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Ffix n maps Eunorus-plains

FFIX Map Eunorus Plains

Your destination is to reach the Grotto. Before moving there directly there are a few places you can visit. At the [South Gate] you can drink the spring water to heal your MP and HP. Also, near the spring you can find Moccha Coffee an item that Morrid (at the Observatory Mountain) needs. While you are roaming the [King Ed Plains] be careful of Ironite; its flame is deadly. There's an optional player you can acquire at the Qu’s Marsh. You currently do not have a healer and having an additional character to support you in battle is no longer optional but a must.

Optional [start]
Qu’s Marsh
Ffix n maps Qu-Marsh-Mist-1

FFIX Map Qu Marsh Mist

Head to the [Pond] where Qu is. You will see many frogs around so try to catch one when it is on land. After you caught a frog approach Qu and you will be able to name her. Quale will show up and ask if you want to take Quina with you. Agree, if you refuse now she will be at the [Pond]. Go there and take her with you. Once Quina is in your party leave the [Pond] and re-enter immediately. Quina will then ask Zidane if she can catch frogs. Allow her to do so. Every time you catch a certain number of frogs Quale will appear and give you a reward. Now don’t go on catching all visible frogs. You should always leave an adult male and female and a gold frog at the [Pond]. Doing so will speed up the process of frog’s reproduction. For the first time you should be able to catch 5 frogs earning you an Ore and Ether x1. Make sure you leave one male and one female. That’s not all about Quina. You need to have her eat foes so you can start using Blue Magic. Use Quina’s Eat command in battle when a foe HP is really low. Only certain foes can be eaten not all. Many foes will give Quina the same blue magic so eating only one among those many is enough. For now you can acquire the following:
Blue Magic Foe Location
Aqua Breath Axolotl Qu's Marsh
Frog Drop Gigan Toad Qu's Marsh
Vanish Vice Eunorus Plains
Pumpkin Head Hedgehog Pie Eunorus Plains
Mighty Guard Serpion Eunorus Plains
Angel's Snack Ironite King Ed Plains
Mustard Bomb Bomb Lindblum Plateau
LV3 Def Less Carve Spider Lindblum Plateau
Limit Glove Axe Beak Lindblum Platesu
Once you have acquired all the above blue magic head to the Chocobo’s Forest which the last optional thing you can do at this point before resuming with normal game play.

Chocobo’s Forest
When you enter the forest Mene will give you a Gysahl Green. Leave the forest and pay attention to the Chocobo’s footprints outside. You should stand over them and use the item Mene gave you from your main menu. Doing so will make a Chocobo appears. Ride him inside the forest. Speak to Mene and ask her about the secret. In the end you will have to play a game where you have 60 seconds to dig up items and everything you dig up remain yours. When you start the game dig like crazy: Kweh means nothing; Kweh!? Means it’s far away; Kwehhh!? Means inch close to the item; K-KWEHHH!!! Found the item. Once you get an item don’t stop; keep hitting the ground everywhere so you can maximize the number of items you can obtain in one game. If you manage to dig up “Stone with patterns” Mene will refer to it as Chocograph. The Chocographs are what you want; they refer to some locations where you can obtain valuable items. Points you accumulate can be exchanged for other items. Speak with Mene if you want to exchange your points. Your Chocobo break ability will constantly improve depending on the number of items you dig up. If you manage to dig 4 items before 60 seconds are over; Mene will give you 10 extra seconds and double the point you obtain. You will also receive 5 points bonus if you dig two items within 5 seconds.
If you can dig up 8 items before the countdown finishes Mene will ask you to stop and give you bonus points. Aside chocograph playing the Chocobo hot and cold game will net you good items such as Elixir, Remedy, Hi-Potion or even 200/ 500 Gil. At this point in the game you can dig up 9 chocographs plus one chocograph piece. Once you get all these Mene will tell you Choco can’t find any chocograph. You also cannot reach all locations those 9 chocographs specified. Those that can you can reach now are:
Ffix n optional Chocobo-game-8-1

FFIX Chocobo Game

  • Streamside – this one is easy; it’s at the [Nomarania Beach]. Contents: Elixir x2, Hi-Potion x3, Ether x4, Germinas Boots x2
  • Between Mountains – Pass [Lindblum] gate and search between the mountains. Content: Potion x5, Hi-Potion x5, Tent x2, Cotton Robe x2
That’s all you can do for now. Make sure you have Gysahl green in your inventory you can use it on the world map whenever there are Chocobo footprints. Riding a Chocobo is safe; it makes your road shorter and eliminates random encounters. When you descend from your Chocobo he’ll always be at the location you left him.

Before you move on to the [Grotto] head to the [Marsh] once again. Make way to the [Pond] and if one hour or so has passed since your last visit then a few frogs should have re-spawned by now provided you left a male and a female earlier and a Gold one if there was one. Allow Quina to catch some frogs and increase your total to 9; earning you a Silk Robe. Again remember to leave a male and female and gold one.

Note that once you enter [Gizamaluke’s Grotto] you won’t be able to access [Lindblum]. You will be able to enter the [Gate], buy item and save but the Trolley that usually rides you to the [Base Level] will not operate. There’s another optional section coming up when you reach the [Grotto]. To follow it you will need a few equipment and item. Make sure you have around 30 phoenix downs. Buy a Yellow Scarfand a Glass Buckle for Quina. Both should teach her millionaire and antibody. Also make sure everyone else have already learned antibody; prevents poison and venom. Once you are sure you have everything and that you won’t have to visit [Lindblum] again make your way to [Gizamaluke’s Grotto].

Optional [end]

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