Daines-horse Basin[edit source]

FFIX Map Daines-horse Bassin

Optional [start]
Quina can learn a new blue magic (Night) by eating a Nymph. These creatures can be found north of [Vube Desert]. There are some chocobo footprints at [Eesistern Coast]. Go there and use a Gysahl Green from the menu to call your chocobo. Select the chocograph Healing Shore and start digging north of [Cleyra Trunk] where the path split to obtain: a new ability for your chocobo. You can now cross rivers! Now that your chocobo has changed color; return to [Eunorus Plains].
Open your Chocograph menu and select Bird’s-eye lagoon. To get there you have to leave from [Tuhanda Shores]. The small island you are searching for is not too far. Just make your way around to get there. When you dig up the treasure chest you will obtain Potion x8, Phoenix Down x4, Ether x3 and Magician Robe x1. The Robe will teach both Vivi and Quina Auto-Potion so don’t forget to have them learn it. The next chest that is accessible is found at the Small beach. Select it from your Chocograph menu.

FFIX Chocograph

FFIX Chocograph

Then make your way to the [Nomarania Beach]. Go on the right then north. The small island in front of you is where the treasure chest is. Dig it up to obtain: Remedy x4, Elixir x2, Rising Sun x8 and Oak Staff x1. The staff is an awesome weapon for Vivi. You have dug up all chocographs in Disk 1. You can go to the [Chocobo Forest] and play Chocobo Hot and Cold game. But the only thing you can dig up is a last Chocograph Piece. By now you should have accumulated some points playing the Hot & Cold Chocobo game.
You really should not try to get the Lord of Robes or Protect Ring. There’s no use in having great defense when you can swipe your enemy in a single turn. The accessory too will not really help you at this point in the game. True enough, it’s always good to have additional equipment but be prepared to lose a tremendous amount of time for these two if you really want them. Return to [Gizamaluke’s Grotto] and make your way back to the [Daines-horse Basin]. Once you are on the plains go north to reach a gate.

North Gate
When you get inside a small will occur. Get the two treasure chests which holds; Hi-Potion and a Tent. That is all optional tasks you can do for now. [Cleyra Trunk] is not accessible in Disk 1 so make your way to the only place left.
Optional [end]

Burmecia[edit source]

FFIX Map Burmecia

Treasure: Burmecia
1 Cancer 2 Potion 3 Soft
4 Soft 5 Germinas Boots 6 Ether
7 Tent 8 Phoenix Down 9 Lightning Staff

Once in a small scene will occur. Make your way to the [Suburb] for a battle. You have already fought these two (Type A) before so make quick work of them. After the conversation with the Jokers make your way upstairs. Inside the [Residence] the chest upstairs is a Mimic. Take the exit in this area. Take the left path at the [Suburb] to reach the [Residence] again. To get the treasure chest ahead you have to walk if you run to it the bridge will fall. Set your movement to walk in your menu/ config if you configured it to run. Once you open the treasure chest run to make the bridge fall below. Make your way around to reach the first floor of the [Residence]. When you get there take the exit near the Mimic chest. Speak with the man lying then check under the bed to acquire Protection Bell. Go to the northern [Suburb] and ring the bell at the door to proceed in. A scene will occur at the [Pathway]. Go north to reach the [Uptown Area]. Enter the door in front of you for a scene. Back outside take the second door upstairs. The single chest in this area is a Mimic. Open the middle door to reach the [Square]. Take the left door to reach the [Armory]. Inside Freya will acquire a Mythril Spear. Return to the [Square] and take the right door in this area to enter the [Vault]. Speak with Atla and deliver her letter. You will receive Kupo Nuts as a reward for delivering her letter. She will also ask you to deliver her letter to Monev. Buy what Stiltzkin has got for a cheap price. Save and exit to the [Square] again. Before you the stairs leading up to the [Palace] you can do some optional tasks.

Optional [start]
Quina can learn a new blue magic (Magic Hammer) by eating a Magic Vice. These foes can be found everywhere in Burmecia. If you encounter a Mimic it will summon a Magic Vice as well. The only issue with them is they tend to steal an item from you every now and then. But Magic Hammer is a must have magic. It depletes foes MP and that applies to Bosses as well.

One more thing you can do is return to [Gizamaluke’s Grotto] and pay visit to the moggles. From [Burmecia] the road is not really long. Make your way there one last time in the current Disk. Speak with Moguta at the [Cavern]. She will notice you have Kupo Nuts and ask you to give it to her. You will receive one item among the following: Phoenix Pinion, Tent or Ether.

Another optional task you can do; catch a few frogs. You are already at the [Grotto] so [Eunorus Plains] is not far from you. Go to [Qu’s Marsh] and allow Quina to catch a few. When your total frogs reach 15 you will receive an Elixir. After you are done catching frogs return to [Daines-horse Basin].

Optional [end]

Make your way back to [Burmecia]. This time take the stairs leading up at the [Square] for a scene. Choose the option “Leave her alone” during the conversation to continue with the story.

Boss: Beatrix
 14  3, 630  0  0
Steal: Phoenix Down, Chain Plate, Mythril Sword
Know that you cannot win this battle. The fight will end if you hold a few turns or if you deplete her HP completely. You also probably will not be able to steal all items she holds because the fight will end within minutes. Nevertheless, all items Beatrix has will be on sale shortly. Just hold on a few turns or attack her to quickly end the fight.

FFIX Boss Beatrix

Beatrix will reduce everyone HP to 1 at the end of the battle. A scene will occur after the battle. Save and insert the second Disk in your console.

[END of Disk 1]

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