After the scene reorganize your party. You will control the Invincible at the world map. The control for the airship is pretty much the same as the previous airship you had. The world outside is covered with mist. Your random encounter will now be against stronger opponents. Before you go anywhere land outside [Magdalene Forest] and backtrack to [Black Mage Village]. Check the syhthesist and weapon shop as their items have been upgraded. Afterwards return to your airship. Now, your destination is the [Iifa Tree] but there are still a few optional things left to do on the last disk. To begin with enter the back of your airship.

Optional [start]
Ffix n maps Invincible

FFIX Map Invincible

Treasure: Invincible
1 Pisces

Go to the [Core] and get the Pisces coin from the chest. Fly your airship at [Treno] and go to the [Queen’s House]. Speak with the Queen to hand over the coins. Your reward will be: 11th coin (Pisces) = 30, 000 Gil, 12th coin (Aquarius) = Robe of Lords. Speak with the Queen and choose the answer there’s another coin. You will receive all 12 coins back. To get the 13th coin the Queen mentioned. Go to [Quan’s Dwelling]. Inspect the area near the chest where you previously obtained the Scorpio coin to receive Ophiuchus. Return at [Treno]: [Queen’s House] and speak with the Queen again. She will take all 13 coins from you and will reward you with a Hammer. What you just obtained is a special item that has an effect on the ending scene of the game. Anyway this quest is now complete.


Head to [Alexandria]: [Steeple] and speak to [Stiltzkin|him]]. Buy his last package; Moonstone, Ruby and Elixir. Talk to him once more to get a Ribbon. You will only receive this item if you bought every package from him until now. If you didn't receive a Ribbon then you missed to buy one or more of his package. Don’t leave the [Steeple] another quest begin from here.

Mognet Central

Speak with Kupo and he’ll ask you to deliver a letter. Remember that you have to first speak with Kupo to begin this quest. What you have to do is take a letter from one moggle and deliver it to another one until you solve the “mystery”. Make sure Quina is in your party you will need him in finding Mois at the [Qu’s Marsh] (Mist Continent).

From To
Alexandria: Steeple [Kupo] Burmecia: Vault [Alta]
Burmecia: Vault [Alta] Black Mage Village: Water Mill [Mogryo]
Black Mage Village: Water Mill [Mogryo] Ipsen’s Castle: Small Room [Kumool]
Ipsen’s Castle: Small Room [Kumool] Qu’s Marsh: Thicket [Mois]
Qu’s Marsh: Thicket [Mois] Daguerreo: Right Hall [Noggy]
Daguerreo: Right Hall [Noggy] Alexandria: Stepple [Kupo]

Once you have delivered the last letter to Kupo from Noggy go to the [Mini-Theater] in [Alexandria] and speak with Ruby. Now that you have Superslick go to Mognet Central (located on Cazedil Plains if you haven’t been there) and speak with Artemicion upstairs. Give him the item to complete this quest. As a reward for re-starting Mognet central you will receive a Protect ring which you have already in your inventory! You can also find Stiltzkin here and if you go back to [Alexandria]: [Steeple] he will be there as well.

Ffix n optional Mognet-Central-Quest

FFIX Mognet Central Quest

Knight House Challenge
The last challenge at [Treno]: [Weapon Shop] is against a Behemoth. A foe you have yet to encounter. Behemoth (HP 24, 123) will not be defeated in one hit. It will counter physical attacks with Meteor but the chance for countering is low. Behemoth's strike or meteor will deals around 2000 - 3000+ damages and the fact you will have to fight alone you need to end the battle quickly. A cheap way to win is to petrify the opponent. Either use Vivi break or have Zidane use Soul Blade ability with Sargatanas equipped. You will receive a Circlet as a reward for having defeated Behemoth.
Ffix n optional Challenge-4

