Except card collection, Nero Family Sidequest and an optional boss nothing additional is left in the game. Board the Invincible (Chocobo won't do!) and fly towards the [Iifa Tree]; enter ??? for a scene.

Iifa Tree[edit source]

 67  54, 940  9, 505  13
Steal: Remedy, Dragon Wrist, Grand Armor
Nova Dragon can deal at most 1, 500 to 2, 0 00 damages to entire party. If you have Auto-regen and Auto-haste on then you probably won’t need a healer in this battle. The boss has high HP but that’s of little concern. Let Zidane steals a few turns so Nova Dragon get a few turns as well to play otherwise you can cast sleep on it and use magic to defeat it.

FFIX Boss Nova Dragon

After you have defeated Nova Dragon you will be sent at the entrance of Memoria. Do not fear it’s not like you won’t have the chance to turn back! Consider equipping your party with abilities such as Antibody because some foes in [Memoria] are really unfair.

Memoria[edit source]

Ffix n maps memoria.png

Treasure: Memoria
1 Kain's Lance 2 The Tower 3 Angel Flute
4 Rune Claws 5 Mace of Zeus

After the scene organize your party and move to the next area. In here you can either teleport back to your Invincible or save at the crystal. From here make your way to the [Outer Path]. Now before you move equip everyone with body temp and armors that absorbs fire. Move a few steps ahead to trigger a boss battle.

Optional [start]
Nero Familiy
Go to [Lindblum]: [Theater District]. Find Benero at the [Theater Ave.] to initiate the quest. You need to find his missing families. The quest is progressed by completing specific events. Each time you complete an event you have to come back here for another scene. You do not have to complete all events, at least 9 events where all families are united.

Families members

  • Zenero and Benero
  • Genero
  • Denero
  • Penero
  • Benera
  • Zenera
  • Genera
  • Denera
  • Penera


  • The party can fly the Invincible on the world map.
  • The battle with Nova Dragon.
  • The battle with Maliris.
  • The flashback of Alexander.
  • The scene where Zidane talks to himself.
  • The flashback of Dagger on the boat.
  • The scene with the giant eye in the sky.
  • The battle with Tiamat.
  • The scene with the two planets colliding.
  • The scene where Quina thinks s/he is drowning.
  • The scene where Zidane talks about memories.
  • The battle with Kraken.
  • The scene about Gaia's birth.
  • The party entering the Gate to Space area. The party must leave without triggering the room transformation or the battle with Lich.
  • The battle with Lich.
  • The scene where Garland talks about the beginning and the Crystal.
  • The scene where the party enters the Crystal World.
  • The battle with Deathguise.

Once you have found all members go inside the [Hideout] and open the newly appeared chest for a Protect Ring. You can complete more events but no more rewards.

Optional [end]

Boss: Maliris
 72  59, 497  8, 532  10
Steal: Genji Armor, Ultima Sword, Masamune
Marlis deserve some attention. The boss holds good weapons that you can steal if you missed them before. It’s important to equip armors that absorbs fire or at least armors with high defense because the boss Flame Slash can K.O a single party member. A healer in your party will be an advantage. Before you deplete Marlis HP completely make sure your party member HP are full because before the boss dies it will unleash Raining Swords that does around 3, 000+ Damages.

FFIX Boss Marlis

After the battle proceed forward to [The Past]. When the scene is over; save and make your way to the (2nd) [Recollection]. After the scene at the bridge climb the stairs to reach the [Time Interval] for another scene. Before you ascend the stairs in this area make sure everyone is equipped with body temp. By the end of the stairs in front of you is a boss battle.

Boss: Tiamat
 72  59, 494  8, 820  10
Steal: Blood Sword, Feather Boots, Grand Helm
Your fight against Tiamat can turn really ugly if you drag the battle too long. Tiamat will continuously use absorb strength and magic onto your party members to a point where your magic and attacks will do minor damages. The boss Silent Claw can also kill anyone in your party. Remember, if Tiamat cast float on your party member do not attack else the boss will counter with “Snort” i.e. you will be sent to an X zone. So now you know you should end the battle as quickly as possible.

FFIX Boss Tiamat

After the battle against Tiamat; go to the [World Fusion]. Watch the scene that follows and then proceed to the next screen. Save here and go inside the waterfall for another scene.

Optional [start]
Optional Boss: Hades
The last optional boss you have yet to defeat is right here. Before you engage in battle; make sure everyone can absorb or nullify shadow and have body temp, clear headed and antibody equipped. At the [Birth] check on your right (no icon indication) to trigger a conversation with “Mysterious Voice”. Choose “Don’t leave” to battle against Hades.

Boss: Hades
 92  55, 535  9, 999  10
Steal: Reflect Ring, Running Shoes, Robe of Lords, Battle Boots
Quina is a must have against Hades. He will be more useful than Garnet or Eiko. His white wind can heal decently and he can use remedy on all party members. Not to forget his frog drop can damage heavily. Hades is not as strong as Ozma that’s why he felt threatened a little when he realized you defeated Ozma. Note that; Hades loses 3 turns when he’s powering his sword.

FFIX Boss Hades

While he's powering his sword use this chance to attack or steal. This battle is easier than you probably imagined. After victory Hades will open a synthesist shop for you. Except Tin Armor and Save the Queen you should have everything Hades offers. Save the Queen cannot be equipped by anyone; you can either have it your inventory for collection or have Amarant use it as a throw weapon. If you synthesist a Tin Armor you will lose the Hammer i.e. also the extra ending. Whatever you decide return to the save crystal, heal and save.

Optional [end]

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