crap-Tastic Park Edit

Flamerus Rex is the first Big Boss of the game, and a Fiend of Element. Despite his name, he's the Fiend of Earth. So why he's called Flamerus, I don't know and don't care. Cast Cure on him until you run out of MP, then use a Seed and start over. Tristan should stick to throwing Ninja Stars and using Life to heal you when needed. Rex can hit for over 100 damage and can use Rip Earth to hit both of you for 70-80 damage. Keep up the barrage of Cures. You should be at Level 8 by now and have 10 White magic spells to cast, easily enough to crush Rex.

For your efforts, you get to see the Earth Crystal return to its glory. And you get to see Tristan show off a flashy new extending claw. God, it’s the Hookshot! What did I tell you last time, this is a Zelda game, not a FF game! Hookshots, bombs, using swords to hit switches…Tristan hands over the Elixir too. Loot the chests and be sure to find the Sand Coin. Then hop across the shells and watch Tristan leave.

Leave the dungeon and head back to Foresta, noting the bright new forest. Big whoop. Give Kaeli the Elixir and she’ll want to go to Aquaria. You say no and go instead. Why does she even want to go there? Never explained. Head to the Focus Tower. Along the way is a Battlefield with Sand Worms, Minotaur Zombies and Basilisks. Waste them for 150 GP. Then enter the Focus Tower

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