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NOTICE: While the game help in this walkthrough is valid, the author wishes to alert readers he has matured considerably since writing it. The hatred and foul language directed at the game's content should not be taken as representative of the author's present feelings.

Welcome to the walkthrough for Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. My name is Drake, and for reasons even I don't know, I'm taking it upon myself to complete the FFMQ database on the wiki. That includes a walkthrough, meaning I have to play through this piece of sh!t to do it all. Well, let's get this over with.


That's right, MQ is so bad I have to explain how to play it! You are Benjamin, the most 2-D character in FF history ever since they started naming the characters. You come from an unnamed village that is destroyed at the start of the game, and wander around the world saving the Crystals. Why? Good question.

Now, the B button Jumps you ahead 2 squares, and can be used to hop over gaps, chests and people - not enemies. And the A button uses whatever weapon you have on the map. Rule 1, kiddies - Final Fantasy games DO NOT include jumping or using weapons on the overhead map. This game on a whole plays more like a Zelda game. Zelda is cool. Final Fantasy is cool. But they are entirely different genres - FF is not a Zelda game, and Zelda is not a FF game. Just as there should never be a Zelda RPG, there should never have been Mystic Quest.

Anyway, X button opens the save screen, you can save anytime, yet another gameplay device swiped from Zelda and slapped where it doesn't belong - you can save anytime in Zelda, Final Fantasy games use Save Points. Y changes your ally's mode from AI to Player controlled. Start calls up the menu, and L and R cycle through your weapons. As well, A is confirm, and B is cancel. That's one of the very few FF themes they kept for this game.

Anyone who has played a FF game now realizes that this game is an insult to the franchise and doesn't even deserve to have the words "final fantasy" used in the same sentence as this game's title, unless that sentence is "Final Fantasy Mystic Quest doesn't deserve to have the words Final Fantasy in its title". Well, anyway, let's just get this done with so I can go play better games - god knows there's a ton of them.

What This Is[]

Inside these pages are step-by-step instructions on how to complete the lousiest RPG game to ever plop it's crap-filled mass into a Super NES console. From the shallow 2-D characters to the obligatory end-dungeon bosses with no backstory, from the pointless side dungeons to the Battlefields that no other FF game has or needs. We'll explore everything, the vast maze-like end dungeons and the linear, stupid excuse of a storyline.

Expect a bunch of bad references to Zelda, Super Mario RPG, and the rest of the FF series. Expect me to make no attempt to conceal my disgust for this game. This game is a bigger insult to the FF series than the Mario movie is to the Mario series, more out of place in the FF franchise than Bush is in the U.S. Political system, more boring than all 3 Star Wars prequel films rolled into one, more of a brain drain than...

Well, you get the idea. Hey, I'm writing a walkthrough, that doesn't mean I have to like this thing. In fact, if you like it, I can help. I'll teach you to hate Mystic Quest just like I do, by associating it with the same agonizing, horrible painful memories I associate it with. Go to the garage, or the basement, or wherever Daddy keeps his tools. Find the biggest, heaviest hammer you can, and repeat the following:


And with each word, hit yourself in the head with the hammer. Use the flat end, not the claw. Repeat until you understand how bad this game is, or until your vision blurs. Now, clean yourself up, and repeat the above instructions, but substitute your Mystic Quest cartridge in place of your head. Now call an ambulance, and when you get out of the hospital, I highly suggest buying Final Fantasy VI - on any system - to show yourself what a REAL Final Fantasy game is like. Also, try and repress those memories of the hammer, it'll save you a lot of sleepless nights. You'll eventually get to the point where the sheer thought of Mystic Quest terrifies you. Welcome to my world.

Anyway, enjoy this walkthrough, it's a lot more entertaining than the actual game, I'll tell you that much.