Alexandria[edit source]

FFIX Map Alexandria

Treasure: Alexandria
1 3, 927 Gil 2 Phoenix Pinion 3 2, 680 Gil

After a few scenes in Disk 3 you will control Vivi outside the [Pub]. Whichever screen you first take you will witness a total of 4 ATE; with Eiko, blank, two brothers and the last one with the moogles.

Optional [start]
Racing Hippaul
When you first control Vivi; go to your right to the [Main Street] and speak with Hippolady to start this useless mini game. Useless because the prices you will receive are really not worth the efforts needed to complete the race. This mini game is only available before you visit the [Mini-Theater]. So you either do it now or you will never get the chance again to race this guy. Basically what you have to do is hit Square and Circle button quickly to finish first. Each time you beat Hippaul he will level up by one. If you beat him by a large distance he will gain a few levels but as he levels up and get faster it becomes very difficult to

FFIX Hippaul

FFIX Hippaul

beat him by large distance. The prices are as follow:

  • Lvl 10 - Wyerd card   Lvl 20 - Carrion Worm card
  • Lvl 30 - Tantarian card   Lvl 40 - Armstrong card
  • Lvl 50 - Ribbon card   Lvl 60 - Nova Dragon card
  • Lvl 70 - Genji Card   Lvl 80 - Athlete Queen

You must have already noticed your rewards are only cards until level 70 which are not worthy at all.

You can easily reach level 30 but after that you will certainly want to hit Hippaul during the race. You also will get a key item for this mini game so it’s up to you to decide whether you will play until level 80. If you are crazy enough and plan reach level 90 or 100 but be aware that you won’t receive anything.

Go to the [Steeple] and hand over Kupo letter. You can also read a letter from him. Stiltzkin is also here so buy an Elixir, Phoenix Pinion and Hi-Potion for 777 Gil. Climb the ladder and pull the rope on top to receive Shiva and Ramuh cards.

Optional [end]

Go to the [Alley] and speak with Blank there. Agree to see Ruby’s play with them. Go downstairs to the [Mini-Theater] for a scene. When the view switches to Dagger you will receive an Opal, Topaz and Amethyst. When you control Eiko go to the big [Hallway] for another scene. Finally, when you control Zidane leave the [Pub] for an ATE. Go to the [Dock] for a scene with Amarant and Freya.

Optional [start]
Now that you have four members in your party you can leave [Alexandria] from the south exit but there’s no point in going to [Alexandria Plateau] unless you want some random battles. Instead go to the [Weapon Shop] and speak with the Nero brothers. In this mini game if the answer you choose is right you will get double amount of Gil you paid otherwise if you fail at choosing the right brother you will lose the Gil you paid. The only rewards in this game are Gil. There’s better and faster ways to make Gil in the game!

FFIX Gambling

Optional [end]

Before you depart for the [Castle] pay a visit to the shops you can buy a few descent equipment. Once you are ready speak with the soldier at the [Dock]. When you arrive search on your left for a Phoenix Pinion and on your right for Ether. Go forward and check behind the fountain for a Lapis Lazuli. Go to the [West Tower] and check near the right wall for a Phoenix Pinion. Go inside the [Neptune]. Search the top corner for a Leo Gem. There’s no reason for you to ride the statue or explore around. Go inside the [Castle] for a scene.

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