Optional [continue...]
The [Lagoon] is a good place to make some points. You can easily dig 8 items before the time limit thus earning you bonus points. You can dig a total of 3 Chocographs before Mene tell you Choco can’t find any.

Chocograph Content Description
Sea At Dusk Phoenix Pinion x15, White Robe x1, Diamond x1, Masamune Card To the east of [Forgotten Continent.]
Ocean Ore x27, Light Robe x1, Whale Whisker x1, Alexander Card x1 West of the north tip of [Everlang Island].

You have found all available Chocograph’s location in the current Disk. Now you can use those dead peppers to gain more items. What you have to do is bring Choco where the bubbles are then feed him a dead pepper. The same apply for cracks.

Content Description
Remedy x10, Black Robe x1, Genji Gloves x1, Blue Narciss Card x1 South of [Forgotten Continent] some bubbles can be found.
Ore x9, Topaz x15, Tiger Racket x1, Red Rose Card x1 Go to [Quan’s Dwelling]: [Fishing Area] and inspect what’s at the bottom then use a dead pepper.
Straw Hat x8, Pearl Armlet x8, Aloha T-Shirt x7, Sandals x8 South-east of the [Outer Continent].
Potion x50, Hi-Potion x25, Ether x9, Elixir x7 Between the [Outer] and [Lost Continent] (North).
Lapis Lazuli x41, Rosetta Ring x1, Protect Ring x1, Airship Card x1 North-east on the [Lost Continent] are some cracks.

It’s about time to pause the Chocobo’s quest. Visit all three [Qu’s Marshes] and allow Quina to catch frogs at each [Pond]. By now the frogs should have already re-spawned. Your total frogs caught will probably be around 65 or so.

Friendly Garuda
This one you have probably encountered it before if you did some optional leveling when you first visited [Gizamaluke Grotto]. You can find this friendly foe within the forest at [Popos Heights]. Give it a Lapis Lazuli (which you have plenty in your inventory) to receive 40 AP and a Diamond. Don’t go anywhere yet instead enter the [Gizamaluke Grotto] from the forest. You have a Kupo Nut in your inventory, right? Give it to Moguta to earn an Extension from her. Now the time to visit some places you have already visited before to collect a few items.

FFIX Friendly Garuda


FFIX Crashed Alexandria

Treasure: Alexandria
1 Sapphire 2 Ether 3 365 Gil
4 Remedy 5 Amethyst 6 4, 832 Gil
7 Topaz 8 Opal 9 Peridot
10 Sapphire 11 Tent

You can enter [Alexandria] from either the [Harbor] with your ship or your Chocobo from [Alexandria Plateau]. The castle has been destroyed and the town has changed. You can find the Synthesist guy at the [Alley]. The girl running at the [Square] will give an Alexandria Card if you speak to her. Get all the treasures and leave.

South Gate
Enter [South Gate] the one near [Ice Cavern]. Climb the ladder and get an Elixir Card from the chest on top of the wagon. Leave and go to the [South Gate] near [Evil Forest]. At the [Treno Arch] get two Elixir and 3, 206 Gil from the three chests.

Two new add-ons are available at the [Auction House]. Thief Gloves teaches Zidane Master Thief; a must have ability. You can also bid on Promist Ring which is another decent add-on. By the way your treasure rank has been upgraded to A!; provided you have been following all optional tasks closely.

Esto Gaza

FFIX Map Esto Gaza

Treasure: Esto Gaza
1 Wing Edge

Esto Gaza is located west of [Quelmiera Shores] on the [Lost Continent]. When you get there speak with the Bishop at the [Altar] if you want to rest. You can buy new equipment from the Shopkeeper at the [Shop]. (Garuda can be encounter here after the Desert Palace event).

Friendly Feather Circle
Feather Circle doesn't show up easily like other friendly foes. You can encounter this one around the Chocobo’s footprints on [Mitmakis Ice Field]. It can take a few battles before you find Feather Circle. You should avoid running near the beach because the area is different there. Give it a Moonstone to get 30AP + Lapis Lazuli x1. Note that Feather Circle takes time to show up (after 20 battles or so) but in other times you could have encountered it during your first random battle. Nevertheless, the foe is definitely near those Chocobo’s Footprints.

FFIX Friendly Feather

Blue Magic
Below are the following blue magics you can add in Quina list!
Blue Magic Foe Location
Roulette Zombie Iifa Tree
Earthquake Adamantoise Lanar Island
Bad Breath Anemone Qu’s Marsh (Forgotten Continent)
Lv5 Death Zombie Whale Lanar Island

If you encounter a Gimme Cat on [Lanar Island] do not give it a diamond but do kill it. If one hour or so has passed since the last time you caught frogs then visit the three [Qu’s Marshes] to increase your total frogs around 80. One last optional thing you can do is level up a little. Once Quina has learnt LV5 Death go to [Popos Heights] and kill Grand Dragon using that skill.

You can go to the Mognet Central at [Cazedil Plains] but you won’t be able to do anything there so it’s useless to go there now. You can also find Lani at [Madain Sari]. Apparently she has sided with the moggles there. [Forgotten Continent] is the only place you cannot visit but you will eventually. Once you are done sailing around the world go to [Black Mage Village] to continue with the story.

Optional [end]

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