Gizamaluke's Grotto[edit source]

FFIX Map Gizamaluke Grotto

Treasure: Gizamaluke's Grotto
1 Bronze Vest 2 Mythril Gloves 3 Magus Hat

Once you enter the cave a small conversation will occur at the [Entrance]. Speak with the nearly dead solider on your right to receive a Gizamaluke Bell. Approach the door and choose to ring the bell. When you proceed a little forward a small scene will occur.

Boss: Type A x2
 8  398  199  2
Steal: Tent, Phoenix Down

This is not really a boss battle. It rather seems like the random encounter you often have. You have two mages and both are really weak. They also do not possess valuable items you can steal. Make quick work of these two so you can continue with the story.

FFIX Boss Type A

After the battle kill the one left ahead to receive a second Bell. Go up the small stairs and ring the Bell at the left door. At the end of this path the soldier will handle a Bell. Backtrack and this time rings the Bell at the right door down the stairs. Proceed forward to the [Bell Room] for a scene. After the moggle leave; get the fourth Bell in the treasure chest where the moggle was previously trapped. Return at the [Cavern] room and ring the Bell at the large door. Before you move ahead; return to the first [Cavern] room where you were given your first Bell. Check the soldier body to acquire your fifth Bell. From here make your way to the [Bell Room] and ring the bell at the door where the moggle went in. Talk with Moguta and tell him you like Kupo Nuts. When you get Kupo Nuts later in the game you can come back here for a reward. Try to leave the room Moguta will approach and give you a Holy Bell. Speak with Mogmi to save and read a new mail.

Optional [start]
In the same room where the moggles are you can climb the vines which will leads you up to [Popos Height]. Moguta will warn you it’s dangerous up there. Well it really is at this point.
Leveling Up
[Popos Height] is one of the best places to level up in the game. You can find Grand Dragon on the plains; they give 35, 208 EXP each. Sure they are also very strong at this point for your party but you can defeat them regardless of your current level. Quina should have Limit Glove; acquired by eating Axe Beak. Quina will do 9, 999 damages to Grand Dragon by using limit glove only if her HP is one. You can attain this killing her in battle then save. Use a phoenix down to revive her. If her HP revive with 1 then save again else keep on trying.

FFIX Grand Dragon

If you have a Coral Ring equips it on anyone except Quina. The next step is to run around the plains (only) to encounter a Grand Dragon. Once you do quickly use Quina’s Limit Glove on the foe. Do this twice and you should win. If the dragon attacks Quina you will have to reset. Save after each dragon you defeat. Stay around level 25-30 because you still have 3 disks left to play. Another optional task you can do on [Popos Height] is getting Quina a Healing Magic. You currently do not have a healer in your party and Quina can fit in that role. If Quina eats a Garuda which can be found in the forests at [Popos Height]; Quina will learn White Wind which restores HP to all party members. However, Garuda is a strong enemy that uses magic like firaga or stop. What you can do is try to fight one alone so you can have better control of the fight. Once you think Garuda HP has drop around 3,200 let Quina eat it to learn White Wind. Flee if you encounter a friendly Garuda because it will ask a Lapis Lazuli which you don’t have.
Optional [end]

After you are done with Garuda and Grand Dragon return inside the cave. Save then go to the [Bell Room] and ring the bell at the left door. When you enter the [Sacred Room] a small scene will occur followed by a boss battle.

 16  3, 175  800  5
Steal: Elixir, Magus Hat, Ice Staff
The supposed to be strongest foe in Disk 1. If you were able to kill a Grand Dragon then this one should be too easy for you. Make sure to steal the hat and staff. Use Quina White Wind to support you during the fight. If you haven't done any optional tasks use a tent on the boss. It will be inflicted with numerous negative statuses. This way the fight should be easier for you to win. After you have defeated the boss the scene will switch to...

FFIX Boss Gizamaluke

South Gate[edit source]

Move forward towards the guards for some inspections. When you control Steiner inside the [Bohden Gate] speak with everyone in this area. Talk to the chief engineer then speak with the green man on the left. Speak with Mary then talk to the chief engineer again. There is a chest behind the barrel on your left. Open it for a Multina Racket. There’s another chest in this area but you won’t be able to open it now. Move towards the alley and the Short Guard will stop you. Once you picked up your pass make way to the alley again. After the scene you will control Dagger at the [Bohden Station]. Open the treasure chest on your left for a Potion. Speak with Grimo and agree to deliver his letter. You can also buy items in this area. Speak with the Conductor and board the train. Choose the bottom right seat and after the scenes you will control Zidane again at the [Daines-horse Basin].

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