FFIX Treno Challenge

The sword itself is not the best one for Steiner in the game but Excalibur II is and that is a whole different story. Go to [Daguerreo]: [2nd Floor] and speak with the Old Man near the book shelves. He’ll request you to find an item called the Magical Fingertip. If you have been following this guide closely you should have Une's Mirror, Doga's Artifact and Griffin's Heart already in your inventory. Head to [Treno]: [Auction Site] and bid on the Rat Tail. Once you have the Rat Tail sell it to the Adventurer at [Bishop’s House]. Deny his offer of 20, 000 Gil and he will eventually offer 25, 000 Gil which you should accept.
Now you can sell the Une’s Mirror, Doga’s Artifact and Griffin’s Heart to their respective customers as you did before or you can keep them. Magical Fingertip should now show up at the [Auction Site]. This item shows up only if you have sold Une’s Mirror, Doga’s Artifact, Rat Tail and Griffin’s Heart at least once. Bid on the Magical Fingertip which should not exceed 65, 000 Gil. Return to [Daguerreo] and give the Old Man the item he requested to receive Excalibur. This item is a weapon for Steiner that teaches him Climhazzard.
Ffix n optional Excalibur-Quest

FFIX Excalibur Quest

Ultima Weapon

Summon Choco and fly to the [Lost Continent]. Descend on land there and before you move make sure you have a few dead peppers in your inventory. One or two dead peppers might not be enough for digging Zidane’s Ultimate Weapon because the location where it’s found is not exact. Of course you might dig it in your first try that’s also a possibility. If you do not possess any dead peppers you can get them from [Chocobo’s Paradise] or simply from the game Hot and Cold. Go where the [Shimmering Island] used to be and use a dead pepper around the middle. If nothing pops up try again until you receive; Aquamarine x10, Ultima Weapon x1, Maximillian x1 and Invincible Card x1. The Ultima Weapon is the ultimate weapon for Zidane with 100 Attack.

Restore MP and HP

Now that you have found all Chocographs and Ultima Weapon go to [Chocobo’s Paradise] and speak with Fat Chocobo. He will give you a Fat Chocobo Card. After the scene go back inside [Chcocobo’s Paradise] and speak with Fat Chocobo again. Challenge him to a Card Game and he’ll mention if you visit all beaches he will restore your MP and HP. What you have to do is dismount from your Chocobo at every beach and press the cancel button to hear a sound “like obtaining an item”.

Ffix n optional Chocobo-beach-Quest

FFIX Chocobo Beach Quest

The world consists of twenty one beaches (refer to map below). Once you have visited all of them press the cancel button again to heal your MP and HP: “Watched the waves around the world and relaxed”. This can only be done near the beaches. At this point this service is possibly useless; for you might have plenty of Hi-Potions, Ether, Tents, etc… The game is about to end and this is where you get all the good stuffs! Another free item you can get is an Aloha T-Shirt. Go back to the [Grotto] and give the current Kupo Nut you have to Moguta to receive this item.

Dagger’s Name
Board your airship and form a party with Dagger. Go to [Madain Sari] and enter the [Kitchen] to find Lani. She will run away as you approach her. Get back to your airship and re-form your party with anyone except Amarant and Dagger. Return to [Madain Sari]: [Kitchen] and speak with Lani twice to learn there’s a notice in the [Secret Room]. Enter the room behind and check under the table to find some carved words. Make your way to the [Eidolon Wall]. From your position walk clockwise and read the two “!” until you return back to the entrance door.
Ffix n optional Dagger-Quest

FFIX Dagger Quest

Pass the entrance “!” a little to hear a sound. Now walk anticlockwise passing the two “!” without reading them. Pass the entrance a little to hear the same sound again. Make sure you can hear the sound each time you pass the entrance. Repeat the clockwise and anticlockwise rounds 7 times without reading anything. If you do it correctly your HP and MP will be restored and all status effects removed. Read everything on the wall in any order then lastly check the human shape demon to have Dagger name reveal.
Optional [end]

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