Pinnacle Rocks[edit source]

FFIX Map Pinnacle Rocks

Treasure: Pinnacle Rocks
1 Mythril Vest 2 The Ogre 3 Mythril Armlet
4 Phoenix Down 5 Elixir

Upon your arrival at [Pinnacle Rocks] Ramuh will ask you to find 5 pieces of story. Refer to the map above to locate Ramuh. Speak with Monty to deliver his letter. Once you have visited all 5 locations go to [Path] (near the Entry) Ramuh will appear and ask you to arrange the story. You need to begin with “Beginning”, “Cooperation”, “Silence”, “Hero”, “Human”. If you mess up you can try again. When you choose the right combination Ramuh will ask if you are satisfied; answer with yes. You will receive a Peridot during the conversation and you will be at the [Entry]. When given the option to jump choose not to. Go back to where Ramuh last appeared and a few steps ahead you can jump down to reach chest no. 3. Go speak with Monty again to read a letter about Stiltzkin. Return to the [Entry] and choose to jump. After the scene you will be at [Lindblum]. You can go back to [Pinnacle Rock] and claim the last two chests at the [Entry] if you didn't open them before.

Lindblum[edit source]

[Lindblum] has changed a little compare to the way it was in Disk 1. Go the [Square] to meet up with Artania. You will receive 3, 000 Gil during the scene. Buy an Exploda and Barette (Dagger: Cura) at the [Syhthesist]. Alice is selling restorative items near the fountain. Go to the [Shopping Area] to view an ATE. Pick the Linblum Card outside the [Residence] on the Left. Now go inside the [Residence] to open the two chests for an Ether and Phoenix Pinion. Head to the [Inn] and give Moodon his Letter and read one from him. He also has a letter for you to deliver. Make way to [D.B. Station] and ride the cab to [Theatre District]. There’s a chest with an Ore inside the [Studio]. Go to the [Hideout] and open the three chests for; 292 Gil, 993 Gil and 340 Gil. You can speak with Lowell at the [Theatre Ave]. Return to the [Square] and speak with the Man near the fountain. Tell him you are ready to leave and witness an ATE. You will receive the World Map during the scene. Another ATE will follow before you arrive at [Dragon’s Gate]. Speak with Moonte and hand over her letter. Get the Bandana near the door. The Merchant has new items on sale. Leave for [Eunorus Plains] when you are done. Go to the [Marsh] on the World Map.

Qu's Marsh[edit source]

Go to the [Pond] to meet up with Quina. Proceed north to [Master’s House] then keep heading right and you will automatically end at the entrance of [Marsh’s Cave]. Go inside and descend the stairs to arrive at Fossil Roo.

Optional [start]
Before you continue with the story go to [Gizamaluke’s Grotto]: [Cavern] and give Moguta the current Kupo Nut you have to receive an Elixir. After Quina re-joined you party leave the [Pond] and enter again to catch a few frogs. Your total now should at least hit 23 earning you a Silver Fork. You won’t return to this continent again in Disk 2 so catch everything at the [Pond].
Optional [end]

Fossil Roo[edit source]

FFIX Map Fossil Roo

Treasure: Fossil Roo
1 Elixir 2 Fairy Earrings 3 Ether
4 Lamia Tiara 5 Survival Vest

When you get inside notice the door on the wall? Check it and Zidane will say it’s too dark to see anything inside. Make sure you party equipment are all set up and your HP and MP full then make a few steps ahead to trigger a boss fight.

 18  818  0  0
Steal: Ore, Hi-Potion, Ether
An annoying boss that cannot be defeated no matter what you do. Armodullahan will repair and chase after you every time you defeat it. To fight it over and over is useless because you won’t gain anything. What you should do is run till the third Passage carefully dodging all swinging anchors. When you get there the boss will fall down in the hole along the path. This is the only way you can get rid of this enemy.

FFIX Boss Armodullahan

Whether you flee from Armodullahan or if you defeated it; when your party arrive at the forth [Passage] a small conversation will occur with the new lady followed by a battle against her.

Boss: Lani
 19  5, 708  0  0
Steal: Ether, Gladius, Coral Sword
You are mistaken if you think this one won’t hurt Dagger. But with Quina’s white wind and Garnet’s Cura you really don’t have to worry about anything. If possible get the Gladius and Coral Sword from her. She is not that strong so you can easily defeat her. When you have stolen what she holds make Vivi cast his powerful black magics to end the battle.

FFIX Boss Lani

From you current position; return to the [Entrance] and get the Elixir where Armodullahan was. Make way to the [Nest-1]; pick up one gargant’s flower and stand near the tunnel. When the Gargant arrive you will be taken to the other side. Go to [Cavern-1] and speak with Mogki to read a letter. She also has restorative items on sale. Stiltzkin will sell Phoenix Pinion, Remedy and Ether for 555 Gil which you should buy. Go south to [Nest-5]; pick up a flower and ride the gargant to [Nest-6]. Here you can get chest no.2. Return the way you came here. Back to [Cavern-1] go the [Nest-3] and ride the gargant. Go [Cavern-2] and flip Switch No.1. Return to the previous area and ride the gargant. You will land at [Nest-8]. Take the stairs and open chest no.3. Make your way around to reach Switch No. 2 and flip it. Return to [Nest-8] and ride the gargant.

When you land at [Nest-4]; go and flip Switch No. 1 again. Ride the gargant to reach the [Cavern-1]. Go to [Nest-5] and ride the gargant. You will land at [Nest-9]. Speak with Treasure Hunter if you need to buy equipment or items. Ascend the stairs to reach [Cavern-5]. Here flip Switch No. 4 then go to [Nest-10] to ride the gargant. When you land at [Nest-11] go east to open chest no.4. Return to the previous area and ride the gargant back to [Nest-10]. Flip Switch No. 4 again then go on your right and ride the gargant again. You will land at [Nest-12]. Go to [Cavern-6] and climb the wall to get to the other side. If you fall in the water approach the wall and climb again. When you reach the [Mining Site] speak with the Treasure Hunter. Give him a Potion so you can start digging. You will notice a pile of rocks on top go and hit the wall a few times to take out a moggle from there. Speak with Kuppo who has a letter to deliver.

Optional [start]
With one potion you can dig up as much as you like. Items you can dig are Ore, Potion and Madain's Ring. However, it’s a complete waste of time. You should have a Madain’s Ring by now (Treno: Auction House). Tell the Hunter you have had enough digging to return his tool. Quina can learn a new blue magic;
Blue Magic Foe Location
LV4 Holy Feather Circle Fossil Roo
Optional [end]

Go to [Nest-13] and pick up the Survival Vest. Return to [Cavern-6] and climb the wall. This time you shouldn't fall. The most appropriate way to avoid falling: from your position climb the highest you can then keep heading west until you reach Switch No. 3. Flip it then go to [Nest-14] and ride the gargant one last time. At the [Exit] take the only path available to reach a new continent.

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