Evil Forest[edit source]

You start at the [Trail]. Before heading to the next screen; level up a little here. The fact you are alone you will gain levels quickly. If you have your Mage Masher and Moonstone (Beast Killer) ability you will kill both Goblins and Fangs in a single hit. Leave when you have gained 4-5 levels. When you arrive at the next screen a battle will occur.

Steal: -
Steal: Broadsword, Leather Wrist
You start the battle in trance mode. Use Free Energy to hurt the boss and keep track of Garnet’s HP. Use a potion on her if the boss absorbs ¾ of her HP. Once it’s over a scene will occur after which another boss battle will follow. You can steal from this one.

FFIX Boss Prison Cage

Do not let Vivi’s HP get drained completely otherwise its game over. The strategy remains the same; physical attacks until boss go down.

Prima Vista[edit source]

FFIX Map Prima Vista Crashed

Treasure: Prima Vista
1 Phoenix Down 2 Leather Hat 3 Rubber Helm
4 Potion 5 Ether 6 Ether
7 Wrist 8 Bronze Gloves 9 Ether
10 116 Gil

After the battle you will be back at the airship. Go downstairs and enter the room Blank just came out. Talk to Vivi inside then leave. You will have a flash back with Garnet outside the room. Choose “go look for her” when given an option. Go to the [Meeting Room] and speak with Baku then choose you are ready to fight in the [Cargo Room].

Boss: Baku
 2  202  0  0
Steal: Hi-Potion, Iron Sword

You would want to steal the Iron Sword for Steiner otherwise Baku is still the same weak boss he was when you first fought him. With your Mage Masher you will be able to end the fight in 4 to 5 hits. Just make sure you steal the Sword before defeating Baku.

FFIX Boss Baku

After the fight go to the [Storage] room and speak to Steiner. Next; head to the [Cabin] and talk to Vivi. Before you leave; grab all the treasures on the airship. Blank will give blank’s medicine at the [Hallway] and explain about setting up your ability. Leave and save outside. You have a mail from Ruby read it if you want. You can buy restorative items from Cinna. Set up your equipment and abilities for all your characters then leave for the Evil Forest.

Evil Forest[edit source]

FFIX Map Evil Forest

Level up a little again with your new allies at the [Trail]. When you leave this area you can view an ATE with a nostalgic music. When you reach the [Spring] give Monty her letter and you can read another mail from her also. Use the spring to restore your health. Once you are done leave this area to reach the [Swamp] then the [Trail] which leads to another Boss fight.

 7  916  478  5
Steal: Hi-Potion, Iron Helm

If you can; steal the Helm. That Helm will allow Steiner to level rapidly. If you use fire and fire sword the battle will be easier. Blank will join around half way to support you. Otherwise keep using fire magic to deplete the plant HP. After you have defeated the Boss some Plant Spiders will start chasing you.

FFIX Boss Plant Brain

If you stand there you can fight with the Plant Spiders infinitely they will just keep coming at you. Either way; leave this area and head to the [Trail]. Down you will be ambushed by foes. Defeat them and go to the next screen for another scene. After you have rested Monty will approach you and hand over a flute which you can use on the world map to call and save from the moggle. You will also be given the chance to go through an in dept explanation of the game play. Go through them or you can skip if you already know about them. Afterwards you will be outside on the world map and you can't re-enter [Evil Forest] as it has been petrified.

Gunitas Basin[edit source]

Optional [start]
Ragtime Mouse
You can find Ragtime Mouse around the small forests situated in [Gunitas Basin]. His appearance is random and so are the questions he asks. Do not stay at a single forest. Change to another one after he has appeared or save and reset. There are four possible questions he can ask you. To answer you have to attack on either True or False. If the choice you select is right you will earn a decent amount of Gil. Do not attack the mouse as this will end the quiz. These are the four questions he might ask and they can be in any order;

FFIX Optional Ragtime Mouse 1

  • The theater ship Prima Vista was built in Artania Shipyards [False]
  • The 15th Linblum war started in 1600 [False]
  • “I want to be your canary” was written by Lord Afon [False]
  • Chocobo Forests is located between Lindblum and South Gate [True]

The mouse will not appear more than four times on the first disk. Don’t bother trying to spawn him when you have already answered four questions. An effective strategy to encounter the Ragtime Mouse most of the time: Stand still in a forest and call the moggle using your flute then save. Follow onto the footsteps the moggle came in through the forest then go back to where you previously were standing; go back and forth that way. Your first encounter after saving will most probably be the Ragtime Mouse. If not repeat the process and he will eventually appear. To encounter the Mouse the normal way takes too much time so use this method to lessen the frustration of finding him.

Optional [end]

There isn't much to do in [Gunitas Basin]. The area you are in has very limited access for now. You cannot even cross the river. The enemies in this area are also weak and gives little EXP so do not try to level up here you will end up wasting time. Your destination is to reach the Ice Cavern which is on the opposite direction of [Evil Forest]. Before you go there you can go the [North Gate] where a small scene will occur. Look on your right for a Potion and Eye Drops. You can also buy Potion from a lady here. There is another gate which you can see on the other side of the river but you cannot access that one for now. There’s nothing else in this area so leave and depart for the [Ice Cavern].

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