Conde Petie Edit

Ffix n maps Conde-Petie

FFIX Map Conde Petie

Treasure: Conde Petie
1 2, 700 Gil 2 Phoenix Pinion 3 1, 800 Gil
4 Diamond

After the scene view the ATE with Vivi. Make your way to the east [Corridor] where you can view another ATE including Quina. Next, head to the [Item Shop] for a third ATE. Speak with Mogmatt if you want to save and don’t forget to take a letter from him. Go to the [Shrine] to find Vivi speaking with two Dwarves. Approach and speak with him. The Diamond is on the small boat at the middle. An ATE will follow when Vivi leaves. Return to the [Item Shop] for another scene. You will be at the [Corridor] and your new location is where the mage went. Don’t buy anything at Conde Petie because you will get better items on sale at the village you are about to visit. You also cannot go to the Mountain Path at this point. Leave [Conde Petie] and go to Black Mage Village.

Dead Forest Edit

When you first enter [Black Mage Village] you will in fact be at [Dead Forest]: [Grove]. Take the right (where the black mage run to when you entered the forest) path and you will return to where you started. Go right again and this time you will end up on your left. Go left to return back. Finally make your way around to go on your right where the mage went. After the scene you will end up at the village.

Black Mage Village Edit

Ffix n maps black mage village

FFIX Map Black Mage Village

Treasure: Black Mage Village
1 Elixir 2 Gysahl Greens 3 2, 000 Gil
4 843 Gil 5 Ether 6 Virgo
7 Black Belt

Watch the ATE after everyone leaves you. You can watch any following ATE in whatever order you want. Go to the [Water Mill] and speak with Mogryo who has a letter to deliver. Go to the [Synthesist] to meet up with Dagger. Try to reach the [Cemetery] to find Vivi running away. Go to the [Inn] to have a conversation with him. Choose to rest at the [Inn] when given the option to. After the scene return to the [Inn] and pick the Virgo coin. Go to the [Synthesist] and climb the ladder. At the [Rooftop] approach the item shop to witness a conversation. Head inside the [Item Shop] and the tell Black Mage No. 163 you need the “usual”. When he moves away from his spot climb the ladder and pick up a Black Belt on top. Leave the village and travel back to [Conde Petie].

Your party will have a small conversation at the [Entrance]. Head to the [Wpn. Stall] and speak with the guards there. Go to the [Pathway] and talk to David Havenguard for a ceremony. Afterwards let Vivi and Quina have their turn. After the scene you will be at the [Exit]. Follow the path where the thief ran away for a scene. Remove everything from Quina as she will leave your party temporarily and the next time she’s playable is on Disk 3.

Mountain Path Edit

Ffix n maps Mountain-Path

FFIX Map Mountain Path

Treasure: Mountain Path
1 Remedy 2 Tent 3 Ether

After the scene Eiko joins your party. Use Eiko’s Fenrir during a battle to have Dagger comment. At the [Trail] climb the vine and head to the right. At the end there’s a statue. Examine and take out the blue stone from it. Return the way you came and go to second [Trail] area. Climb the vine and go west. Take the red stone from the statue then go to the third [Trail]. Catch an oglops here by walking slowly towards them. Return to [Conde Petie]: [Corridor] and give the oglop to Bryan Rootrunner to receive an Oglop Card. Buy Stiltzkin’s package when you reach the [Mountain Path]: [Roots]. Speak with Suzana and hand over her letter. You will receive a Kupo Nut from her. Take the east route you will end at a statue where you can insert the two stones you have. Return where Suzana is and go west; climb the ladder and keep going east and you will eventually run into a boss fight.

Boss: Hilgigars
 28  8, 106  2, 136  9
Steal: Phoenix Down, Mythril Fork, Fairy Flute
You might have already noticed by now it is very difficult to steal the best item from a boss. It is recommended you forget about the fairy flute unless you are super lucky and steal in your first try. When the battle begin throw a tent on Hilgigars then have Zidane attack while Vivi using Bio magic. The rest should be on standby to heal whenever needed. After the battle a short conversation will occur.
Ffix n boss Higigars-1

FFIX Boss Higigars

In front of you is a statue with a yellow stone in it. Take it out and head to the next screen. Take the right path. Another statue here; take the green stone out of it. Now return to the place where you placed your red and blue stones earlier. When you get there place the remaining two stones in it to receive a Moonstone. From here make your way to [Lucid Plains].

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