Lindblum Castle Edit

Ffix n maps Lindblum-castle

FFIX Map Lindblum Castle

Treasure: Lindblum Castle
1 Glass Armlet 2 Ether 3 Wyerd Card
4 Tent

After the small conversation; head north to the [Hallway]. Take the right path which leads to another [Hallway]. In this one proceed north to enter the [Guest Room]. Save and deliver Mogki’s letter. She also has a letter for Atla. Return to the first [Hallway] and take the left path that leads to the [Lift]. A few scenes will occur. You will also meet Freya at [The Doom Pub] and receive another opportunity to review the game play.

Lindblum Edit

Ffix n maps Lindblum-1

FFIX Map Lindblum

Treasure: Lindblum
1 163 Gil 2 Hi-Potion 3 Echo Screen
4 Silver Gloves 5 Tent 6 Leather Plate
7 Leather Wrist 8 Bronze Vest 9 Mimic Card
10 Steepled Hat 11 127 Gil 12 Ore
13 68 Gil 14 97 Gil 15 282 Gil
16 Mini-Burmecia

When you wake up you will be at the [Business District] save and read your letter. Outside the [Inn] you will have an ATE to view; followed by a second one when you walk a few steps. From here make you way to the [Square]. You did buy the maximum number of wrists you could at [Dali]? If you did enter the [Weapon Shop] and buy as many Steepled Hat you can. Then go to the [Synthesist] and buy the maximum number of Cotton Robe you are allowed. 1 Wrist = 130 Gil and 1 Steepled Hat = 260. If you have both in your inventory you can buy a Cotton Robe for 1, 000 Gil. If you sell the Cotton Robe you will earn 2, 000 Gil each. You make a profit of 6, 10 Gil on each Cotton Robe you sell. Once you are done making loads of Gil buy everything available at the [Synthesist].

Optional [start]
Leveling Up
Before you go anywhere equip Zidane with the Butterfly Sword and take the south exit of [Business District] to reach [Lindblum Plateau].
Lindblum Plateau
The point of being here is to level the ability the sword has so you can start using The Ogre for the coming hunt festival. You will also level up really quickly because you will be fighting alone. You will most probably reach level 15 by the time you acquire “What’s That” ability. Be wary of Axe Beak they can inflict sleep on you and use magic. While Bomb can Kamikaze if you let them grow gradually. Save frequently and you should be just fine. Note that you can visit [Pinnacle Rocks] but you cannot explore the area entirely. You can also obtain a Phoenix Down and an Elixir at [Pinnacle Rocks]: [Entry]. Once you are done return to [Lindblum] and take the Air Cab for the [Theater District].
Optional [end]

When you leave [T.D. Station] you will have an ATE to view. Make your way to the [Hideout] where you will have a second ATE and another one as soon as you leave that place. Speak with the lady waiting outside the [Hideout] then follow her downstairs for a scene. Return to the [Studio] and talk with Lowell he will hand over an Autograph. Search near the table for a Moogle Suit. Lastly, visit the [Industrial District] and collect all treasure chests available using the map above. Then take the Air Cab and ride it to [Lindblum Castle]. When you arrive at the [Guest Room] speak to Steiner there. Leave and go to the first [Hallway]. Try to go through the [Lift]. Return to the previous [Hallway] and speak with the sleeping guard downstairs. At the [Upper Level] take a left to go upstairs to witness a scene with Dagger. Use the telescope to check out six locations. After a few scenes you will be in the [Guest Room]. The hunt festival has begun and your starting point is the [Theater District]. Go to the [Castle Station] and board the Air Cab you will automatically arrive at your destination.

Before you even begin know that you should let Freya win if you want to have the most appropriate reward. To allow her victory K.O Zidane if he’s in lead before the timer ends. Should you want Vivi to win annihilate both Freya and Zidane while fighting Zaghnol. It goes without saying if you want Zidane to win you’ll have to kill the maximum foes you can including the last beast. Note that the date between Zidane and Dagger never happens even if he wins. As for the key item anyone who wins will receive it.

Once you arrive at the [Theater District] your 12:00 time starts ticking. Make haste to the [Station Area]. Kill the Mu running around the old man. Wait for the Tricky Sparrow near the exit of this area. When it approaches you defeat it to continue. Fight the second Sparrow near the entrance of the [Hideout]. Then go to the [Theater] and wait for the Fang where Lowell previously showed up. Once you killed it return at the [Station] and ride the Air Cab to the [Industrial District]. Go to the [Square] and kill the Fang running after the cat. In this same area; eliminate the Mu that descends the stairs when you try to reach the next area. At the [Industrial Way] try to enter [The Doom Pub]. When the Mu storm out defeat it and proceed at the top in this area to kill another one. Return at the [Station] and ride the Air Cab to the [Business District]. Get out on the [Main Street] kill the Sparrow and the Mu near the right stairs. When you reach the [Shopping Area]; defeat the Fang on the left. There’s a Fang and one Sparrow at the [Church Street]. If you go there and kill them you will encounter a third Fang at the [Shopping Area] during your return. However, if go near the church you will end up wasting too much time. If your timer is around 4:00; Zaghnol (spawn as from 4:30) go to the [Square]. When you get there approach the beast.

Boss: Zaghnol
 9  1, 574  0  0
Steal: Mythril Gloves, Needle Fork
You are not supposed to kill the beast with Zidane otherwise he will end up winning the festival. You have only engaged in this fight to steal what the beast holds. If you enter this fight with Zidane leading on points then kill him once you have stolen its items. Let Freya use her jump ability to attack Zaghnol. What matters the most is Freya win the hunt festival to get the best reward.
Ffix n boss-Zaghnol

FFIX Boss Zaghnol

After the festival you will definitely receive the Master Hunter item and: Theater Ship Card if Vivi won, Coral Ring if Freya won or 5, 000 Gil if Zidane won. Out of these three rewards Coral Ring is the best one and that’s why it was necessary you let Freya won. After the scenes your destination is [Gizamaluke’s Grotto]. Take the [Lift] and ride it to [Base Level]. Ride the Trolley to [Dragon’s Gate]. Speak with the moggle to read a new mail and save. Then speak with the merchant nearby to buy restorative items. Once you are done leave through the door.

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